PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’18 Final Table round up


An old skool PASer who had been away for some seasons came back into the fold just recently – and how that decision has paid off!

He even had the audacity to claim he was a “newbie” given his hiatus was even longer than…erm, Sunderland in Div 1?!

It was a close, compacted, confusing season – whilst Man City smashed their way to the title with certainty & consistency, our champion coughed & spluttered through just like the rest of us.

Anyone could’ve won it this season.

Little Frankie clocked up more correct scores than the champion and she finished 41st.

She’s 9 and bases all her scores around 1-1 unless “one team is clearly better than the other one…”

Yep, I’ve taken note…


Our “Spring” champ started just outside the Top Ten in 11th (who did win Week 1 again?!!), climbed to 2nd, stayed there for another week, before dropping to fourth in Week 4 – then a “yo-yo” few weeks saw residency in 15th, 10th & 18th as we reached the halfway point.

This low point was met with a push into the Top Ten at 6th in Week 8, before dropping down to 8th a week later.

More yo-yoing?


From hitting the summit in Week 9 it was a stubborn stay to the end!

So, be upstanding lords, ladies & gents and doff your caps to Stephen Peaston 348 (42) – He. Is. A. Winner!

Jimmy Nail, Wor Jackie, Nadine Shah, Brendan Foster, Cheryl Tweedy, Rowan Atkinson & Jill Halfpenny, your bairn done canny good! Whack that on a stottie, pet!

SRP won with an impressive 16 point lead over last season’s wooden spoonist, Dan Hogwood, in second place. The “brains of PAS” finished four points ahead of PAS CL finalist Simon Buxton in third place.  

Jack Buxton was only 2 points behind his old man in 4th…

Just one point further back, Kyle Beale reflects on a fine season “feel good buzz” by finishing in fifth spot with Scott Harrison & double Cup finalist, Rowan Marriott pushed into joint 6th virtue of only 3 correct scores!

Continuing a rich seam of prize-winning form, PAS Cup finalist Alex Taylor scooped 8th place only 5 points shy of joint 6th and ending up just 4 correct scores ahead of Richard Hirst in 9th.

Tricky claimed the “Top Dog of The Syndicate” title for the season just edging out perennial prize botherer Jason Morris by 5 correct scores in 10th…



“Arsene”: Just 14 points & 49 places separated our new champion from Debbie Lee 243 (23) in Week 1!

Actually, that’s quite a lot thinking about it…

Ms Lee never really recovered from there though, up to 59th, back to 60th & then hitting a peak in Week 4 at 55!

A slip down to 70th followed, a slight rally in Week 7, before the slow descent in the 80s culminated on 89th in Week 11.

And there she would’ve stayed, as my mum was hell bent on getting another ornament for her wall!

But Debbie had other ideas, as she slipped to 90th in Week 12 before securing the wooden spoon in the final week.

So, Patricia F, Neil C & Brett A made gallant efforts over the season to save Debbie’s blushes, but…


Spot Prizers

OK, YOU have finished on these positions AND you HAVE won those prizes!

Arthur Harrison on 11th, Jerry Storer on 12th, Dave Crisp on 17th, Predictz on 24th, Ryan Graves & Pete Britton on 27th, Rich Lee on 31st, Tony Morris on 33rd, Mr 2-0 & Harry Hopper on 39th, Howard Thomas on 42nd, Darren McCarthy on 45th, Jamie Sellers on 49th, Simon Lindquist on 51st, John Jennings on 57th, Rich Walsh on 65th, Neil Osborne on 66th, Neil Templeton on 71st, Gareth Morgan on 78th, Mike Krasnowski & Sam Arora on 83rd, Patricia Fernandez on 90th & Neil Critchlow on 91st.

click here to view the full table & to see how much you won! 


*** all prize money will be winging its way over this week (less your PAS World Cup ’18 entry fee) – promise! ***


Oh! And…

Congratulations to Shezan Juma for sneaking the last spot for entry to PAS World Cup ’18.

The Top 32 have qualified and the big draw will take place very soon (Frankie is talking about a live Instagram thingy or something…)


Breaking news!

Predictz finished in the Top 32. And they’re not “real”, so if you finished in 33rd… yer in!

