PAS Poll 2009

Which Football Team Do You Support?

No surprises here…

  1. Man Utd (21%)
  2. Man City (15%)
  3. Arsenal / Liverpool (12%)
  4. Spurs / QPR (9%)
  5. Chelsea / Portsmouth (6%)

Also worth mentioning… Ipswich Town / Crystal Palace / Walsall / Norwich City / Nottm Forest / Middlesbrough

Where Do You Live?

So that dispels that myth then…

  1. Manchester (32%)
  2. London (26%)

Also worth mentioning… Wigan / Colchester / Chelmsford / Brighton / Nottingham / Sheffield / Gothenburg / Glasgow

And More Importantly, Where Are You From?

Eh? Hold on! So does that mean all their southern support actually moves up here??!

  1. London (32%)
  2. Manchester (18%)
  3. Kent (9%)
  4. Norfolk (6%)
  5. Cheshire (5%)

Also worth mentioning… Wickford / Wolverhampton / Hastings / Suffolk / Isle of Wight / Liverpool / Chorley>

“I’d Luv It If He Played For Us!”

No brainer – he’s a legend already – good to see The Russian has made an impact…

  1. Lionel Messi (29%)
  2. Fernando Torres (21%)
  3. David Villa / Cesc Fabregas (9%)
  4. Didier Drogba (8%)
  5. Andrei Arshavin (6%)

Also worth mentioning… Carlos Tevez – “I like his face”

“I %#*@&$! Hate You, You %@*!”

It’s official! Chelski are the most hated team ever – as it’s been for 50 years now…

  1. John Terry (27%)
  2. Ashley Cole (18%)
  3. Joey Barton (15%)
  4. Frank Lampard / Craig Bellamy (6%)
  5. Jermaine Defoe (5%)

Also worth mentioning… Steven Gerrard – “sly little tw*t!”

“I Nearly Wet Meself When This Happened!” (Best Football Moment This Year)

The only thing Sp*rs will ever be top of…

  1. Spurs 9 Wigan 1

    “How football is meant to be played”

    “The old man’s assertion at half time that ‘they should give the ball to Lennon more’ proved very wise”

  2. Man Utd 1 Liverpool 4

    “Andrea ‘Doss C*nt’ Dossena chipping Edwin vdS for number four at OT (route one or not, they all count). Sadly, we’ve turned into the United of the 80s, and taking maximum points off our sworn enemy is now as good as it gets”

  3. Ryan Giggs

    “He has been the best footballing moment pretty much all the time…”

    “PFA Player of the Year, BBC sports personality, more league titles than anyone and all time most appearances at Man U”

Also worth mentioning…

  • “Ade’s full-length-of-the-pitch dash towards the Gooner fans when he scored the third and it became clear we were gonna win the match…”
  • “The ’Goal from the Pole’ Forest 1 Direby 0”
  • “Barcelona scored in the final minute at Stamford Bridge to knock Didier Dogbreath and his band of good sports out of the Champions League! Then they all threw a tantrum live on the box to make it even better!”
  • “Circa June 09, it was announced that the men from Dubai would be taking over at Pompey thus making us the richest club south of QPR”
  • “Best – and worst – Norwich 1 Colchester 7. The result that finally made the club sit up and take notice of its predicament! A huge shame Bryan Gunn was the casualty, but it may have saved us from administration…”
  • “When Sweden failed to qualify for World cup (then they had to sack the manager, about 100 years too late)”

“I Nearly Cried When This Happened!” (Worst Football Moment This Year)

The weird Little Mickey/Man Yoo juxtaposition takes top spot…

  1. The Manchester derby

    “Obviously the 801st minute winner at the swamp – actually, I was nowhere near crying, but did launch my mobile across the room!”

    “Michael Owen’s 1,034,456th minute winner!”

    “Just finished celebrating Bellamy’s equaliser and the ref awarded Utd 6 additional minutes, which gave Owen enough time to score the winner. It still hurts!!”

