L13 Spring 2007 : Week 13 Final Standings

Big Cup:
It only took him a year to send over a photo holding the PAS Cup, so I won’t hold my breath this time! His second “scudetto” in 3 years, Simon Lindquist 384 (51) is a worthy winner by 18 points and goes to 2nd place in the Hall of Fame “Best Total for a Season” as well.Just goes to show, you can watch non-league football and still make a mug of your “premiership” pals… well done Simon, enjoy your £125 – is that enough for a season ticket at Woking?
Carling Cup:
He’s struggled all season but apparently has a penchant for early 80’s jazz funk… lucky, as Martin Stafford 252 (25) will receive a lovely Level 42 collection to go with his wooden spoon as he finished bottom of the pile 9 points behind former PAS great, Mark Fawke.
Also Rans:
(drum roll) Greg Edwards wheels his way to 2nd place (£100) holding off your host in 3rd place (£80) who in turn just about saw off long time leader but very lackadaisical Ben Alder in 4th place (£75). Week 12 winner Ben Hogwood finishes 5th (£50) and Jazz “never write him off cos he always wins money” Sian grappled his way up to 6th place (£40). Neil Templeton just about held onto 7th place (£30) after threatening to finish in the prize positions for most of the season…
Close & A Cigar!:
Not a good week to get the worst score as Jamie Sellers dropped from £50 to, well, a £50 cigar in 8th place – nevermind, it’ll take you about 5 hours to smoke mate, long enough to erase the misery of missing out on the money!
Summer Spends:
Spot prizers are – Danny Ashworth, who has his highest finish to go with his first PAS earnings ever in 11th (£15), Andy Chesworth, another weekly winner adding to his takings in 23rd (£15), Mark Grey, compounding a miserable season with a silver lining in 32nd (£15) and Ben McKeown, can now concentrate on his wedding day plans and spend a bit more on the ring in 39th (£15) spot. Oh, and the Best Correct Score (£5) went to Mark J Brown for his Motherwell 3 Falkirk 3….
PAS Cup 2007 :
The PAS Cup Final will take place from 19th – 23rd May and be contested between Karl Chartres (9th) and Matt Worsfold (13th) – don’t worry, I will keep you all posted with developments and results… if you want to know or not. So there.
Four goals in thirty minutes :
In a week of weird scores, the predicting freaks rose to the top. Donna E was up there! Even Scott “the joker” Aslett was in for the £20 prize with two games to go! All in vain though as the underachieving Wayne Connolly 36 (7) finally came good to scoop the last weekly. Well done Wayne, use that money to bet on Arsenal winning you the League my son…
“2-0, and you f….”:
The pack chasing down the title all came a cropper this week, none more so than Jamie Sellers 11 (0). Boo, and indeed, hoo!
Correct Score of the Week:
Now here’s a cautionary tale. One scouser decided it better to try and get a rubbish score and stay on a “spot prize” position rather than pit his wits and try to actually win £20 on a Weekly. His method? Lots of 5-5’s, 17-1’s and 0-8’s. Would have worked lovely but for the goal fest in Scotland…. Mark J Brown has this week’s best correct score AND Best Correct Score of the Season with his Motherwell 3 Falkirk 3 tactical guess. Other scores of note were, Ben McK (Sunderland 3 Burnley 2 – bet that lessened the blow Ben!), John W / Jon A / Scott A (Boro 2 Spurs 3), Matt G (Stoke 3 Colchester 1), Scott A (again, Blackpool 3 Scunthorpe 1) and Will O / Jazz S (Aberdeen 3 Kilmarnock 0).
Bet Of The Week:
Ben H’s selections crashed and burned after a good start on Friday night… We finish £5 down which isn’t bad considering some of bets we’ve had!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part, parted with money and bothered to submit scores week in, week out – thanks to Dave Nicklin for the technical support and brains and thanks to all those weekly winners who got involved provided a weekly punt (even though most were rubbish!).

That’s it folks for another season, we’ll be back in September with a brand new webpage featuring new and crazy functionalities (we hope, fingers crossed!). Your job is to spread the word and get as many bods as you can involved for Lucky 13 Winter 2007…

All monies/prizes will be transferred/handed over asap.

Muchos Gracias!

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 13 – BotW

We go into the final week on an even keel – we look to Ben Hogwood to provide a profit…

An all Championship effort this time… and a fiver on:

Sunderland, Southend and Barnsley all to win.

Will get you back £24.35.

Here’s hoping!

Result: Lost! :-( Down -£5.

