PAS rocks!

Don’t just take our word for it, check these testimonials…

“I play P-A-S and i’m not mental” – K Charters
“PAS? Booooooooooooom!!” – K J Un
“I put Palace to win every game. Sometimes they do. But mostly they don’t. Our kit is ace. It’s all about the long game” – G Blackburn
“By October 31st you’ll be out if you’re not in – trust me, sign up..” – Boris the Bold
“I can endorse PAS now & I would play myself  – but I did not see it…” – A Wengerboy
“I was sooooo excited and giddy about playing the legendary PAS I wet myself…” – E Stilohomme
“O PAS agora é o especial!” – Special J
“I know Leicester. You can trust them. If they don’t win 2-0 at home every week, i’ll show my pants!” – G Lineacre
“My wife plays” – N Templetown
“PAS is so inclusive and welcoming – I used to play Fantasy Football but got ostracized for my team of ginger ninjas…” – R Huhges
“I’m a black star and so is Will O! I can’t play now but you really should, but i’ll be watching…” – D Jones
“I know about football and I know PAS not only enhances your judgement for fixed odds betting, it can be a considerable source of income in itself too!” – J Sain
“I’m a girl and even I won a weekly prize – so two fingers up to you tw*tty boys who think you know everything!” – M Webster
“I tried to play the system by putting in 3-1 blanket scores every week. I got found out and banned. Now i’m in jail. Don’t do it kids..” B Hannan
“I just threw dice for my scores and finished bottom – I don’t recommend this” – A Bennet-Dawson
“Daddy makes me play PAS otherwise it’s bed without tea…” – F Frenandez
“F*ck the football, why was Mark Ronson in the Top 5 albums the other year when there were PAS “Best Of” polls?!” – S Morrissey
“I used to play religiously every season and now I live in Australia!” – J Fonas
“Don’t let your heart rule your head – Rangers always win 3-0 – it’s a nailed on 5 pointer” – C O’McGoldrick
“I give my winnings to homeless smackheads” – Mr. 2-0
Got that?
Where else can you have this much fun over 13 weeks?
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