L13 Winter 2007 : Week 13 Table Update. It’s All Over!

Drum roll please….

Partridge In A Pear Tree:
You really have to doff your cap to Mr Jazz Sian as he IS the model of PAS consistency. Another title (fourth highest total score to boot!) and more importantly another £200 (you only need a tenner to break the magical £1k barrier – which is just mental!) spirited away courtesy of a 19 point lead at the top. Well done Jazz, I would ban you but it wouldn’t be the same without you mate!
Danny B couldn’t quite take advantage of Jazz’s worst week but was a comfortable runner-up (£150) spend it on your new house Dan!, Tony B made a fine debut in 3rd (£100) just edging out one of our loyalist mainstays Neil T in 4th (£90), Mark G had a poor week but only dropped a couple of places to 5th (£75) and picked up another tenner for “Best Correct Score of the Season”. Mark J B just about held on to 6th (£65) – lets hope he still plays when he moves to Dubai in January! My ol’ Palace mucker Dan R finished 7th (£50) and also takes “Top Grunwald Player”, which will mean nothing to most of you but a lot to him, Mark McD was just below him in 8th (£45), picked up a bonus fiver for “Highest Weekly Score” and will be pleased he’s covered his lunatic “Spurs above Arsenal” bet now (ha ha ha!), and finally we couldn’t split Jamie S & Anthony Y in 9th & 10th so we split the winnings into £37.50 each
The Grinch:
He decided to leave it to Mr 2-0 to get him out of the wooden spoon position and it nearly worked! Alas, Neil Birchall was 4 points short and now goes into the hall of infamy that no one ever remembers. The special memento is being carved and inscribed as we speak Neil, don’t use it to eat your famous pies…I would ban you but it wouldn’t be the same without you mate!
Light up, light up:
Highest climber this week is Paul Jenner up a I-was-way-behind-my-mate-but-I-mashed-his-missus jump of 10 places – fellow climbers are Wayne C (+8), Jon A (+9), Barrie R (+9), Olly O (+7) and Matt G (+9)
Pine Needles :
Falling furthest this week is Donna Edmead down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge? is-it-cos-I’ve-had-a-baby-and-can’t-study-the-form-for-all-the-sleepless-nights-and-nappy-changing? drop of 11 places – fellow fallers are Mark S (-8), Nick H (-6), Dave C (-5), Lisa G (-9) and Danny B (-8)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, he finished here after being in the money positions for most of the season but will receive a big jar of Guinness Marmite instead (it’s cruel game eh?!) – Matt Davies, get your knife at the ready and toast in the toaster… let’s hope Citeh don’t go the same way!
Spotters :
Seasonal joy for the following – 14th – Martin Stafford (£25 – at least you’ve got some money to return to after Vegas!), 17th – Anders Hoglund (£25 – will that make you rich in Sweden?), 23rd – Mark Seels (£25), 33rd – Olly Osmond (£20), 39th – Phil Cummins (£20), 46th – Craig Porter-Garthford (£20 – the first man to submit one set of scores all season and still win money!), 58th – Jon Tofeili (£20 – stay away from the bandits!) and 64th – Ben Alder (£15 – another Mr 2-0 disciple)
Cup 2007 :
This week, Richard Lee (-4) filled the last position to qualify for Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup! (info to follow – don’t panic people!)

Thanks for taking part it’s been a pleasure and special thanks to Dave N for providing the elastic trickery and matrix type things that save more hours than you’d care to believe. Top 32 I’ll be in touch, prize winners – your money should be with you before Chrimbo and the rest of you, if you don’t make L13S08 I’ll be in touch for Euro 2008 and L13W08.

Cheers & Merry Christmas!


