L13 Winter 2007 : Week 13 Update

Merry Christmas!:
Possibly one of the lowest scoring weekly winners, part due to a few postponed/abandoned games, the fact that the SFA called off the Gretna – Rangers game (why??? surely that’s unfair on Gretna!) and it was another week of bizarre scores. All good though for Barrie Riding 30 (3) who managed to secure 20 of his points in his 3 correct scores! Well done Barrie, a nice end to your debut season, I’m sure Pammy will have a suggestion on where your £20 should be spent…
Bah Humbug!:
She always asks for mention in the round up, so here goes (again)… Lisa Grey 9 (0) two howlers on the bounce! I can hear Mr G sniggering from here… Oh, and Donna E 9 (0) you’re no better either – up the Villa indeed…
Correct Score of the Week:
Five (gold rings) got Everton 3-0, a box of eggs got Charlton, Anne C, Danielle F and Barrie R somehow knew Derby would score at Old Trafford but still let in four, Gareth M & Paul J got the 2-2 at Scunny (which proved a coupon buster – see below) and Will O, Steve B and myself got Southampton 4 Hull 0. No unique best score which means Mark Grey carries off a tenner for his season best prediction of Newcastle 1 Pompey 4.
Bet of the Week:
It was all going to plan as the Jamie S selections were rolling in, so wasn’t it ironic (correct me if I’m doing an Alanis here!) that our QPR supporting tipster saw his team scupper a big payout by getting a draw at Scunthorpe to deny us the last leg home win we needed. Booo! That means if you followed every tip this PAS season you would have finished £50 down. Lucky then that no one pays a blind bit of notice to this section except, um, me…
PAS Poll:
Had a few back already (cheers!) and entertaining reading they make too – keep ’em coming (it’s attached for your convenience cos I’m nice like that)