L13 Winter 2007 : Week 3 – BotW

Bet of the Week – Disaster last week from me so we’re £5 down – Week 2 winner Howard “Hitman Howie T” Thomas is up for the task – baby let’s go go…

As the winner for last week – Here are my seven winning teams which are going to make us that much richer…

  1. Liverpool
  2. Blackburn Rovers
  3. Bolton
  4. Crystal Palace (The mighty)
  5. West Brom
  6. Watford
  7. MK Don

Hope they do us proud…

That little lot will come in at around 244/1 according to my calculations, so we’ll be more than proud with a fiver on it – bon chance!


Result: LOSE! -£10

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 – BotW

PAS punters,
First up for the season with the “this week I am mostly betting £5 on…” selection is our World Champion, Simon Lindquist.

If you followed all the selections last campaign, you would have been considerably in profit – so, dare you dabble?

Bet of the week:-

I’m definitely not a betting man (with the exception of P-A-S), so the fictional fiver will probably be in the red after week one. With that in mind I’ll go for an away treble of wins for Chelski, Man Ure and (picked from the Conference) Oxford Utd. Safety first!!

Personally, I’m not sure if he’s playing it safe or having a laugh – I’ll lump on anyways…

Result: Lost! :-(

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 2 Table Roundup

Top One:
Rather ominously Jazz Sian moves to the head of the peleton early doors with a nice 13 point buffer to boot – Neil M and Dave McS head the chasing pack.
Not Sorted:
Poor Neil Birchall stays rooted to the bottom 7 points adrift of predicting car-crash that is Jon A
Up Up Up!:
Highest climber this week is (fairly obviously) Howard Thomas up a whopping 46 places to 6th – respeck is due to Craig P-G (+26), Dan R (+24), Matt H (+31) and Ben McK (+32) who all had the foresight to realise the default score would do just nicely this week. Tim B (+36) actually submitted a scoresheet.
Down Down:
Falling furthest was our celtic friend across the water Ciaran McGoldrick who managed to plunge 31 places to 56th – those also not worthy of a mention are Mark G (-20), Simon L (-21), Martin S (-20), Jon T (-27) and Phil C (-21)
Love it or hate it, finishing here on Week 13 will bring a you a big jar of Guinness Marmite (it was a limited edition when I bought it but now the market seems to be flooded with it!). Craig P-G has his knife at the ready and toast in the toaster…
Spot prizes are well worth winning eh? Current residents are 14th. Donna E (-7), 17th. Mark F (non mover), 23rd. Michelle F (-1), 33rd. Simon L (-21), 39th. Olly O (+23), 46th. Anne C (+9), 58th. Greg E (-4) and 64th. Ben H (-4)
Cup 2007:
At the end of Week 13 you need to be where Will O is ( -5) to qualify for the Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 2 Roundup

Class 1 (h)Omlette :
In a pig of a week for predicting scores (what’s going on in the Scottish Prem??) getting over 20 points was an achievement – when Mr 2-0 has the 4th best score you know it’s bad… So, getting 30 plus is really going some (well done Tim B and Jazz S – you’re the bridesmaid for the 2nd week on the trot!) – congrats then to Howard “Hitman Howie T” Thomas for his v impressive 36 (4) that included 13 bonus goal points. Nice. Having recently given up being a bou- I mean, “door technician”, Howie will find the £20 a welcome income cos we all know our favourite people in clubs are really poorly paid for a dangerous job and that’s why they get angry and have to put punters nose first through fire doors… Don’t hit me! don’t hit me!
Bad Egg :
I think we’ve got a new record lo-score folks – Jon Allin 5 (0) has recorded a score that even a rugby loving breeze block could better. If they could use email of course.
Correct Score of the Week:
Loads (13) got Rangers, half a dozen got WBA’s 2-3 at Scunny (yeah, that’s how weird this week was!), Danielle F, Steve B, Mark McD & Richard L got Arsenal’s 5-0 cruise v a pub team from Derby, Howard T & Scott A got Gretna 3 Dundee Utd 2 (how?) and Mark F got the Toon’s 3-1 v Bad Boy Inc… However, on his birthday, Dave Nicklin takes this week’s, and new best of the season score with Stoke City 3 Plymouth 2.
Bet of the Week :
The curse of a weekly win strikes again. I failed. Miserably. I blame Benitez (Michael Parkinson, that mad man @ Tynecastle, Helen Mirren and the hapless Mr Jol). We are now £5 down looking to Howie T to come up with 7 winning teams for Week 3.
Arsenal are going to win the League.

A few bods still haven’t managed to get their money in – this week please or you’re on the “Hall of Shame”! No. Really. Don’t make me do it…


L13 Winter 2007 : Week 2 – BotW

Bet of the Week comes courtesy of week 1 winner Pab!

Seven teams selected for a £5 accumulator…

  • Arsenal v Derby : Arsenal win @ 1-6
  • Liverpool v Birmingham : Liverpool win @ 2-9
  • Southampton v Barnsley : Southampton win @ 4-6
  • Inverness CT v Hearts : Hearts win @ 5-6
  • Bolton v Tottenham : Tottenham win @ 7-5
  • Kilmarnock v St Mirren : Kilmarnock win @ 8-13
  • Rangers v Aberdeen : Rangers win @ 3-10

Result: LOSE! -£5

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 1 Roundup

The Cadbury’s Gorilla:
Dontcha just love it when a plan comes together? Sven swans in @ 16/1 to pick up the August “Manager of the Month”, City win on Sunday @ 13/8, go second making a mockery of the early prices/point spread in the Handicap/Total Points markets and Arsenal are cruising at the top and, more importantly, are 9 points clear of Sp*rs with a game in hand. Add to that a lovely little 5-0 prediction to get the ball rolling, it’s no surprise you pick up the £20 prize for Week 1. Ahhh yes, I can feel it coming in the air tonight and some of that money will be spent on a big f*ck off bar of choc (seeing as I’m on the wagon at the mo). Just to confirm then, 40 (5) tops the pile…
Rubbish Monkey:
What would you rather have? A broken metatarsal or a score of 8(0)? Neil Birchall and Emile discuss… (whilst eating a pie, natch)
Correct Score of the Week:
Loads of us got the Arsenal score (as predicted weeks ago – see below) and the Celtic score, a few less got the Sheff Utd 8 pointer and Phil C, Jon T, Donna E picked up 9 points for Watford 3 Soton 2 – lots of last minute goals in those games make it all the sweeter! However, the CSotW has to be unique, so hats off to Mark Grey who accurately guessed West Ham 3 Boro 0.
Bet of the Week:
Our reigning champ sent in his selections a bit too late to send round (and they were rubbish anyway) so we’ll kick this off in Week 2 with yours truly. We’ll make it a bit easier to follow this season too. If you win a weekly prize you’ll be asked to use your football predicting skills to win the rest some scant consolation. The idea is to advise which 7 teams to select for a £5 accumulator. I’ll be sending round my magnificent seven on Friday…
Remember this from Sep 3rd? “Week 1 scoresheet will be mailed round on Monday 10th September. Cheers, Pab. PS – Week 1 features Spurs – Arsenal, I’m looking at an eight pointer…” Obviously I knew it would be 1-3 (as did four other Gooners and one Sp*rs fan – well done Johnny W!) but our favourite (betting genius) son took it one step further… “Hi Pab, I noticed you mentioned ’8’ points for the Spurs-Ars game a week or two ago in one of your emails, and I thought he could only mean 3-1. You’ve had a few of these predictions come in before so I stuck a few quid on it. I also had Spurs HT, Arsenal FT, as well as Spurs to score first and fail to win. They all came in but I’d have been glad to lose the tenner or so I put on them!!” The man is a bookie bashing legend…

A few bods still haven’t managed to get their money in – this week please or you’re on the “Hall of Shame”!

Things We Would’ve Liked To Hear This Weekend At The Match – “Oh you can freeze 500 mill, and you can freeze 500 more, Cos Thaksin’s got another billion underneath his bedroom floor, SHIN-A-WATRA! SHIN-A-WATRA!” Chant of the season so far, from Man City fans to the tune of The Proclaimers’ “500 miles”.

L13 Winter 2007 : Week 1 – BotW

No BotW, booo!

Result: n/a

L13 Winter 2007 : …football is much more than a matter of life and death

In that case Predict-A-Score is the cult religion – and you can call me Ron…

P-A-S is back! (forget about those silly fantasy games – this is the real deal!)

We start on weekend 15th/16th September 2007!

If you’re a newcomer (hola!) or a regular (welcome back!), check out the “Rules” – they tell you all you need to know & hopefully it will all make sense!

P-A-S rocks! Don’t take my word for it, check these testimonials…

  • “I play P-A-S and I’m not mental” – K Charters
  • “I put Palace to win every game. Sometimes they do. It’s all about the long game” – G Blackburn
  • “I was sooooo excited and giddy about playing the legendary PAS I wet myself…” – L Gray
  • “I know about football and I know PAS not only enhances your judgement for fixed odds betting it can be a considerable source of income in itself” – J Sain
  • “I’m a girl and even I won a weekly prize – so two fingers up to you tw*tty boys who think you know everything!” – M Webster
  • “I just threw dice for my scores and finished bottom – I don’t recommend this” – A Bennet-Dawson
  • “I used to play religiously every season and now I live in Australia!” – J Fonas
  • “Don’t let your heart rule your head – Rangers always win 3-0 – it’s a nailed on 7 pointer” – C O’McGoldrick

Anyway… The SPL has already kicked off, so time to start honing those footie predicting skills, watching every game on telly, swotting up on the reports in the papers, poring over the league tables and ignoring every single “tip of the week” from the pro punters – enjoy!


PS – remember, getting involved will seriously change your Saturday afternoons for 13 weeks and Geoff Stelling will cheer and dismay you in equal measures! Go on, you know you want to…

PPS – seen the Guardian’s “new football game”??? – wonder where they got the idea from?!