  2. Barcelona v Man Utd CL Final

    “The next 81 minutes of the Champions League Final”

Also worth mentioning…

  • “Circa September 09, when it became clear that Pompey weren’t even the richest club in Portsmouth…”
  • “QPR hired their 3rd bloody manager of the year… For the third bloody year in a row!”
  • “Walsall getting knocked out of the Johnstones Paint Trophy by Accrington Stanley. Rubbish”
  • “2nd half Liverpool vs Arsenal 13th Dec – The surrender and the realisation that my love affair with Rafa was over”
  • “Absolutely no competition – and once again, Norwich 1, Colchester 7. The most football related texts I’ve ever received in a day!”
  • “When Didier Drogba got back up after a two footed tackle in the chest”

“Shall We Sing A Song For You?!!…” (Best Terrace Chant You Heard In 2009)

The wonderful, the weird and the woeful…

  1. “You’ll rob any car!” (to the tune of the webuyanycar.com jingle) – Birmingham fans at Anfield

Also worth mentioning…

  • “When the ball hits your head and your sitting in row Z – it’s Zamora”
  • “Viva Ken Barlow, Viva Ken Barlow… Keeps shopping bags for his litter. then drinks half a bitter… Has seen Blanche in the bath”
  • “You scouse b*st*rd!” – when Michael Owen had just scored his hat trick in Wolfsburg running over to the United fans – all in good heart!
  • “to defenders his skills are frightful, to watch, is soOO delightful, come on and give us a goal, JOEY COLE JOEY COLE JOEY COLE” (to the tune of “let it snow”)
  • “We’ve got more steel than you, we’ve got more steel that you…” – QPR fans to Sheff Wed fans with The Mittals sitting in the directors’ box
  • Walsall fans tend not to sing, they’re all too old
  • “Eduardo Whoah, Eduardo Whoah, He used to have silky skills, Now he plays like Heather Mills”
  • “Your Mum is a badger!” – Spurs fans to Wigan’s Paul Scharner
  • “Thursday night, On Channel 5” – to commemorate Liverpool entering the UEFA league

“Where Will England Finish In The World Cup 2010?”

As “50p Face” once said, “a pessimist will never be disappointed…”

  1. Quarter Finals (44%)
  2. Semi Finals (41%)
  3. I’m With Motty – Winners! / Beaten Finalists (6%)
  4. Last 16 (3%)
  5. Group Stage (0%)

Also worth mentioning…

  • “my whole summer will turn on whether the detestable Terry is still in the team, if he is out I may indulge in mild patriotic support of ‘our boys’. If he is there then it’s time for pragmatism and substantial laying of England through Betfair”
  • “the England to win it brigade haven’t noticed our lack of a goalkeeper and total dependency on Wayne Rooney…”
  • “Far too much hype. England are a good side, but there are at least 4-5 better going to SA. As much as I would like England to do well, as long as that c*m-stain Tosser Terry is there, I can’t support them. Jesus! I really hate him. And he’s the captain! Saints preserve us!”
  • “Who cares we’re not English we are Scouse!”
  • “Media karma will bring our campaign to a crashing halt at the usual stage”
  • “we are about 8th in the world rankings. There is a reason for that – we are qtr finalists at best”

The Thing That Will Most Improve Our Beautiful Game?

It’s not just me that’s bitter then!

  1. Cut The Ticket Prices!
  2. Ban The Divers & Handballers!
  3. Bring On The Magic Eye & Video Ref!
  4. Go Back To The Old Skool European Cup Format!
  5. Re-Introduce Terracing!

Also worth mentioning…

  • “SATURDAY 3:00 KICK OFFS… I am f*****n furious of the grief I get trying to fit my wife and child in around Sky’s bloody scheduling needs, if it was every other Saturday at 3 life would be much easier”
  • Stop whinging about dodgy decisions – did you really see what happened before you watched the super slo-mo replay 8 times? Roy Keane was right – it happens, swings and roundabouts, just get on with it.
  • Let the away team keep the gate receipts from their fans. We can’t all have 70,000 seater stadia but a little redistribution of the wealth will go a long way to making the ’lesser’ clubs more able to compete, which ultimately leads to a better league, which means more TV income, which means etc etc etc…
  • “The death of Andy Gray & Alan Green”

“I Got It On 7" Pink Vinyl!” (Single Of 2009)

All worked out on a really complex scoring system (1st = 3pts, 2nd = 2pts & 3rd – 1pt) we had a clear winner that comes with the Frankie Fernandez seal of approval…

  1. Kasabian “Fire”
  2. Grizzly Bear “Two Weeks”
  3. Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys)”
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Zero”
  5. Florence & The Machine “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”
  6. Wild Beasts “Hooting & Howling”
  7. Black Eyed Peas “Boom Boom Pow”
  8. Animal Collective “My Girls”
  9. Lily Allen “The Fear”
  10. La Roux “Bulletproof”

Also worth mentioning…

  • The Prodigy “Warrior Dance”
  • The Drums “Let’s Go Surfing”
  • The Horrors “Sea Within A Sea”

…and The Remix of the Year?