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 13 Update

Merry Christmas!:
Possibly one of the lowest scoring weekly winners, part due to a few postponed/abandoned games, the fact that the SFA called off the Gretna – Rangers game (why??? surely that’s unfair on Gretna!) and it was another week of bizarre scores. All good though for Barrie Riding 30 (3) who managed to secure 20 of his points in his 3 correct scores! Well done Barrie, a nice end to your debut season, I’m sure Pammy will have a suggestion on where your £20 should be spent…
Bah Humbug!:
She always asks for mention in the round up, so here goes (again)… Lisa Grey 9 (0) two howlers on the bounce! I can hear Mr G sniggering from here… Oh, and Donna E 9 (0) you’re no better either – up the Villa indeed…
Correct Score of the Week:
Five (gold rings) got Everton 3-0, a box of eggs got Charlton, Anne C, Danielle F and Barrie R somehow knew Derby would score at Old Trafford but still let in four, Gareth M & Paul J got the 2-2 at Scunny (which proved a coupon buster – see below) and Will O, Steve B and myself got Southampton 4 Hull 0. No unique best score which means Mark Grey carries off a tenner for his season best prediction of Newcastle 1 Pompey 4.
Bet of the Week:
It was all going to plan as the Jamie S selections were rolling in, so wasn’t it ironic (correct me if I’m doing an Alanis here!) that our QPR supporting tipster saw his team scupper a big payout by getting a draw at Scunthorpe to deny us the last leg home win we needed. Booo! That means if you followed every tip this PAS season you would have finished £50 down. Lucky then that no one pays a blind bit of notice to this section except, um, me…
PAS Poll:
Had a few back already (cheers!) and entertaining reading they make too – keep ’em coming (it’s attached for your convenience cos I’m nice like that)


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 13 – BotW

Going into “El Finale” we’re £40 down – Jamie S has come up with the solution…

7 winning teams for this weekend, then: scunthorpe, mk dons, rangers, man utd, chelsea, everton & norwich

Fingers crossed as that lucky seven will be about 25/1 and sort us right out! Jamie has also tipped Man City to win 2-3 @ Spurs which Bet 365 are offering at 40/1….

Cheers & good luck!

Result: LOSE! -£50

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 12 Table Roundup

Remember, I’m hungover basking in the glory of winning a pound in the pub quiz (they had Belle & Sebastian in the music round!)

He’s Won Again Hasn’t He:
25 points clear with one week to go – do you want the money now Jazz? He Might Get Out Of This Y’know At least the basement battle is exciting – Neil B could still yet make the great escape…3 points, that’s all it is. 3 points…
Does Anybody Read…:
Highest climber this week is Olly Osmond up a Pab-wishes-everyone-would-send-their-scores-in-using-Olly’s-format-cos-it’s-so-much-easier jump of 12 places – fellow climbers are Mark S (+8), Will O (+11), Neil M (+6), Greg E (+10) and John W (+7)
…Up To Here & Beyond? :
Falling furthest this week is Lisa Grey down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge?-is-it-cos-I-like-blinking-me-where’s-Paul-Claaaaarke?- drop of 11 places – fellow fallers are Neil T (-4), Tim B (-8), Phil C (-7) and Joanne G (-5)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, finishing here on next week will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite – Anthony Yearwood has his Star of David shaped knife at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spotters :
Current residents are 14th – Martin S (-1), 17th – Ben McK (-2), 23rd – Simon L (-2), 33rd – Dave McS (non mover), 39th – Olly O (+12), 46th – Scott A (-1), 58th – Gary B (-3) and 64th – Ben A (non mover)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of play next week you need to be where Wayne C is (+2) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 12 Roundup

Month Off Work:
Scotland sorted out the winner this week – Will O must have thought he’d won it when Aberdeen nailed Hibs, but he hadn’t factored in that Jamie Sellers 36 (6) had already bagged Motherwell’s 3-0 win. Well done Jamie, the penultimate £20 heading your way – gonna spend it on a ticket for Chelsea away in the Cup?
Business As Usual:
She always asks for mention in the round up, so here goes… Lisa Grey 11 (0) you are sooooo behind in the bragging rights round your house!
Correct Score of the Week:
A magnificent 7 got Motherwell, a surprising 6 got Blackburn, Dave McS & Julian F got Hearts draw with Celtic, Will O & Mark McD got Aberdeen, Mark G got Hull 2 Cardiff 2 (b*st*rd last minute goals – I hate them!) and Jon T got Plymouth’s 3-0 v Scunny. This week’s props though go to Mark Grey for his Liverpool 4 Bolton 0. Just when we thought the Trotters had turned the corner…
Bet of the Week:
Pah! Only Jamie S can save us now from being £50 down for the season…


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 12 – BotW

Remember DON’T send to the Guardian e-dress as I’m no longer here as of 15 minutes…

Into Week 12 and we’re £40 on the betting – here comes Mark Grey to save the day…

Try this accumulator for size: Chelsea beat West Ham, Wigan lose to City, Charlton beat Burnley, Hearts beaten by Celtic, Villa beaten by Arsenal, Liverpool beat Bolton, Man Utd beat Fulham

That lucky 7 comes in at around 30/1 – I’m not so sure about the Arsenal…

Good luck!

