L13 Winter 2007 : Week 13 Table Update. It’s All Over!

Drum roll please….

Partridge In A Pear Tree:
You really have to doff your cap to Mr Jazz Sian as he IS the model of PAS consistency. Another title (fourth highest total score to boot!) and more importantly another £200 (you only need a tenner to break the magical £1k barrier – which is just mental!) spirited away courtesy of a 19 point lead at the top. Well done Jazz, I would ban you but it wouldn’t be the same without you mate!
Danny B couldn’t quite take advantage of Jazz’s worst week but was a comfortable runner-up (£150) spend it on your new house Dan!, Tony B made a fine debut in 3rd (£100) just edging out one of our loyalist mainstays Neil T in 4th (£90), Mark G had a poor week but only dropped a couple of places to 5th (£75) and picked up another tenner for “Best Correct Score of the Season”. Mark J B just about held on to 6th (£65) – lets hope he still plays when he moves to Dubai in January! My ol’ Palace mucker Dan R finished 7th (£50) and also takes “Top Grunwald Player”, which will mean nothing to most of you but a lot to him, Mark McD was just below him in 8th (£45), picked up a bonus fiver for “Highest Weekly Score” and will be pleased he’s covered his lunatic “Spurs above Arsenal” bet now (ha ha ha!), and finally we couldn’t split Jamie S & Anthony Y in 9th & 10th so we split the winnings into £37.50 each
The Grinch:
He decided to leave it to Mr 2-0 to get him out of the wooden spoon position and it nearly worked! Alas, Neil Birchall was 4 points short and now goes into the hall of infamy that no one ever remembers. The special memento is being carved and inscribed as we speak Neil, don’t use it to eat your famous pies…I would ban you but it wouldn’t be the same without you mate!
Light up, light up:
Highest climber this week is Paul Jenner up a I-was-way-behind-my-mate-but-I-mashed-his-missus jump of 10 places – fellow climbers are Wayne C (+8), Jon A (+9), Barrie R (+9), Olly O (+7) and Matt G (+9)
Pine Needles :
Falling furthest this week is Donna Edmead down a whats-happened-to-my-football-knowledge? is-it-cos-I’ve-had-a-baby-and-can’t-study-the-form-for-all-the-sleepless-nights-and-nappy-changing? drop of 11 places – fellow fallers are Mark S (-8), Nick H (-6), Dave C (-5), Lisa G (-9) and Danny B (-8)
Marmite :
Love it or hate it, he finished here after being in the money positions for most of the season but will receive a big jar of Guinness Marmite instead (it’s cruel game eh?!) – Matt Davies, get your knife at the ready and toast in the toaster… let’s hope Citeh don’t go the same way!
Spotters :
Seasonal joy for the following – 14th – Martin Stafford (£25 – at least you’ve got some money to return to after Vegas!), 17th – Anders Hoglund (£25 – will that make you rich in Sweden?), 23rd – Mark Seels (£25), 33rd – Olly Osmond (£20), 39th – Phil Cummins (£20), 46th – Craig Porter-Garthford (£20 – the first man to submit one set of scores all season and still win money!), 58th – Jon Tofeili (£20 – stay away from the bandits!) and 64th – Ben Alder (£15 – another Mr 2-0 disciple)
Cup 2007 :
This week, Richard Lee (-4) filled the last position to qualify for Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup! (info to follow – don’t panic people!)

Thanks for taking part it’s been a pleasure and special thanks to Dave N for providing the elastic trickery and matrix type things that save more hours than you’d care to believe. Top 32 I’ll be in touch, prize winners – your money should be with you before Chrimbo and the rest of you, if you don’t make L13S08 I’ll be in touch for Euro 2008 and L13W08.

Cheers & Merry Christmas!