Euro 2008 : Finals (Complete)


Well that was good wasn’t it?!

Congrats to our winners – Jon Tofeili 47 (9 + 1) was the deserved winner just keeping out Ciaran McG 45 (4 + 10). Jon A 32 (4 + 7) was top of the chasing pack in 3rd place and Dave N 31 (2 +12) has Fernando Torres to thank for securing him the last prize spot as his goal last night gave him the edge over Martin S who nearly completed a remarkable comeback from spending most of the month in the wooden spoon slot. Speaking of which, Tim Birtwisle 16 (0 + 4) is now the not-so-proud owner (but at least you get £5 back mate – you paid me too much!)

Neil M, Mr 2-0 and Matt W all landed in the “spot prize” slot – as Mr 2-0 doesn’t exist I will donate “his” winnings to the first homeless person I see once I’ve been to the bank later (we care a lot!)

Mark F has the consolation of having a home and now £5 for his “best correct score of the tournament” (Croatia 2 Germany 1).

Thanks for taking part – all winners’ prize money will be whizzed over asap – we start all over again in September, your job now is to go and recruit as many new players as possible!

Watch out for some rule changes as we enter our 20 year anniversary here at PAS, also, we’re very close to a “online” entry scoresheet, so that may be available too. (I’ll be asking a few of you to site test in August if Dave N’s plans all come together)

Cheers, enjoy the summer! I will be in touch…

Euro 2008 : Semi Finals (Complete)

Ahhh, the magic of Predict-a-Score!

Martin S had all but given up and resigned himself to the wooden spoon 4 games ago and now he’s in the prize money positions – Ciaran McG had settled for second at best, now he’s giving a Jon T a real run for the title!

Why? Both of the lucky gits benefited from Lahm’s last minute winner over the robbed Turks – however, as they both got the score right they cancelled each other out, so as we go into the final game Mark F still has the “Best Correct Score of the Tournament”

Final scoresheet back to me by 19.44 on Sunday please

Birthday Pab (43 – jeez!)

Euro 2008 : Quarter Finals (Complete) – After 28 Games

Still all to play for – even Martin S can get in the prize frame with 3 games to go!

Looks like Jon T will be crowned Euro champion bar some freaky high scores and Tim B will need to pull a correct score out of the bag to avoid the wooden spoon.

Semi final scoresheets back to me by Wednesday 25th June by 19.44


Euro 2008 : Group Stage – After 22 Games


2 games to go in the Group stage and it looks like Jon Tofeili has all but tied up the Euro crown – only a spectacular loss of form or some outrageous late form from the rest will stop him.or loads of goals from players with a team left in the tournament (come on Turkey!).

All to play for in the other prize positions though as literally everyone bar the bottom three can still realistically make it – Matt Davies is sitting pretty in third no doubt with a wry smile on his smug little face as his “tactical decision to rely on Italy and Mr 2-0 putting him up there” has indeed, put him up there.

Unreserved apologies to Martin Stafford as he correctly pointed out this won’t be his third spoon in a row but in fact his second – the special golden commemorative outsize piece of cutlery has gone back into storage ready to come out for the end of PAS L13W08 then.

Attached is the Quarter Final scoresheet – back to me by 19.44 TOMORROW please – I’ve left Holland to play either Sweden or Russia – please delete accordingly.


Euro 2008 : Group Stage – After 20 Games


20 games in, we enter the final third…

Jon T doesn’t need bonus goals as cuts an impressive swathe at the top – a 7 player peleton is scrapping for the rest of the prize positions whilst at the bottom Martin S is still on course for an unprecedented 3 wooden spoons in a row…


Euro 2008 : Pre-Season

22 entrants for this years elite competition – as you know the Top 16 were all to be entered into a draw for a finalist team to earn them bonus points for every goal they score in the tournament.

Mrs F conducted the draw despite being heavily pregnant and needing a wee every 4 minutes – as always, he who organises the draw gets the last team in the hat. Boo!

The draw as it happened…

  1. Clare Nevin – Croatia
  2. Nick Hogwood – Austria
  3. Tim Birtwisle – Czech Republic
  4. Tony Bowley – Sweden
  5. Jon Allin – Portugal
  6. Ciaran McGoldrick – Germany
  7. Gareth Morgan – Romania
  8. Danny Ashworth – Greece
  9. Matt Davies – Italy
  10. Jon Tofeili – Poland
  11. Will Oppong – Switzerland
  12. Mark Fawke – France
  13. Neil Meredith – Holland
  14. Dave Nicklin – Spain
  15. Ben Hogwood – Russia
  16. Pab – Turkey

PAS Euro 2008 will commence on Saturday June 7th @ 6pm

Top 32 we leave you here – I will be in touch in September about Lucky 13 Winter 2008.

Top 16 – we continue on the next email.