L13 Spring 2008 : Week 13 – Final Result

Top Bananas
Congrats to Nick Hogwood winning his first scudetto and almost £200 for the season – Nick moved up 3 places to edge out non mover Will Oppong in second and Week 13 winner (and the week’s highest climber!) Tony Bowley in third. Matt Davies’s “Best Correct Score of the Season” (unlucky Barrie R!) helped put him in 4th just above long term leader Neil Meredith in fifth by virtue of 5 more correct scores (there’s always the PAS Cup for Neil or will it be time for a verse of “I’m Forever Blowing Doubles”?). Jon Allin, Mark Fawke & Danny Ashworth all fell a few places to take up 6th,7th & 8th respectively and Ben Hogwood and Dave Nicklin stayed put in 9th and 10th. It was nice to have a member of the PAS Board in the prize positions cos I’m not gonna mention who finished in the “ouch” slot….
Gareth Morgan got just reward for his fine BotW in 13th, Janine Ryan made use of several people doing her scores by claiming 17th (unfortunately just outside the Euro 2008 qualification spot though – more later…) Jazz Sian probably had his worst season ever but still managed to win some money in 27th (congrats/envy is due to Jazz as he has now officially passed the £1,000 prize money barrier – amazing!). Howard Thomas plugged away landing on 32 and John Williamson is what PAS is all about (sending in scores all the way from Japan!) persevering to get the last money position on 42nd.
European Adventure
Jon Tofeili dropped nicely into 16th position to take the last slot for PAS Euro 2008…here’s the boring, but essential bit – Top 16 it’s a fiver to play Euro 2008 – let me know if you don’t want to play – I’ll take your entry fee from your prize money if you actually won some. ANYONE ELSE who wants to join us in Switzerland/Austria has to pay a tenner and certain rules apply – let me know if you’re interested asap!
Wooden Spoon
It went to the wire (kind of) but in the end Martin Stafford refused to let go of the spoon he won last season and will now have another to remind him of his shame!
PAS Cup:
Can Neil Meredith salvage something from a promising season? Will Mark McDowell be the PAS Cardiff and upset the form book? All will be revealed on May 22nd… don’t worry you’ll all be kept in the loop, willingly or not!

Thanks for you participation once again, we couldn’t do it without you – it all starts again in September – you WILL be emailed!


L13 Spring 2008 : Week 13 – Result

Promotion :
“Going up, going up, go-ing upppppp…” he must have been singing in the Trent End (if he still goes) – Tony Bowley 37 (6) must have felt it was like the 70s heydays all over again what with £20 in his sky (a LOT of money for an ex-miner even today!) and Forest stealing promotion from Donny…
Relegation :
…and then there’s people from Wigan, not really caring about their predictions or indeed the fact their town’s team might scupper United’s title hopes. Martin Stafford 12 (0) couldn’t really get any lower (unless his hometown club DO beat his team to let Chelski in, he he he…)
Correct Score of the Week :
Now, you’d think actually applying a bit of science and landing a three-all 10 pointer (3-3 draws are statistically more likely on the last weekend of the season between teams with nothing to play for..) would have it this week’s and indeed, this seasons best correct score in the bag. What you forgot to factor in was the fact that someone else might guess it. Yep, my Scunthorpe 3 Colchester 3 was matched by John W rendering it null and void leaving Matt Davies to collect all prizes with his Man Utd 4 West Ham 1 scoreline. Nice to see a bitter being realistic for a change eh?! Other scores of note were Matt G’s Nottm For 3 Yeovil 2 and Mark McD/Jon A both getting Cardiff 3 Barnsley 0
Bet of the Week:
Oh ye of little faith! Whilst I’m sure I’m the only one who actually bets on this, it’s always nice to let you all know what you could’ve won! Gareth Morgan came up trumps with his London treble netting £53 leaving the season balance at a healthy +£34.25 – nice! Add to that I had another treble of Charlton/WBA/Ipswich in for £65 it was just reward for missing out on “Correct Score of the Week”. Cheers Gareth, shame you didn’t get on it yourself…
Table News :
To follow….(come on, I’ve got to add some drama…)


L13 Spring 2008 : Week 13 – BotW

Final “BotW” comes from Week 12 winner Gareth Morgan…

Look at me with my first bet of the week yippppeeeee…

London treble of wins: Fulham v Birmingham, Reading v Tottenham and Arsenal v Everton

10/1 for that lot – I like it!


Result: WIN! £34.25

L13 Spring 2008 : Week 12 – Update

Luca Toni:
Good news: Gareth Morgan 28 (4) has broken the record for the all-time lowest winning week – congrats my Kentish friend £20 to you!
Bad news:
At the start of the season my foolish Kentish Sp*rs friend bet me £20 that his lot would finish above my lot – I’ll take that £20 then yeah?!
Darren Moore:
Woe is a Citeh fan – Andrew Chesworth 9 (0) probably feels a bit like Sven at the moment…
Correct Score of the Week :
In a very bad week for predicting scores not one person gained any bonus “goal” points this week – surely another first… anyway, Olly O/Anthony Y got Dundee Utd’s lucky draw at Motherwell, Olly O/Gareth M/Ciaran McG got West Ham’s lucky draw with the Toon, Tim B/Jamie S/Dan R got Villa’s lucky draw at Evington and Anthony Y got Gretna’s creditable draw at Killy.
This week’s best correct score though goes to Matt Davies for his prediction of Liverpool’s lucky draw at Brum.
Bet of the Week:
An absolute disaster from start to finish – be gone Will O! Going into the final week we find ourselves £18.75 down – over to the Sp*rs man to sort it out…
Table News:
Neil Meredith has a 4 point lead but any of the top eight could win it – highest climber unsurprisingly was Gareth M (+11) – and down the most was Mark McD (-8) – to qualify for Euro 2008 you need to be where Tim B is for automatic involvement – Anthony Y is off the bottom 2 points clear of Martin S who in turn is 3 correct scores above bottom placed Ben McKeown.


