L13 Winter 2006 : Week 6 – BotW

As Steve T is ALWAYS late for everything (baby or no baby) I’ve gone for professional help to get our betting profits up to scratch. So our mystery pro punter has gone for this little selection…

Double your money special!!!

£5 on Sunderland to beat the dreadful Hull City and combine this with an easy Chelsea formality.

£5 = £10

Sunderland are 6/4 to win at Hull

Chelsea are 1/3 to win at Sheffield Utd

Ok it’s not the most lucrative wager but it’s easy money.

Result: Win! Clean slate due to Mackem & Chelsea double.

World Cup 2006 : Latest after 56 games…

Quarter Finals next – remember to send your scores to BOTH e-dresses please!
Deadline is Friday (30th) at 15.59.
I’ll be in Amsterdam(age) wondering whether to wear an England or Portugal top this weekend, so the next update won’t be until Tuesday.
Dave will post up the Semi Final scoresheet on Sunday.

Portuguese Men O’ War :
He invented the scoring system and now he’s top! Hmmmmmm. Dave Nicklin 15 (2) moves 7 points clear at the summit.
Switzerland v Ukraine:
She’s probably too concerned on the welfare of her beloved MU babies to take too much care over her scores! Pam Dyson 4(0) is now 1 point adrift at the bottom of the pile…
Correct Score of the Tournament:
Still out front is Scott Aslett (Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0). Big shouts to Tim C and Julian F (the showoff Final ticket holders) who both got Ivory Coast 3 Serbia 2. Simon L/Dave N/Karl C/Scott A/Stephen P all got Brazil’s cheating 3-0 win over plucky little Ghana – gwan!
Bet of the Week :
We were £5 in the red after Mark F’s treble fell over and in stepped Mark G to make amends. I owe you lot an apology – I forgot to post this up – “Treble on Blue Square of £10 will net you £33.70:Germany to win, Argentina to win, England to win.” Of course the bet is £5, so theoretically we’re £11.85 to the good….next up is heir apparant to the tipster crown, Neil T, who has reliably informed me he’s “caning the bookies of Norn Ireland..”

Table News:

Big Movers:
Karl C/Chris T (+8), Simon L (+7) and Scott A/Neil B (+6). I need to make you aware that Neil T and Olly O both recorded a fine haul of 24 points in the final group stage and were also “big movers” – respeck!
Furthest Fallers:
Me/Matt W (-6). I am officially having an Elms Street!
Spot Prizers:
Anders H (-7), Matt G (-4) and Michelle F(non mover)


PS – I forgot to tell you we had a man in the field during the group stages, here’s what Matt W sent back… “Frankfurt was top drawer the highlight being bumping into Coleen and bouncing a Brazilian Cocktail waitress on my knee… a day out at West Ham spiralled into insignificance after that display…”

World Cup 2006 : Important News

As most of you know, we had a new genius “marking system” created by Dave N that literally saved millions of man hours messing about with paper and colour markers. However, with any new system, there are teething problems (with the users rather than the system!), so we put into place a “failsafe” to erase any incorrect “marking” that blighted last season.

Thankfully, this has paid dividends already as we had the wrong England v Trinidad result on the system and a few players were “robbed” of 3 points. The new table has been amended and will be up on the webpage very soon.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, the offending serf has been tarred and feathered and sent through the dark streeets of Salford….


ps – always worth checking your scores kids – thanks to Steve P for the spot!

World Cup 2006 : Halfway stage

Ar-gen-tina! :
He’s back in the PAS way after a few years in the wilderness, but Dave McSherry 46 (7) has set a pace as scorching as the Bavarian temperatures….
Costa Rica:
He’s frozen in the bright lights of his first World Cup outing with a paltry 17(1) to date, but I’ll wager Julian Fernandez cares very little as he’s probably very over excited about being in Berlin on July 9th with his mate Tim C to watch the World Cup Final! (insert expletive here)
Correct Score of the Tournament:
Very high standard being set and some good shouts for the honour, but Scott Aslett (Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0) is still out front. Honourable mentions to Dave N/Martin S (Spain 3 Tunisia 1), Chris T (Tunisia 2 Saudi Arabia 2), Karl C (Australia 3 Japan 1) and Dave McS/Chris T (Mexico 3 Iran 1). More than (surprisingly) two players got Ukraine’s 4-0, South Korea’s draw with France, Japan’s 0-0 and Italy’s debacle against USA. I, on the otherhand, have been robbed by 4 last minute goals (sniff, sob…)
Bet of the Week :
If it comes in now, you’ve certainly had a run for your money! Mark F’s £5 treble on England, Ukraine &Czech Republic is still alive – just. Next up for the Second Round Phase will be renowned bookie basher Mark G – there’s your notice Mark, get researching!

