L13 Winter 2007 : Week 10 Roundup

Chicken Stevens :
He was run to the wire but Anthony Yearwood 45 (6) saw off the challenge of Scott A, Jon T, Janine R and Dave C to win this weeks £20. What can I say? First time for aaaaaages that Sp*rs fan has celebrated winning something – spend your sheckels wisely m’boy!
Shaky :
All whole cluster of people limped in 16 (0/1) – you know who you are, you should be ashamed.
Correct Score of the Week:
15 (eek!) got Czech – Slovakia (can you see what I did there?), 19 (eeeekerer!) got Das Germans systematic 4-0 break-up of a small weaker nation, 6 (amazingly!) got Norn Iron’s thoroughly thrilling 2-1 win v Danmark and Martin S & Jon T got Greece 5 Malta 0. This week’s accolade though goes to ever absurd Scott Aslett for his Latvia 4 Liechtenstein 1 (more for the fact that the Liechs actually scored than anything else…)
Bet of the Week :
as dire as Frank & Stevie running around aimlessly on a pitch that Hackney Marshes would have been ashamed of – yep, we lost again and now down to the tune of 35 sheets – Anthony Y, your fellow PASers need you!