L13 Spring 2008 : Week 12 – BotW

Will O has come up with this 5/1 shot to try and put us back in the black…

Arsenal/WBA/Watford/Spurs to win.


Result: LOSE! -£18.75

L13 Spring 2008 : Week 11 – Review

Just Like A Dream:
In a season of doubles, Will Oppong 38 (6) collects his second weekly win of £20. Nice one Willo you are a Black Star!
Weston Super Mare:
Nice to see a Sp*rs fan getting it in the neck in these current times – Anthony Yearwood 8 (0) you’re just like the Arse!
Correct Score of the Week:
4 people got Blackburn’s 1-1 vs the Champions, Will O got a creditable Falkirk 0 Gretna 0 and best of the week goes to Olly Osmond for his Inverness CT’s 3-0 defeat of Killy
Bet of the Week:
Now had this come in (Jesus, I hate the Huns!) I would’ve taken full credit but as it stands, Matt D let us down with his ridiculous bets, so we’re £13.75 down with two weeks to go – Will O is up next to try and bail us (me) out…
Table News:
Neil Meredith has had his lead cut to 3 points in a pretty static Top Ten – highest climber was Wayne C (+12) – falling furthest was Anders H (-12) – to qualify for Euro 2008 you need to be where Mark G is for automatic involvement – Martin S is off the bottom 2 points clear of Anthony Yearwood


L13 Spring 2008 : Week 11 – BotW

Bet of the Week comes the forever optimistic Citeh fan and Week 10 winner Matt Davies…

Alright our kid, this’ll twist yer melon man… 50p on each of the following correct scores –

  • Arsenal 5-0 (30/1)
  • Rangers 3-0 (13/2)
  • QPR 4-2 (66/1)
  • Newcastle 6-1 (375/1)
  • Forest 4-0 (14/1)

And 50p on a correct score acca (802,000/1)

Oh, and just to keep it real, put the remaining two quid on all the teams to win (8.5/1) – sorted! (does that finger clicking thing…)

Not sure why he talks like that cos he’s really rather posh…

Result: LOSE! -£13.75

Have a good weekend,

L13 Spring 2008 : Week 10 – Review

Grinding Out A Win :
Close call this week (again). Tim B missed out by 2 points and Greg E missed out by one correct score. Matt Davies 36(7) sweeps up the £20 but I reckon he’ll have to lend it to Sven if you believe what you hear…
Playing Nice Football :
Should’ve been Mr 2-0 but somehow Wayne Connolly 10(0) managed to under-perform him.
Correct Score of the Week :
6 of us got Cardiff and 8 got Liverpool. Janine R got Pompey’s 0-0 and this week’s best goes to Anthony Yearwood for his M K Dons 2 Wycombe 2
Bet of the Week:
Boo! Nick H lost again -£8.75 down. Over to Matt D…
Table News:
Will he do the double? Neil Meredith moves 7 points clear of Nick H at the top with a Cup Final to look forward to. Highest climber? Tim B (+14) Furthest faller? Neil B (-11). Euro 2008? Tim B is where you’ve got to be for automatic involvement.

Will he do the double? Martin Stafford is making a valiant effort to avoid his 2nd spoon in succession, now only 2 points behind Ben McK.


L13 Spring 2008 : Week 10 – BotW

Bet of the Week courtesy of the new bright thing…

Five wins – Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Hull, Swansea and Chelsea.

11/1 on Patrick Power – nice.

Result: LOSE! -£8.75


Spring 2008 : Cup SF & L13 Week 9 – Review

Play Up!:
Remember this from Week 7? “…Norfolk in way! He’s racking up the money and weekly wins – Nick Hogwood 40 (7) collects his third prize of the season and crashes into the Top 5 to boot. And obviously hacks off his brother at the same time…” Well, it’s happened again in Week 9, 41 (7) and now he’s top! The Jazz is dead, long live the Colonel!
Ecky Thumped!:
Remember this from Week 7? “…Ahhh, bless! Our fave girl from Cymru (after Charlotte, natch) always asks for a mention and she’s ended up here again – nevermind, Lisa Grey 10(0) has got the memory of the grand slam to soften the blow…” Well, this didn’t happen again – John Williamson 14(1) will be delighted with his return to form when he returns from the Land of the Rising Sun in a couple of weeks…
Correct Score of the Week:
7 got Nottm Forest’s 3-1 v Cheltenham, Dave McS, Stephen P & Anthony Y got the Toon’s return to proper Keegan football, Mark G got Sheff U’s 3-0 v Leicester and Howard Thomas got this week’s best correct score with Fulham 1 Sunderland 3
Bet of the Week:
Hurrah! We won! It may only be £6.25 but we’ll take whatever we’re given! Well done to Clare N for providing 4th in the National and taking the current situation to minus £3.75. Over to you for the third time of asking Nick…
Table News:
Nick Hogwood glides up to first with a 1 point lead over Neil M. The high and the low happen mid-table, Mark G (+8) and Jamie S (-9). Ben A is where you’ve got to be for automatic Euro 2008 involvement and Martin Stafford has his best week for ages but still finds himself 12 points awash at the bottom.
PAS Cup Semi-Finals:
This year’s Cup Final will be contested between Neil Meredith and Mark McDowell – the latter just getting the better of Mark J B and the former comprehensively trouncing Matt D. Well done chaps, just wait and see what you’ve got to predict for the final!