I think we’ll drop this category next year…

  1. Doves “Kingdom Of Rust (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)”
  2. La Roux “In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)”
  3. Florence & The Machine “You Got The Love (Jamie XX Rework)”

Also worth mentioning…

  • Saint Etienne “Foxbase Beta”

    “The Richard X re-production of the classic Foxbase Alpha – G.E.N.I.U.S.”

  • “I f*cking hate remixes”

“Whadya Mean I’m Like Fifty Quid Bloke?” (Album Of 2009)

Scored a la “Single of the Year” this was a keenly contested category with two albums gate crashing in despite not being on the original list – well done them!

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “It’s Blitz!”
  2. Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavillion”
  3. The Horrors “Primary Colours”
  4. Bombay Bicycle Club “I Had The Blues But Shook Them Loose”
  5. Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”
  6. Florence & The Machine “Lungs”
  7. Kasabian “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum”
  8. Dizzee Rascal “Tongue n’ Cheek”
  9. Little Boots “Hands”
  10. La Roux “La Roux”

Also worth mentioning…

  • Arctic Monkeys “Humbug”
  • The Cribs “Ignore The Ignorant” (Special Edition) “available in Lancs and Yorks and Pittsburgh only, love the parochial nature!”
  • “To be honest, I don’t have one for this year. Does that make me a heathen?!”

“Wow! That Bassoon Section Really Rocked!” (Best Gig Of 2009)

I was there, it was easily one of the best gigs EVER – no contest!

  1. Elbow and the Halle – Bridgewater Hall

    “Proper hairs on the back of your neck stuff”

  2. Big Pink – Academy
  3. The Specials, Brixton Academy May 11th 2009.

    “A bunch of old men trying to trade on their former glories at the expense of their de facto leader? Or one of the greatest and most important British bands of all time effortlessly rolling back the decades and showing the young ’uns how it’s done? Take a wild f*cking guess…”

Also worth mentioning…

  • “um, didn’t get out much this year (and not much comes to my town)”
  • “Bestival, Isle Of Wight, Sept 09. Not strictly a ‘gig’ but man, it rocked a big one. New discoveries (Alessi’s Ark, Delphic, Ohbijou) and the big guns delivered – Kraftwerk were just phenomenal, Elbow and Doves majestic, 2manydjs superb and all this in glorious technicolur sunshine.”
  • “The Complete Stone Roses/ Manchester Academy – the nearest i will get to seeing the real thing, but amazing when everyone sings Sally Cinnamon.”
  • “1.5 songs from Morrissey at Liverpool”

“I Read It This Year – Now You Should Too!” (Best Read of 2009)

Looks like most of you lot will be fine if ever stranded in Deliverance country…I need to know who our WAG friend is though!

  1. Apathy Rules

    “I read nothing of note this year…”

    “Nothing blew me away which is depressing”

    “I didn’t read a single book. I’m hanging my head in shame. Must do better.”

  2. “The Road” – Cormac McCarthy

    “Yes, I know I’m probably the last person in the world to read it, but I’m glad I got round to it. The film is a cert for any sensible ‘best of 2010’ list.”

  3. Shortlist

    “free and full of good stuff”

Also worth mentioning…

  • The Sun – “Ha. Not really…”
  • “Wag Don’t Wannabe” – The Smart Girls’ Guide to Footballers – “Sh*t, but I’m in it so obviously worth it!”

“No, Not That Knick-Knack From Barcelona…” (Best Thing On The Telly In 2009)

Surprisingly stirred up the most interest of all categories, little to choose between them all bar the disappointingly obvious winner… Oh, and the man who told us about The Wire eons before it was hip or popular or Charlie Brooker endorsed, has another gem for us!

