Predict-a-Score… Euro 2021



Did you know this is the only thing i’ve actually won? Yep, 1992, Brolin, Dahlin, Brolin….ahhhh it seems like yesterday!

Anyway, here are the rules for this year –


  1. Competition entry is £10.00. That’s a tenner for the whole competition! Closing date for payment Friday 11th June 2021.
  2. Please make your payment by the usual channels or if you would like to pay by Monzo/PayPal, drop me a line and i’ll send a request!
  3. There are no weekly prizes.
  4. PAS Euro 2021” will last 4 weeks, commencing on Friday 11th June 2021 and ending Sunday 11th July 2021.
  5. The “kitty” of money accumulated will be shared among the TOP FOUR (plus “spot prizes”) after the Final, with the “European Champion” collecting approx. £125.00(tbc).
  6. There will also be Top 4 prizes for the best “scratch” scores where bonus points don’t count – yes, we’re nice like that!


  1. All 51 matches to predict over 5 stages – Group Stages (36 games), Last 16 (8 games), Quarter Finals (4 games), Semi Finals (2 games) & The Final
  2. Person with the most points after 51 games wins.
  3. In the event of a draw, the person with the most CORRECT SCORES will be deemed the winner.
  4. If two or more people have the same points & correct scores, the prize will be SHARED.
  5. 1pt for a correct RESULT – i.e. home win, away win, draw.
  6. 3pts for a correct SCORE – i.e. 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, etc…
  7. Bonus point for every goal on a correct SCORE involving 3 or more goals EXCEPT 2-1 & 2-2. e.g. 5-0 = 9pts. (1pt for correct RESULT, 3pts for correct SCORE and 1pt for each GOAL = 5pts).


13. The Top 24 finishers from PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2021 will be drawn a team to score them “bonus” points throughout the competition.

14. Your team will earn you 1 point for every goal scored (90 mins only in the knockout stages) and 1 point for every round progressed.

15. A Top 32 finish in PAS Euro 2021 will earn you a place in PAS Champions League Group Stages 2021/22 – these positions will be based on “scratch” scores where bonus points don’t count. Only fair, innit…

16. You really want to part of that….now’s your chance!


Cheers and good luck, Pab.