PS – don’t forget the poll!

Result: LOSE! -£45

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 11

I’ll keep it short n sweet as I’m broken after my trip to Seville via Madrid and several Casa de cerveza’s…

Winner :
Mark Grey 39 (5)
Loser :
Greg Edwards 11 (0)
Best Correct Score :
Bolton 1 Man Utd 0 (Mark Grey – he got Boro – Villa too!) Barrie R chipped in with Liverpool’s win at the Toon – 16 of you got Celtic and 18 got Rangers – it’s not fair…
Bet of the Week :
Man Yoo scuppered that one, so we’re £40 down. Betting expert Mark G could save the day at the 11th hour…
Jazz Sian has a 19 point lead and looks like he’ll win another title from Danny A – at the bottom Neil Birchall is making a late fightback and is only 5 points away for Danielle F.


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 11 – BotW

Anthony Yearwood is tasked with reducing the deficit this week…

Well, seeing as I have to bail you guys out, my BOTW… the “real” 2nd city quadruple… wins for Manchester City, Manchester United, Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. Now, gimme my f*cking winnings!

As you can see he’s a charmer, that little four-timer will get you odds of around 3.5/1 so if it comes in it’ll make a dent into the £35 we’re down…

Week 11 results may be late as I’m off to Seveeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa with Mr Crisp to watch our foreign lads show them foreigners what being an English team is all about – yeah!

Have a good ’un!

Result: LOSE! -£40

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 10 Table Roundup

Special One :
It’s looks like a formality but anything can happen (it won’t) in the beautiful game – Jazz Sian is now 20pts clear of Danny A in 2nd with 3 weeks to go.
Second Choice Steve :
It’s looks like a formality but anything can happen (it won’t) in the beautiful game – Neil Birchall is now 11pts away from Ben A in 65th with 3 weeks to go.
Fabio :
Highest climber this week is Scott Aslett up a I-never-move-anywhere-further-than-2-places-usually-oh-know-i’ve-got-a-nosebleed-now jump of 16 places to 44th – fellow climbers are Anthony Y (+13), Janine R (+8), Dave C (+11), John W (+10) and Jon T (+10)
Sam :
Falling furthest this week is Andy Chesworth (again) down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge?-is-it-cos-I’m concentrating-on-my-wedding-next-year-and-getting-distracted (oops, did I just say that out loud? again? it’s gonna happen you know! why do you think he’s saving like Scrooge at the moment??) drop of 10 places to 61st – fellow fallers are Tim B (-9), Stephen P (-8), Ben H (-9) and Olly O (-8)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, finishing here on Week 13 will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite – the Mark Grey his lawyer shaped knife at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spotters :
Current residents are 14th – Anders H (-3), 17th – Tim B (-9), 23rd – Ben McK (+4), 33rd – Dave McS (+2), 39th – Matt H (+2), 46th – Pam D (-10), 58th – Julian F (+1) and 64th – Danielle F (-2)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Will O is (-2) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 10 Roundup

Chicken Stevens :
He was run to the wire but Anthony Yearwood 45 (6) saw off the challenge of Scott A, Jon T, Janine R and Dave C to win this weeks £20. What can I say? First time for aaaaaages that Sp*rs fan has celebrated winning something – spend your sheckels wisely m’boy!
Shaky :
All whole cluster of people limped in 16 (0/1) – you know who you are, you should be ashamed.
Correct Score of the Week:
15 (eek!) got Czech – Slovakia (can you see what I did there?), 19 (eeeekerer!) got Das Germans systematic 4-0 break-up of a small weaker nation, 6 (amazingly!) got Norn Iron’s thoroughly thrilling 2-1 win v Danmark and Martin S & Jon T got Greece 5 Malta 0. This week’s accolade though goes to ever absurd Scott Aslett for his Latvia 4 Liechtenstein 1 (more for the fact that the Liechs actually scored than anything else…)
Bet of the Week :
as dire as Frank & Stevie running around aimlessly on a pitch that Hackney Marshes would have been ashamed of – yep, we lost again and now down to the tune of 35 sheets – Anthony Y, your fellow PASers need you!