Spring Cup 2010 : 1st Round – Roundup…

We’re off!

Highest score:
Clare Templeton 53 (6)
Highest score without joker:
Jamie Sellers 32 (5)
Lowest score:
Martin Stafford 13 (0)
Lowest winning score:
Andrew Chesworth / Ben McKeown 18 (1)
Highest losing score:
Jamie Sellers 32 (5)
Best joker:
Clare Templeton (Celtic 18 pts)
Best correct scores:
Blackpool 3 Watford 2 / Sp*rs 2 Leeds 2 (Mark J Brown), Cheltenham 1 Rochdale 4 (Mark De Ste Croix) and Falkirk 1 Dundee Utd 4 (Danny Ashworth)

Report in from the tie of the round derby in Belfast…

Local police have deployed CCTV units to monitor the rival factions. A spokesman for the PSNI said “This is the big one. All leave has been cancelled and fans of both players have been exchanging threats on internet forums. We hope it will pass off peacefully.”

Joker points won ties for Danny Ashworth, Michelle Fernandez and Gareth Morgan.

Next round is on Valentines weekend – it could be bloody….