L13 Winter 2012 : Week 13 Roundup

Full season round up & final table will be with you soon – exciting finish? Like none we’ve seen before…

The PAS Poll is back (attached ) – you don’t have to fill it all in, but please try your best…

*** Deadline is January 6 ***

The crafty cockernee (except he’s from South London) will be ’avin’ a right ol’ knees up rollin’ aht barrels and probably ’eadin’ up West in his shiny new whistle after hearing the news he’s only gawn an’ landed the last £20 weekly prize! Yep, it’s you Chris Birch 32 (6) – congrats me ol’ china, you’ve pulled a blinder!
What a difference a year makes! Paul Vinson 9(0) was celebrating his second weekly win of his debut season last December… woe betide you!
Correct Score of the Week:
Pretty much par for the whole season really…. – most popular score was Everton 2 Wigan 1 – 17 of us got that!
14 got Rangers 3-0 victory over Clyde – whoo!
Sam A/Howard T/Ian P got the 0-0 at the KC Stadium and, erm, that was about it!
Mark J B got Sunderland’s 1-0 win over Man City & Felix H got the 2-2 in Inverness.
Best correct score of the week? Vim Gupta got a beautiful 4 points for Gillingham 0 Barnet 1.
PAS Cup 2012:
If you’ve finished in the Top 32 you HAVE qualified for the PAS Cup 2013 (you can say “no thanks” if you want, but you won’t…) and the privilege is it’ll only cost you £20 to take part including entrance into PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2013!
And Another Thing:
Happy New Year! Thanks to all who took part – another great season, Please play again! Details to follow. Again & again & again…


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 13 Update

Week 13 results and final standings will be with you by 2013 – fear Satan, NOT not…

The PAS Poll will be landing soon too – watch this space!

PAS Cup 1st round & PAS Champions League Last 16 draws will be taking place in the next few days…

Dates for your (new 2013) diary

PAS Cup 2013
1st Round – w/e 26th/27th January 2013
PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2013
Week 1 – w/e 2nd/3rd February 2013


PS – if you’re in MCR on Sunday (30th) I’ll be DJing (with Steve T) from 5.30pm onwards in Cord, Dorsey St., MCR, M4 1LU – come on down!

L13 Winter 2012 : Week 13 BotW

…fingers crossed for Clare T’s selections so we can go mad in the sales! Poundlands’ sale…

3 Draws
Stoke, Burnley, Wolves @ 39/1
4 Aways
Celtic, Chelsea, Man City, Watford @ 6/1
5 Homes
United, Rangers, Everton, Hull, Middlesbrough @ 9/1


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Roundup


I shall be planning all this a bit better next year! Thanks for your patience…

Week 13 scoresheets by Boxing Day 11.59 please – last one of the “Winter” season so you might as well try and win the £20!

“At your primitive best”:
With uncanny timing and week after “registering the best joker EVER” to no avail, Clare Templeton 37(7) wins her obligatory seasonal cash and progresses in the CL after weeks of letting Mr 2-0 do her leg work… #inspired
“Cool pools drown your mind”:
A pretty bleak week for lot of PASers to match the Mayan weather – particularly so for Nick Hogwood 7 (0) #bahhumbug
Correct Score of the Week:
Merry Christmas?… – most popular score was Kilmarnock’s 1-1 with Hibs – 21 of us got that!
Seven got the 2-2 at St Andrews and 11 got Celtic’s 4-0 victory v Ross County.
Jazz S & Gary M got the 0-0 between Sp*rs & St*ke. Jamie S & Stuart F got Swansea 1 Man Yoo 1.
Gary M (again!) got Palace 1 Huddersfield 1 & Norman L Liverpool 4 Fulham 0.
However, this week’s best correct score goes to Siri Ofstad for her inspired, Inverness CT 4 Dundee 1.

Table News:

“The jewel, the prize”:
Steve Meaton stays top with a 7 point lead over Olly O who in turn is 8 points ahead of Richard H in third as the title race comes to a boil. Neil M crashes the Top Ten…
“What have you done to her?”:
Mr 2-0 stays anchored at the bottom now 14 points behind Neil B who in turn is 2 correct scores off mark J B as the wooden spoon race is surely now concluded…
“They said, I’d be impressed”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 18 places is Neil Meredith – honourable mentions go to Howard T (+10), Scott H (+11), Jazz S (+14) and Jack B (+10)
“What else will you find?”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 18 places is Nick Hogwood – dishonourable mentions go to Simon Linds (-11), Stephen S (-11), Danny A (-13), Jamie T (-12) and Ian P (-14)
PAS Cup 2013:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2012, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is…”it’s Nottm not Notts!” – Charlie Harris.
Bet of the Week:
Ooooh so close! Man U & a half dead RVP let us down on the away selections – shall we blame Ashley Williams??!
PAS Champions League 2012/13:
See site for full results. Skin. Of. Teeth. Yeah, it was that close for so many of us – read ’em and weep time for a lot of you. Scott H’s 16 point joker was all in vain, Jamie T will be cursing Clare T actually submitting scores, Gary M nearly staged the comeback of all time but was scuppered by the other (holder) Templeton, Lousie B just abot saw off Dan P, I had Dave T to thank for beating Simon Lindq and Jamie S joins Ben H & Will O on the CL record of P6 W0 – amazing!
Knock Out stage draw to follow…
And Another Thing:
There will be a Poll!

Merry Christmas!

L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Update

Final scoresheet of the “Winter” season by 11.59 on Boxing Day please…

Week 12 is all totted up along with the table & CL final group standings (man that WAS tense!) but after a week on the road, Christmas parties & getting soaked in Wigan yesterday I’m done for!