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 12 Roundup

Julio :
Simon Lindquist stays top but his lead has been cut to 10 points – will he do a Man Yoo to Greg E’s Chelsea and my, um, Liverpool?
Baptista :
Martin Stafford can see a chink of light as he closed to 11 points of the “Mr 2-0” taking Dave McS.
Is :
Week 11 winner Andy C is again the highest climber along with Neil M up 8 places to 19th and 22nd – others of note are Ben H / Pam R / Richard L all up 4 places.
Sh*t! :
Dropping down 7 places is the hapless Will O to 27th – the other of note is Clare N down 6 places.
Close But A Cigar!:

Karl C is down one place to 8th – one point off the money…
Spotters :
Dave N (-1) on 11th, Anders H (-1) on 23rd, Dan R (-1) on 32nd and Ben McK (-3) on 39th.
Messi :
Always the bridesmaid… that’ll be me (again, that’s 3 times now – grrrrr!) together with Andy C & Neil M all flanking Week 12 winner Ben Hogwood 36(7) in burnt orange and peach….well done Ben, your first PAS monies – spend it wisely!
He obviously didn’t even get an invite to the wedding – John Williamson 9 (0) hits an all time low that doesn’t sit well on a past champion… serves him right for being T*tt*nh*m!
Correct Score of the Week:
Few and far between again – only the randomness of Scott A could muster up bonus points – all four of them for his, admittedly very impressive, Colchester 3 Sunderland 1.
Bet Of The Week:
Hurrah! We have a winner! Andy C gets us back to evens thanks to his 5/1 four timer – we go into the last week itching for profit – Ben H come on down!

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 12 Update…

We won on the BotW – did you get on??!

Closest week for ages with four players on 35 points going into the last couple of games… I think these perms are right, but it might be wrong!

Likeliest winner will be Ben H or me – Ben H will has a better chance of winning if Burnley spring a surprise tonight.

Neil M will win if Falkirk win 2-0 and Burnley don’t win or draw

Greg E will win if WBA win 1-3

Andy C can’t win cos he’s got exactly the same scores as me with one less correct score – chin up.com!


L13 Spring 2007 : Week 12 – BotW

Andy Chesworth is trying to get us on an even keel ready for profit in Week 13…

£5 accumulator on: Liverpool / Sheff Wed / Rangers / Celtic

Should get us £30 back as it’s 5/1 odds…

Result: WON! :-) £0 profit!.

Spring 2007 : Cup SF & L13 Week 11 Roundup

Nice :
Simon Lindquist stays top and looks to have a League winning 16 point lead over Greg E in 2nd
Not Nice :
Martin Stafford stays bottom and looks to have a wooden spoon/Level 42 winning 14 point deficit behind Dave McS in 41st.
Quite Nice :
Week 11 winner Andy C is this weeks highest climber up 7 places to 27th – others of note are, well, just Richard L up 6 places to 21st.
Not Even Quite Nice :
Dropping a massive 4 places are Jazz S / Mark G to 9th/28th – others of note are, well, no one….
Close But A Cigar!:
Ben H is up three places to 8th – four points off the money…
Spotters :
Matt W (-2) on 11th, Ciaran McG (-1) on 23rd, John W (non mover) on 32nd and Mr 2-0 (-2) on 39th.
Outsider :
Joy for a Citeh supporter at last! Andy Chesworth 44(7) was way better than everyone else this week and picks up the £20 weekly prize. The bitter will be flowing…
The Favourite:
There was dancing on the street just outside Casa PAS as Jazz Sian 12 (0) proved he is human after all!
Correct Score of the Week:
It was all a bit bleak this week, but somehow Lisa G, John W and Andy C all managed a nine pointer with Watford 1 Man Utd 4. Correct score of the week though goes to the Week 11 winner for his Southend 1 Barnsley 3.
Bet Of The Week:
A disaster! £30 down with two weeks to go – will Andy C’s randomness get us out of debt?
Cup SF:
Dan R and Mark J B walk away with £20 each. Karl Chartres and Matt Worsfold will contest the PAS Cup Final on May 19/23 and are guaranteed at least £30 each…


L13 Spring 2007 : Week 11 – BotW

£25 down with 3 weeks to go – I had this discussion with Week 10 winner Ciaran O’McGoldrick…

“Hola! Que pasa? Need a BotW before 12.30 today cos I’m going down to watch that shower draw against Bolton tomorrow… Are you going to tip us a gee gee in the National? Later. P”

“Alright Geez, London clubs away from home: West Ham, Spurs, Charlton. All to win. I think you get roughly 10-1 but then again I’m gay. Howyat? Goo x”

“You eeez crazeeee! and yes, v gay… that little trio comes in @ 36/1 so a fiver will bring in around £183! I agree with W Ham and Spurs but can’t see Charlton beating Everton mate.. Cheers. Px. ps – Idle Talk to win the National!”