  1. MOTD
  2. True Blood
  3. TV Burp
  4. Generation Kill
  5. Peep Show

    “men with vens…”

  6. The Thick of It
  7. Mock The Week (sans Frankie Boyle)
  8. Psychoville
  9. Outnumbered
  10. Soccer AM

Also worth mentioning…

  • The Wire
  • Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle
  • Inbetweeners – “how is this not on the list – wall to wall clunge, soooooo funny”
  • Mad Men
  • Breaking Bad – “GET ON THIS NOW!”

“Popcorn, Lights, Action!” (Best Film Of 2009)

Another hotly contested category – as always, I’ve only actually seen two of these, but I trust you, I really trust you…

  1. Watchmen
  2. The Hangover
  3. In The Loop
  4. Let The Right One In
  5. Star Trek
  6. Inglourious Basterds
  7. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen
  8. Looking For Eric
  9. District 9
  10. Up

Also worth mentioning…

  • Avatar – “amazing, but go see it in 3d the effect are cool and you can keep the glasses as well”
  • “I didn’t go to the cinema once this year. Looking at that list I didn’t miss much”
  • “I don’t think I have seen one new film this year. That’s Lovefilm for ya.”

“This Year I Mostly Wanted…?” (Most Desired In 2009)

Top spot by a mile in our credit crunching times – not that many chicitas this year though, we must be getting old… a bit like Angelina (yuk!)

  1. Money – “shallow I know, but f*ck me, it’s needed”

Also worth mentioning…

  • “a good beer and a curry”
  • Simon Cowell “to just stop”
  • Manchester City – “A reliable defence”
  • Liverpool – “to win the league… so near yet so far…”
  • Spurs – “to stop messing with my emotions”
  • Sarah Silverman – “She looks like butter wouldn’t melt. Then she tells the filthiest joke you’ve ever heard”
  • “..the Stone Roses reissue, the Kraftwerk box set, Norwich to stay up, and above all something that ’Really Made My Year!”
  • Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men”
  • Angelina Jolie

“I Shouldn’t, But I Do…” (Guilty Pleasure 2009)

Ahhhhhh, the 3rd summer of love is upon us… nice to see Michael Hutchence making the effort from beyond the grave.

  1. Mancs luvin’ the Scousers

    “quite like Michael Owen playing for us (I still hate the poisonous little Welsh dwarf but he is making life interesting)”

  2. Scousers luvin’ the Mancs

    “really admire Ryan Giggs… the shame is I like him more than anyone in Liverpool’s current squad”

  3. Bad behaviour

    “Shouted ‘w*nk*r’ really loud at Robbie Savage, (sorry Robbie)”

Also worth mentioning…

  • Hollyoaks – “Has to be doesnt it”
  • Deal or No Deal – “sad but I just can’t help it!”
  • Olly, X Factor
  • “Work in my pants”
  • Lily Allen – “I think it’s the eyes. It certainly isn’t the music”
  • Erotic asphyxiation
  • The Cinema Of Jason Statham
  • Scottish Football
  • “there’s nothing to feel guilty about, life’s too short”

“This Really Made My Year!” (Best Thing About 2009)

Riiiiiighhht, we really are getting on aren’t we…

  1. The Kids

    “Its all about the kids isnt it? Every year more PASers have a kid and stick that answer in this part of the survey and despite my misanthropic protestations; kids are the best bit of any year… (please do not print this confession in the poll results)”

    “My son being born (aaaaaaaaaaaah)”

  2. Weddings

    “Giving my mate away at her wedding. I now know what it feels to be a proud father. What an honour”

    “Ju’s Wedding speech, from the heart”

    “Our truly brilliant wedding!”

  3. “It’s nearly finished (?)”

Also worth mentioning…

  • “All the great music released – the best year for music in a long time”
  • “America, 6 weeks, no work… bliss and also Eric became a film star ’I am not a man, I am Cantona’ so true”
  • “Getting a kiss off Ian Brown & going to lots of festivals with lots of top mates”
  • “Rediscovering Runcorn, (home sweet home) and my inner youth once more… Roll on 2010…”
  • “The Mongol Rally. Playing cricket at 4am in a Czech castle dressed as a Viking, being chased through the streets of Istanbul by street vendors brandishing saucepans & driving through Tehran at rush hour, it was 4 crazy weeks”
  • “torn between saying something really profound, and something stupid. My ’tache was pretty good, as was Berlusconi getting a whack. Not that I condone violence…”

Predict-A-Score Poll 2009 – El Presidente

Which Football Team Do You Support?