I’ll have a full round up of Week 12 before Santa hits your chim-chiminees tomorrow (if you’ve been good!)


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 BotW

Scoresheets by 19.44 tomorrow…

Week 12 BotW comes from little Mahli G – hope Santa delivers!

3 Draws
Southampton v Sunderland, Leicester v Cardiff, P’Boro v Bolton @ 40/1
4 Aways
Wigan v ARSENAL, Hartlepool v PORTSMOUTH, Crawley v SHEFF UTD, Swansea v MAN UTD @ 18/1
5 Homes
Tottenham, Liverpool, Millwall, Watford, Crystal Palace @ 16/1


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 11 Roundup

“I will dance the night away”:
It was that long ago I can’t really remember the drama that unfolded on Week 11! My hunch that our youngest competitor would win came through though, so well done to (baby? toddler?) Mahli Gupta 46(6) the £20 is yours! Spend it wisely sunshine, I think your granddad deserves a pressie…
“Tell me will I ever learn?”:
I bet Tony Smith 6(0) was hoping I couldn’t remember what happened in Week 11…
Correct Score of the Week:
A proper “Desmond” week… – most popular score was Fulham’s 2-1 win over Newcastle – 23 of you got that!
Fourteen got the 1-3 at Rugby Park, 12 got the dour draw involving Villa & Stoke and 11 got Chelsea’s 1-3 victory v Sunderland.
6 got Charlton 2 Brighton 2, seven got the four goal thriller in Huddersfield
Howard T / Mahli G / Steve T got the 2-3 between Peterboro & Middlesbro and Jez H / Rowan M / Charlie H got Wycombe 2 Morecambe 2. Rowan M (again!) & Neil M got Wigan’s two two with QPR.
Louise B got Palace 2 Blackpool 2 & Scott H got Sheff Wed 2 Bristol C 3
However, this week’s best correct score goes to Scott Harrison for his inspired, West Ham 2 Liverpool 3.

Table News:

“You’re a flame that never fades”:
Steve Meaton stays top the league, but his lead is now a catchable 9 points ahead of Olly O who in turn is 2 points ahead of Dave C in third. Neil O crashes the Top Ten…
“Burn you out of my mind…”:
Mr 2-0 stays rooted to the bottom (boo-ha-ha!) of the pile 9 points behind Clare T who in turn is 1 point off Neil B.
“…the rush is on”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 29 places is Mahli Gupta – honourable mentions go to Scott H (+22), Neil M (+11), Ryan G (+10) and Jez H (+12)
“Hell – who can sleep in this heat…”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 17 places is Tony Smith – dishonourable mentions go to Michelle F (-12), Harry B (-15), Rich L (-10) and Savan A (-15)
PAS Cup 2013:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Cup 2012, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… Roberto’s No. 1 fan – Martin Stafford.
Bet of the Week:
The “Hitman” missed… thrice!
And Another Thing:
Here’s one for the poll from Daniel H…

Hey Pab, we were wondering. You ordinarily give the weekly prize to a tramp if by some chance Mr 2-0 wins it. The question however stands would you give the wooden spoon to one?

Question of the Year??!

Scoresheets back by 19.44 on Friday please.

It’s the final week of the CL group stages and still a lot to be decided!

Matchday 6 fixtures as follows…

Group A
Jamie Sellers v Josh Hirst / Dave Crisp v Olly Osmond
Group B
Tony Bowley v Nick Hogwood / Louise Briggs v Dan Pelgrom
Group C
Gary Mitchell v Savan Arora / Andy Chesworth v Neil Templeton
Group D
Jon Tofeili v Pab / Simon Lindquist v Dave Tagger
Group E
Pete Britton v Gareth Morgan / Frankie Fernandez v Alex Rossi
Group F
Sam Arora v Stuart Longworth / Martin Stafford v Jack Buxton
Group G
Stephen Street v Jamie Tofeili / Clare Templeton v Rowan Marriott
Group H
Scott Harrison v Simon Lindsay / Danny Ashworth v Simon Buxton

Home people, really don’t forget your Joker, it could make all the difference!


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Final Update!


Yes it was a shambles, yes it’s not acceptable and yes, it won’t, ahem, happen again…

3 reasons why Week 12 had to be abandoned

  1. Some people who submitted the original (wrong) scoresheet were unable to submit the amended correct scoresheet = unfair
  2. We couldn’t ignore the wrong fixtures & play with 24 games as that favoured those at the top = unfair
  3. I’m a spaz = fair

So, please rest easy and refrain from telling me “you’ve had your best week EVER in PAS” cos its over, we move on and play Week 12 this week!

Week 13 will now take place on Boxing Day so you can work off that festive feast on Christmas Day by poring over league tables & current form – don’t say I don’t look after you!

Yours humbly,
El Presidente

L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Not sure why I didn’t do this earlier…

…but Week 12 is cancelled!

Sorry folks, due to my lackadaisical editorial skills on this weeks scoresheet coupled with playing at popstars all week, we’ve created a monster ’’mare that has caused mayhem!

Some people haven’t managed to resubmit so it’s only fair they get to compete on a level playing field.

Next week will now be Week 12 and we’ll have out final flourish over the festive period.

Please be gentle with me, I’m very fragile after last nights end of tour aftershow…


L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Update

Please note that as the wrong fixtures are noted for the SPL games on the week 12 scoresheet, and a number of scoresheets have already been submitted all SPL games will be excluded this week.

The Montrose/Rangers came will still count.