Spring Cup 2011 : Final Result!

Congrats to Shaun Backhouse on winning the PAS Cup a year on from being a runner up – Shaun pockets £100 whilst Nick H will surely be happy with £50 for his troubles…

News of the PAS Champions League Groups draw will be with you soon and I’ll be asking a few of you to take part in the beta testing of the putting the scores up directly onto the web page – so watch this space!


PS – wondering what the weekly “tracks” were? Wonder no more… make a playlist!

  • Week 1 – “Austere” – The Joy Formidable
  • Week 2 – “You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve” – Johnny Boy
  • Week 3 – “Where’s My Punk Spirit” – Wave Machines
  • Week 4 – “Write About Love” – Belle & Sebastian
  • Week 5 – “cool” – Gwen Stefani
  • Week 6 – “More Than A Feeling” – Boston
  • Week 7 – “Glorious” – Adorable
  • Week 8 – “2 Weeks” – Grizzly Bear
  • Week 9 – “Everything Flows” – Teenage Fanclub
  • Week 10 – “A Small Victory” – Faith No More
  • Week 11 – “Strung Out” – Dot Allison
  • Week 12 – “No One Knows” – Queens Of The Stone Age

Spring Cup 2011 : Final Update…


Going into the last game, Shaun Backhouse needs any other score than Barca 1 Man Yoo 0 to take the Cup back to Syndicate Towers…

Just one point separates the finalists and Nick Hogwood forgot to enter a full time score for Stoke v Man City AND play his joker – duh!


Spring 2011 : Cup SF Replay & L13 Week 12 Roundup

“A gift that you give to me”:
If you look at the current table you’ll see the age old adage of “cream rising to the top” reflected in the fact that the two all time top PAS earners are currently sitting in the sliver & bronze places. One them has even gone on to take this week’s honours – yep, he’s back! Jazz Sian 32 (5) did just enough to oust Nick H & Neil T to secure yet another £20. Surely he can’t win another league title and get this trophy back… can he??!
“Indeed a fool of mine”:
Sp*rs fall foul of dodgy decisions. Simon Lindsay scores 8(0). Schadenfreude? Moi? Ha ha ha….
Correct Score of the Week:
Who’d of thought we’d win 1-0? Actually, no one… most popular score was Liverpool’s 3-0 win over the Magpies – 13 of you got that! 10 got the 2-1 at The Hawthorns, 5 got Doncaster’s 1-1 v Leicester and 4(!) got Celtic’s 4-1 against Dundee Utd.
Jess H / Pab / Mahli G got the 2-2 between Sheff U & Barnsley and Pete B & Michelle F got Kilmarnock 2 Hearts 2.
Michelle F (again) got Leeds’ win over Burnley and Jess H nailed Hibees 1-2 at home to The Saintees.
However, this week’s best correct score this week goes to Sam Arora for his inspired St Mirren 0 Hamilton 1.

Table News:

“Tastes like gold”:
Stuart Longworth stays top 3 points ahead of El Presidente & Jazz S with Neil O a further 2 points back in fourth. Could this be the year I win my first ever league title after 21 years of trying?
“I found low”:
Julian Fernandez stays bottom of the pile now only 5 points (maybe he’s not doomed!) behind the Arora brothers who are still neck and neck in the sibling disgrace race…
“Heaven smiles above me”:
Highest climber this week, up a whopping 12 places is Neil Templeton – honourable mentions go to Pete B (+8), Nick H (+10), Mahli G (+10) and Will O (+10).
“Pleasantly caving in”:
Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 12 places is Simon Lindsay – dishonourable mentions go to Josh H (-5), Richard H (-5), Gary B (-6) and Dave C (-7).
PAS Champions League 2011/12:
In order to be invited to enter the PAS Champions League 2011/12, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is… the Norn Iron Diablo Rojo – Neil Templeton.
PAS Cup:
Result for the Semi Final replay attached – congrats to both finalists!
And Another Thing:
Why oh why did we have to win and help that lot from West London out?!


Spring Cup 2011 : Quarter Final Draw

Scoresheets back to me by 12.14 on Saturday please…

PAS Cup QF draw was made by Frankie Fernandez (whilst simultaneously watching “Charlie Bear”…)

“Home” players don’t forget to play your JOKER and flag it up nice n clearly please!


Spring Cup 2011 : Round 2 Results


You don’t even begin to know how much that Orient goal has done my swede in! They got a replay, I was robbed of one…! Congrats to all the winners – they will be in the hat for the Quarter Finals draw… Frankie Fernandez again doing the honours.

Best Joker:
6 players using Man City or Leicester got 2 points where those two choosing Arsenal & QPR could only grimace!
Best Score:
Simon Lindsay 34 (4)
Worst Score:
Tony Bowley 15 (1)
Narrowest Winning Margin:
Nick Hogwood v Pab – 1(0) – Nick’s name must be on the Cup, that’s two rounds he’s won by a point now!
Biggest Winning Margin:
Neil Templeton v Will Oppong – 8(3)
Biggest score not to go through:
Jason Morris 32 (4) – the Morris curse strikes again!
Lowest score to go through:
Charlie Harris 18(1)


Spring Cup 2011 : Round 2 Draw

Ties of the round include the “syndicate” derby and the “Forest” derby (he he – see what I did there!)

“Home” teams, remember to play your “Joker” and please make it VERY evident which game you’re selecting (e.g. JJJJJJ)


Spring Cup 2011 : Round 1 Leg 2 Roundup…


Don’t even begin to tell me about “the greatest comeback in the history of the universe”, I know and have been told over and over and I’m still speechless…

Anyway, a fine Cup week – 2nd leg results and aggregate scores attached – all the winners will be in the hat for the 2nd round draw tomorrow… Frankie Fernandez again doing the honours.

Highest aggregate score:
Michelle Fernandez 63(12) – she’s already complained about the fact there’s no weekly prize on offer – oops!
Lowest aggregate score:
Stephen Street 31 (2) – plenty to cheer about despite a defeat in the Geordie derby!
Best joker:
Will Oppong – Man City 3-0 (10 points) – how apt…
1st leg defeat turnarounds:
Dave Crisp, Michelle Fernandez & Sam Arora
Narrowest winning margin:
Nick Hogwood v Mark Fawke – 1(1)
Biggest winning margin:
Shaun Backhouse v Rich Lee – 20(6)
Biggest aggregate score not to go through:
Tony Morris 53 (7)
Lowest aggregate score to go through:
Will Oppong 40(1)


Spring Cup 2011 : Round 1 Leg 1 Roundup…


Quite an eventful weekend eh?! Our own Cup competition is proving equally interesting – an absolute ding dong thriller in the Universal Records derby, a couple of let offs for those who didn’t get a scoresheet in, including the Geordie derby and everything to play for in most of the other ties. Jason M carries the biggest lead into the 2nd leg games and there were hi and lo scores from Simon Lindsay & Dan Pelgrom respectively…

2nd leg scoresheets – back to me by 19.44 on Friday 4th Feb please!


Spring Cup 2011 : Scoresheet correction… (2)


I’m gonna run out of spooter badges at this rate…

Well done to Matt Gingell & Drazic Fawke for pointing out no matter how good/bad/staffed both PNE and QPR are, they can’t play two games in one day at the same time!

Definitive scoresheet attached – if you’ve sent yours in already, you better do it again!

Cheers, I can’t wait for this week to be over!


Spring Cup 2011 : Scoresheet correction…


First spotter badge of the season goes to Nick Hogwood – as he quite rightly points out, the first game is on Friday evening at 19.45…

Pab (it wouldn’t be PAS without the odd ricket or seven now would it?!)