The Arse – though I don’t know why as I feel indifferent to most of the squad, hate Theo, Gallas, Silvestre and Eboue and only have love for Cesc, The Russian, Super Nic Bendtner and Alex Song. Wenger needs to start convincing me that spending £1,200 on a season ticket is actually a good and worthwhile thing or I’m jumping ship to financially help The Eagles out…

Where Do You Live?

South Manchester – the bit that’s closest to London. Right by the motorway and airport…

…And More Importantly, Where Are You From?

“Saaaarf Lun-dernnn, la la la…”

“I’d Luv It If He Played For Us!”

Fernando Torres would be the cherry on the top of our beautiful “always comes to nothing” footballing cake – other parts needed in the jigsaw are, Shay Given, Nemanja Vidic and YaYa Toure. I also have a “thing” for Joe Cole…

“I %#*@&$! Hate You, You %@*!”

I really really hate the ’70s throwback that is Michael Brown, despite every man and his dog reiterating “he’s the nicest bloke you could wish to meet OFF the pitch…”

Lucas Neill and Tony Hibbert run him close. Oh, I also hate Florent Malouda – cos he’s just plain sh*t.

“I Nearly Wet Meself When This Happened!”

Adebayor celebrating like a man possessed back in September and creating an atmosphere not witnessed in a ground since the heyday Eighties – the dirty mercenary greedy b*st*rd! (this was written before the Togo disaster..)

At half time I did actually say “thank f*ck he didn’t score this end and celebrate in front of us..” so to see him racing towards us was quite a surreal “he’s not, is he? Is he?? He IS!!!” moment that left a few of us no option but to tell him what we thought of him! (you can see me on one of those YouTube clips in a proper “couple of shandys” bravado display!). To be fair, if I was a Citeh fan I would have lapped it up…

“I Nearly Cried When This Happened!”

Selling Kolo – in my eyes an absolute Arsenal ledge who should have been the next Tony Adams.

Winning 1-6 at Everton – only cos I’d sold Arsenal on the points spread the previous week – doh!

Paying £51 for a ticket situated way up in the Gods v Man Yoo (CL semi final first leg) – it was like watching Subbuteo and we had ONE shot on target- pathetic.

Getting smashed at home by the Rent Boys -twice!

“Shall We Sing A Song For You?!!”

It’s not that we don’t sing at Arsenal, it’s just we’ve got no good/new songs and the nu-football mongs still get excited singing “and Leicester!” (during “We all follow the Arsenal…”) and “Theo! Theo” even if he’s tying up the laces up on his massive clown feet…

Best song I heard this year was at Palace v Barnsley just before Christmas. “We Love You Palace” done in a Italian (Sienna? Empoli? inspired) batacuda stylee with full-on continental drums, flags and bags of enthusiasm (remember, they have to watch Shaun Derry trundle about every other week). Reckon they’re one season away from having one of those “ultra leaders” hanging off the fence leading the chant with a megaphone – forza!

Where Will England Finish In The World Cup 2010?

They should win it seeing as Fabio has instilled some much needed professionalism and care back into our talented, albeit, deluded squad – they shouldn’t win it cos England will never beat Brazil, always lose to the Germans on pens, the Argies owe us and Spain will go up a couple of gears when it comes down to it… I can’t even rely on my second team to do any better so I’ll rope Chile and Ivory Coast in under my watch just in case!

The Thing That Will Most Improve Our Beautiful Game?

At Palace you can get real Becks in a real glass bottle – at Arsenal you can get a plastic bottle of p*ss (Fosters) for £3.50… ticket prices need to come down too but that won’t happen until a salary cap is put in place and that won’t happen cos… basically, it’s all Murdoch’s fault!

“I Got It On 7" Pink Vinyl!”

“Zero” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
electro-rock rocks!

