L13 Winter 2007 : Week 12 Table Roundup

Remember, I’m hungover basking in the glory of winning a pound in the pub quiz (they had Belle & Sebastian in the music round!)

He’s Won Again Hasn’t He:
25 points clear with one week to go – do you want the money now Jazz? He Might Get Out Of This Y’know At least the basement battle is exciting – Neil B could still yet make the great escape…3 points, that’s all it is. 3 points…
Does Anybody Read…:
Highest climber this week is Olly Osmond up a Pab-wishes-everyone-would-send-their-scores-in-using-Olly’s-format-cos-it’s-so-much-easier jump of 12 places – fellow climbers are Mark S (+8), Will O (+11), Neil M (+6), Greg E (+10) and John W (+7)
…Up To Here & Beyond? :
Falling furthest this week is Lisa Grey down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge?-is-it-cos-I-like-blinking-me-where’s-Paul-Claaaaarke?- drop of 11 places – fellow fallers are Neil T (-4), Tim B (-8), Phil C (-7) and Joanne G (-5)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, finishing here on next week will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite – Anthony Yearwood has his Star of David shaped knife at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spotters :
Current residents are 14th – Martin S (-1), 17th – Ben McK (-2), 23rd – Simon L (-2), 33rd – Dave McS (non mover), 39th – Olly O (+12), 46th – Scott A (-1), 58th – Gary B (-3) and 64th – Ben A (non mover)
Cup 2007 :
At the end of play next week you need to be where Wayne C is (+2) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!