“Yeh, that’s the swinger, although they haven’t lost in four and the young guy Vaughan is out, he’s been there (sic) big player over the last couple of weeks. So we’ll see xx”

Result: Lost! :-( Down -£30.

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 10 Roundup

King :
The Woking Swede, Simon Lindquist moves up one place, hits the 300 point mark and opens up a 7 point lead over Greg E who in turn has a 9 point buffer from Ben A.
Joker :
Cutting the gap to 10 points is Martin Stafford – Dave McS must be quaking in his boots….
Ace :
Week 10 winner Ciaran McG is this weeks highest climber up 8 places to 22nd – others of note are Anders H (+7) and Stephen P/Karl C (+4).
Jack :
Dropping large is Matt G down 6 places to 26th followed by far too many to mention players who all dropped 3 places…
Close But A Cigar!:
Neil T is up one place to 8th – three correct scores off the money…
Spotters :
Ben H (-1) on 11th, Steve T (non mover) on 23rd, John W (-1) on 32nd and Wayne C (-1) on 39th.
Play Up Pompey:
Bejaysus! Our sole representative in Eire, Ciaran McGoldrick 35 (6) scoops up this weeks euros and holds off Simon L winning two consecutive weeks. Well done Ciaran, the white pudding is on you!
Playing UEFA Cup football:
His team did him proud this week, but Matt Worsfold 10 (0) can out his chin right back down again after this Elm’s Street….
Correct Score of the Week:
Pam R & my good self got Man City 0 Charlton 0, Ciaran Mc G & Scott A got Wigan 1 Bolton 3 and Karl C & Simon L got Blackpool 3 Tranmere 2. Correct score of the week and new best of season goes to Julian Fernandez for his partisan Portsmouth 2 Man Utd 1.
Bet Of The Week:
I deliberately steered clear of this as I knew the Arsenal would lose their unbeaten home record to W Ham (go on, check my scores!) and alas, the goalless Gooners turned out to be the weak link in the chain….we are now £25 down with three weeks to go – over to the panel in Dublin for next weeks selection(s).

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 10 – BotW

We halved our deficit to £20 last week courtesy of Mark J B – next up to take us into profit is Simon Lindquist…

Bet of the Week, done in a rush, is: Home wins for Chelsea, Arsenal, Middlesbro’, Sunderland and Celtic.

Goodness knows what odds you get on that combo… I’m afraid I’ll leave you to find out.

Delegate! Can tell you’re a manager Simon!

Odds on that little lot are around 7.75-1 meaning you’ll grab back about £43.00 (inc stake) from the bookie.

Result: Lost! :-( Down -£25.

L13 Spring 2007 : Week 9 Roundup

Higher Than The Sun :
We have a new leader – Welsh wunderkid (and obviously a Liverpool fan!) Greg Edwards moves up three places to move one point clear of Simon L. Jazz S, ominously, is only 2 points off top slot in 3rd…
Damaged :
He only scored 16(1) this week and now Martin Stafford finds himself eleven points behind Dave McS – surely he has one hand on the Spoon…
Movin’ On Up :
Unsurprisingly, Simon L is this weeks highest climber – up six places to 2nd – fellow progressors are Clare N / Pam R / Stephen P up four places to 14th / 19th / 22nd respectively and Neil M up five places to 29th.
I’m Comin’ Down :
Falling furthest is Gary B down six places to 25th – other losers are Matt W and Mark J B down four places to 6th and 13th.
Close But A Cigar! :
Me! me! me! Up two places to 8th – two points off the money…
Spotters :
Karl C (+3) on 11th, Steve T (+2) on 23rd, Michelle F (+3) on 32nd and Donna E (-1) on 39th.
Good Goals For A Circus Freak:
He needed a draw and got a correct score to boot – Simon Lindquist 42 (6) was just clear of Karl C and takes this week’s £20 prize. Well done Simon, perhaps you’ll be able to afford to get your film developed and eventually send over that picture of you with the PAS trophy?
Julio Baptista:
Languishing a long way behind this week was Ben McKeown 15 (1) who has now brought another week of shame on the town of Darlo… tut tut.
Correct Score of the Week:
A lot of you got the MonkeyHangers’ 3-0 on Friday night, Donna E / Mark G / Clare N got the BlueNoses’ 3-0 on Sunday and Lisa G / Wayne C got the TractorBoys’ 3-0 on Saturday. This week’s best correct score though is for Scott A’s Man Yoo 4 Blackeye Rovers 1.
Bet Of The Week:
Hooray! Hooray! Hooraaaay! Mark J B’s treble came up trumps and halves our deficit to -£20.00. I forgot to back it though – boooooo! Next up is Simon L, who may use his knowledge of the Conference to give us a Happy Easter….