More breaking news!

If you qualified for the PAS World Cup, you’ve also qualified for next season’s PAS Champions League Group Stages!





PAS Cup 2018

The final between Rowan Marriott & Alex Taylor is well underway & “Part Two” was on Saturday just gone!

The current score with 4 games remaining is –

Rowan Marriott 39 (1) – 38 (4)  Alex Taylor


PAS Champions League 

The final between Rowan Marriott (yeah, him again..) & Simon Buxton is well underway & concludes with “Part Two” on May 26th 2017

The current score with 4 games & “part two”remaining is –


Rowan Marriott 20 (1) – 20 (2)  Simon Buxton



Other little bits 

Pete Britton picked up an additional £10 each for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season in Week 8 –  48 (8)


Yours Truly picked up £9 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season by guessing – Man City 2 Man Utd 3.




Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter, we couldn’t do it without you!

And a final big thank you to Dave N Dan H for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great (relatively glitch free!) season…check the new “feel” on the site! Apparently, it’s absolutely mint now for mobile users…nope, me neither.

See you in a few weeks, 



And Another Thing

 It’s the World Cup – start getting excited!!

PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’18 Week 13 round up

“Football. Bloody hell…”


Venus In Furs:

Ooops, just a bit late this week – blame Arsené.

I was waving goodbye to him last night at Leicester and didn’t get back til late – blame the East Midlands.

Anyway, it was quite an unremarkable PAS week considering only 3 people managed more than 30 points!

Jerry S & Martin S went close but they couldn’t halt debut kid Daniel Vinson 35 (7) who did his Dad proud by recouping double on his entry fee.

Yep. That’s right, £20.

If your Dad lets you keep that extra tenner Daniel, do the right thing and enter the PAS World Cup in June, yeah?


Black Angel’s Death Song:

Probably wishing they were late this week, are the 18 bods who couldn’t rustle up more than 15 points this week.

Norman L only got 9.

Peter Morley & Mike Krasnowski 8 (0) went one better to hold hands in the last “shame” of the season…

* blushing face emoji *



Correct Score of the Week:

Ouch…most popular score was Palace’s 1-2 win at relegated Stoke– 23 of us got that!

Twenty two just knew Hearts would score against Celtic for a 1-3

Julian F, Martin S & Jerry S got the notvery annoying last minute pleasing WBA 1 Spurs 0

Predictz & John K nailed Ipswich 2 Middlesbrough 2

Neil C saw his typo come good on the game at Leicester

Daniel V got the dull-all at Pittodrie

Rowan M obviously guessed The Blades would beat Bristol City 2-3


However, this week’s best correct score goes to David Goggin for his last-best-score-of-the-season inspired, Derby 4 Barnsley 1!


Bet of the Week:

So, the “system” spat out 3 draws that were the most popular among the 90 odd of you who entered predictions…


And guess what?! Yep, you guessed. Again.


47.89% Watford v Newcastle – duh!

42.25% Sheff Wed v Norwich – doh!

41.25% Bristol City v Sheff U  – done!


So, £0 remains on “Bet of the Week” slot 11th… it’s over folks, but we will be back with a new idea!




Table News:


One crashed the Top Ten.


All Tomorrow’s Parties”:  

Highest climber this week, up a whopping 23 places, is Martin Stafford – honourable mentions go to Ben H (+18), Kate S (+15), Daniel V (+15) and Moi (+11)


What Goes On:

Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 17 places, is Norman Lee – dishonourable mentions go to Clare T (-14), Paul S (-14), Sam C (-13), Pete B (-13) and Howard T (-13)



PAS Cup 2018:


Alex Taylor  v Rowan Marriott  


Two-part final, the showcase being Chelsea v Man Utd.


You will be updated on the progress & full result…


Dates for your diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Final – “part one” May 10th – May 28th
Final – “part two” May 19th




PAS Champions League 2017/18 Knockout Stages:


Simon Buxton  v Rowan Marriott  


Two-part final, the showcase being Liverpool v Real Madrid.


You will be updated on the progress & full result…


Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Final – “part one” May 10th – May 28th
Final – “part two” May 26th



And Another Thing: Thank you very much for taking part in another fab season – we couldn’t do it without you!