Table News:

Big Movers:
Mark F, Dave N (+35), Matt W and Neil B
Furthest Fallers:
Jamie S, Anders H, Simon S (-15), Jazz S and Neil T
Spot Prizers:
Matt G (+5), Khalid S (+5) and Richard L (-2)


Thought of the Week : Don’t bet on “sure things” like Italy v USA – your pockets get hurt!

PAS Copa Mondial 2006 – Update…

11 games gone – good innit?!

Before we get down to business, just a few things…

Please make sure you send all scoresheets to both e-dresses please, and when you do, make sure they’re the correct ones!

Most of the money is in but we have a few stragglers (as per) – drum roll please….

  • Michelle F
  • Scott A (ok for the 20th)
  • Will O
  • Tapiwa M
  • Simon S (e-bank pending)
  • Danny A (ok for the 18th)
  • Mark B (ok for the 21st)
  • Matt W (in the post – 2nd class stamp was it? Sent from Frankfurt?)
  • Khalid S
  • Dave McS
Runners &Riders:
Officially 40 entrants (we had two mongs who confirmed but then didn’t send their scores in – if you know Gary Blackburne or Phil Burgoyne, it’s no surprise really is it?) and the top prize is £100!
Should be up the webpage today or early tomorrow – typically, a couple of last minute goals have left me floundering, blah blah blah… 13 points leads the way at the moment.
Group Stage 3 scoresheet:
Will be posted up today/tomorrow and can be submitted at any time, but it’s probably wise to wait until all the other games have been played?
Best Correct Score:
A few got the Argies, a couple got Mexico v Iran, Karl C got the Aussies, but out front and looking pretty unbeatable, is Scott A with his Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0.
Bet of the Round:
Mark F’s treble is looking good so far with England & Czech Rep doing the business with Ukraine to come…

Next update will be on Friday


World Cup 2006 : Here We Go!

Dear PASers,

The window of participation is now firmly shut – there’s 42 of us playing for the nice silver cup (currently held by Mark Fawke – where’s the picture Drazic??!) and more importanly, some moolah….

Around half of you have paid up – thanx!

Can the other half get their money in as soon as please – preferably before Friday….

I’ll announce the prize postions and amounts as soon as all 42 entrants are confirmed.

A few things to note (please read this bit!)

On the scoresheet the times are in CET (we like the Euro thang round here) so all scoresheets must be in by 5pm BST and not 18.00 as stated!

I’ll try and get as many as possible updated league tables posted, but there will definitely be at least one a week.

You will receive the Group Stage 3 scoresheet after the final game of Group Stage 1 &2, which means you’ll have around 17 hours to get your scores mailed in – so be on your toes!

The last game on the 1st scoresheet (Group Stage 1 &2) is on Monday June 19 @ 8pm and the 1st game on the 2nd scoresheet (Group Stage 3) will be on Tuesday June 20 @ 3pm. I suggest you do your scores for these in your lunch hour!

Bet of the Round: As the regulars know, we ask the weekly winners to give us a tip to bet a fiver on – as Mark F is the current League champ – he goes first….

“£5 treble on Ukraine, Czech Rep &England… all to top their groups!” (approx £72 back with Bet 365)

I will be asking table toppers for their bets as the competition unfolds.

That’s it, get your scoers over before the deadline (you know where the scoresheets are don’t you? Eh? Jeeez)

Pab. (my moneys on Italia, with a cheeky e/w on the Portugueeezers!)

ps – Ben A – is you in or is you out?

pps – Neil B – when’s Martin back? Will he have time to do his scores??