“The Auditorium” – Mos Def
proper hip hop with proper samples and proper lyrics
“Sweet Disposition” – Temper Trap
how sound like U2 and totally get away with it despite being played to death on the radio. And it was an old skool “chart climber”…
“Who Can Say” – The Horrors
21st century “Be My Baby”
“Velvet” – The Big Pink
it’s 1991 and the Thames Valley is reverberating to distortion – I love it!
“Counterpoint” – Delphic
massive tune from the “top tips” for 2010
“My Girls” – Animal Collective
genius single from the patchy album
“Too Fake” – Hockey
if you’re gonna be a one hit wonder, it might as well be with this
“Two Weeks” – Grizzly Bear
“11th Dimension” – Julian Casablancas
a lovely warm up while we wait for the new Strokes stuff…
“Charlie Darwin” – The Low Anthem
makes me feel how I imagine Gaviscon makes people with indigestion feel…

…And The Remix Of The Year?

“In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)” – La Roux – if I had DJ’d on NYE this would have been the midnight tune…

“Whadya Mean I’m Like Fifty Quid Bloke?”

Mos Def “The Ecstatic”
The Horrors “Primary Colours”
electro-goth that should’ve won the Mercury…
Wave Machines “Wave If You’re Really There”
Scouse genre-hopping bliss.
The Big Pink “A Brief History of Love”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “It’s Blitz!”
Gossip “Music for Men”
criminally overlooked by the masses – it’s better than the last album!
La Roux “La Roux”
the album Little Boots should have made

“Wow! That Bassoon Section Really Rocked!”

Elbow & The Halle – Bridgewater Hall, Manchester (9 July)
not sure if it was the orchestra, the venue or the songs (probably all of them!) but it was like nothing i’ve ever witnessed before. Overwhelmed is an understatement…
Florence & The Machine – St Phillips Church Salford (1 June)
big lungs in a teeny tiny church
It Felt Like A Kiss – Manchester International Festival (15 July)
not a gig as such, but if you ever get the chance to “see” this – go!
Quadrophenia – Theatre Royal, Brighton (4 September)
bizarre and weirdly enthralling.
The Big Pink – Manchester Academy 3 (21 October)
loud, ace lighting and the album sounded even better live…
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Brixton Academy (30 November)
Karen O is a goddess. Fact.

“I Read It This Year – Now You Should Too!”

“17” – Bill Drummond
He.Is.Mental. But in a good way…
“Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell” – Susanna Clarke
a story about two magicians in the “olden days” shouldn’t draw you in and wrap you up like a kid in Harry Potter. But it does, and then some…
“On The Road” – Frank Skinner
hope for all us lapsed Catholics
“Kill Your Friends” – John Niven
a bit behind on this brilliant British “American Psycho” but…
“The Amateurs” – John Niven
…I caught up and devoured this tale about golf…yeah! Golf!??!
“Renegade” – Mark E Smith
Curmudgeon, contrary, quality!
“Thank You For The Days” – Mark Radcliffe
he’s a lovely fella isn’t he!

“No, Not That Knick-Knack From Barcelona…”

Being Human
A vampire, a werewolf and the beautiful “Sugar Rush” girl playing a ghost sharing a house in Bristol is usually a synopsis that would have me running a mile…
that kid has got to be Alan Davies’s…
Peep Show
genius. And it puts Croydon to good use!
on a par with League of Gentlemen
Shooting Stars
still funny after all these years when it shouldn’t have been funny in the first place.
The Thick of It
Malcom f*ck*ng Tucker is a f*ck*ing legend!

“Popcorn, Lights, Action!”

In The Loop
see “The Thick Of It”
Let The Right One In
70s Swedish vampire love story. With lots of blood. What’s not to like?
Looking For Eric
the very film the word “heartwarming” was made for

“This Year I Mostly Wanted…”

  • Silverware
  • Thieving skagheads to die
  • A hat with a bobble
  • Spending all day getting over a hangover on the sofa watching the majestic Mr Stelling
  • “Edge of Seventeen” – Stevie Nicks

“I Shouldn’t, But I Do…”

  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Fancying Catherine Tate
  • Not fancying Fearne Cotton
  • Craig Bellamy
  • Peppa Pig
  • Danny Dyer
  • Alphabeat

“This Really Made My Year!”

  • DJing for St Etienne at gigs in Sheffield Leadmill & Manchester Ritz
  • Seeing my brother getting married
  • Scoring in a competitive match (6 more years to try and notch a 40’s hat-trick!)
  • Footie “tour” in Lisbon
  • Little ‘un getting teeth & walking
  • Not fainting when I met Sarah Cracknell
  • Having a fiver on Speech Debelle @ 10/1 for the Mecurys