Please come back soon.

June, actually.

Make a note as you’ll be getting a constant stream of reminders from, erm, now onwards…

It’s The PAS World Cup!!!

And it’s only a tenner to enter! (£7.50 for some – read the rules!)



Special thanks to Dan & Dave once again for all their tireless work behind the scenes – they’ve made us amazing

Well, bar my ubiquitous glitches obv…



Prize Money Update  – League, Cup & CL prize money will be paid out at the end of the season.

So don’t worry, PPI hasn’t got your winnings – I have!



That’s it for this season! Well, nearly….full season update to follow…


When the season ends!







PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’18 Week 12 round up



The Girl Who Wanted To Be God:

As our PAS season draws to a close it’s proving to be the closest one ever, so much so, that we were considering a Sky Sports style “ticker” to give out live scores during Week 13!

Yeah, that exciting!

And we were all going to wear yellow ties too…

In keeping with that “close” theme, 22 people got 30 points or more this week, with Howard T, Dan H, Lee F and Paul C all laying strong claims to win the week.

Arthur Harrison 38 (6) brushed them all aside though with an impressive 14 points from the last 3 games.

He’ll be thanking Marouane Fellaini for his last gasp winner at OT as it clinched him the £20 weekly prize. Yeah, go Marouane… (hmmmph!)

Congrats Arthur, just as long as the same thing doesn’t happen on Thursday, eh?



From Despair To Where:

Mr 2-0 did well this week.

That usually spells danger.

21 bods scored less than 20 points this week.

Propping up the rest this week is Nick Hogwood 14 (0).

To be fair, that’s hardly a disaster.

Well, maybe in Week 12 it is…


Correct Score of the Week:

Sparse…most popular score was Southampton’s 2-1 win over Bournemouth– 22 of youse got that!


Sixteen (!) got the thrilling West Ham 1 Man City 4


Richard Hi, Sam A & Dan H got the dull-all at The City Ground


Olly O, Rich L & Andy C just knew Birmingham would score against QPR for a 3-1


Danny A got PNE’s 0-1 win over Sheff U


However, this week’s best correct score goes to Andy Smith for his I-rate-that-Darren-fella inspired, Newcastle 0 WBA 1!


Bet of the Week:

So, the “system” spat out 3 draws that were the most popular among the 90 odd of you who entered predictions…


And guess what?! Yep, you guessed. Again.


45% Huddersfield v Everton – X

41.25% Reading v Ipswich – X

41.25% Sheff U v PNE – X


So, £3 remains on “Bet of the Week” slot 63rd – : (



Table News:

The Everlasting:

Stephen Peaston stays top, now 16 points ahead of Dan H who, in turn, is four points ahead of Simon B in third.


No one crashed the Top Ten.


Little Baby Nothing”: 

Patricia Fernandez stays rooted to the bottom, now only two points behind Neil C who, in turn, is 3 points off Debbie L…




Highest climber this week, up a whopping 18 places, is Greg Wallace – honourable mentions go to Howard T (+17), Mark J B (+17), Mr 2-0 (+16), Harry H (+16) and Anders H (+16)


She Is Suffering:

Falling furthest this week, down a whopping 19 places, is Paul Henshaw – dishonourable mentions go to Nick H (-14), Martin S (-14), Mark S (-13), Savan A (-12) and Gareth M (-12)



Click here for full details…




PAS Champions League 2017/18 Knockout Stages:

It was the PAS Champions League Semi Final 2nd legs this week!

We had…


1 away win!

1 close game!

1 hammering!

1 unsuccessful joker!



But who went through??!


I can tell you one tie couldn’t have been any closer…


1st & 2nd leg results can be found here



Dates for your diaries – PAS CL Weeks

Final – the merry month of May (‘18)



PAS Cup 2018:



Alex Taylor  v Rowan Marriott 


Dates for your diaries – PAS Cup Weeks

Final – the merry month of May (‘18)


PAS World Cup 2018:

In order to be invited to enter the PAS Copa do Mundo 2018, you will have to finish in the Top 32 after 13 weeks of play. Currently sneaking the last spot is the “I was looovin’ Fergie time on Sunday”, Francesca Fernandez!



And Another Thing: