PAS Poll 2007

Top Five Singles Oooh, it was close!

All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem
“The kids may be impossibly tanned but the grand bear of punk funk desperately slaps on the Fake Bake and joins in the revelment of youth. On this track he manages it with some style.”
“Look if this doesn’t win the PAS top single then the people who didn’t vote for it will look pretty stupid… unless they haven’t heard it, in which case they should go and find it now and regret not having done so earlier.”
Valerie – Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse
Great song from a Zutons classic
Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys
I love the guitar intro. I also love Alex Turner’s voice (not in a gay way obviously)!
or Brainstorm as it is invariably referred to, usually by music television ’hosts’ whose job it is to know better (“hey scenesters, see that Brian that Alex Turner is singing about on Brianstorm? That’s you that is”) …oh, and it’s impossible to dance to too
Foundations – Kate Nash
Sorry it’s catchy!
D.A.N.C.E – Justice

Bubbling under :

Fluorescent Adolescence – Arctic Monkeys
Standing In The Way Of Control – The Gossip
…Ace tune, definitely a face for radio tho
Someone Great – LCD Soundsystem
Golden Skans – Klaxons
I Believe – Simian Mobile Disco

And The Rest…

We don’t have Woolworths in Sweden
Rehab – Amy Winehouse
…a quality song by a quality artist. Forget the drugs and the beehive, the girl can SING! I just hope she sorts her shit out before she pops her clogs.
Modern music is rubbish

Top Five Albums They’ve done the double!

Sound Of Silver – LCD Soundsystem
Uncle James and his merry troupe of 30 somethings go cow bell tastic making you realise that you aren’t the oldest raver in the village… yet
It’s just great isn’t it? Snd “Someone Great” almost made me cry.
Citrus – Asobi Seksu
I had a friend who once said to polls such these that ’Loveless’ was his album of the year, every year. Well now he may even change his mind – if My Bloody Valentine had actually got round to making that next album 10 years ago, it would have sounded exactly like this. Brilliant
Wait For Me – Pigeon Detectives
Even though they are Leeds fans I like them
Pab told me it was be good and it was!
Soundboy Rock – Groove Armada
Untrue – Burial

Bubbling Under :

Neon Bible – Arcade Fire
“that difficult 2nd album”
Because Of The Times – Kings Of Leon
“The best Southern drawl y’all will hear this year… and fabulous hair to boot”
Lady’s Bridge – Richard Hawley
“The hare lipped crooner sets sail on another journey to the land of sweeping romance. He arrives guitar poised, cigarette in hand, sailor’s hat cocked at an outrageously jaunty angle”
Myth Takes – !!!
We’ll Live & Die In These Towns – The Enemy
“Wish I was 18 again – I’m so sick sick sick sick and tired of working just to be retired” How true…

Oh, and these…

Version – Mark Ronson
“The guy is a legend. Nuff said.”
Tromatic Reflexxions – Von Sudenfed
Mark E Smith growling and 2 German techno geeks geeking. C’mon… what’s not to love?

Best Film Oh my God, I actually saw two of these!

This Is England
“it actually got Pab to the pictures… no mean feat ”
Gritty northern realism at its best
American Gangster
“Watched it, loved it, Russell Crowe was ace”

Honourable mentions :

Bourne Ultimatum
“Best film of the year bar none, Damon is king of secret agents”
Oceans 13
“Miles better than Oceans 12 and possible better than Oceans 11”
Why bother watching new films when I can watch Ferris Bueller and Champ on VHS
Last King Of Scotland
“Forest Whittaker’s wonky eye just added to the overall madness of this film”
The final fight… Megatron. Prime. Hairs on the back of your neck time! Also, one of the best cartoons ever (well, apart from Jungle Burger film)!
Very surprisingly – Knocked Up

Worst Film I’m glad I don’t go to the pictures…

American Gangster
Spiderman 3
“Truly awful.”
Silver Surfer

Not to mention…

Anything with Nicolas Cage in it, there were a few, the most overrated actor ever!
Not seen It but it was shit when I was a kid. Can’t see that anything is likely to have changed.

Best TV Fiercely contested section this…

Life On Mars
Utterly brilliant once again.
Hiro is a legend! And who hasn’t had some dirty thoughts about feelings for Claire (the cheerleader) and Nikki (she looks seriously dirty, but needs bigger t*ts)!
Quality. Nuff said
Gripping. Like the X-Men in a real world setting.
The Mighty Boosh
Continues to have me laughing my t*ts off
Ooooh that last episode.
The Wire
S’all in the Game. Word. Peace out.
There is The Wire and then there is everything else… the wire is so good that I am as boring as Charlie Brooker banging on about how good it is.

Honourable mentions:

Gavin & Stacey
So well observed and written, and with a great cast it was always going to win
I’ve discovered a great new Sunday Morning show called Match of the Day at about 7.30am. I never manage to stay awake til 10.30 on a Saturday anymore
My 42 Sony Bravia LCD HD ready
Silent Witness
Not ace but it keeps my Mrs quiet for an hour
I Think I’m A Celebrity… Please Bomb My House With Me In It
Criminal Minds
How did I miss the first series? Too busy being a CSI geek…
Peep Show
The wedding episode “Jeremy, I find it quite comforting that our entire relationship can be reduced to an online speech template” …and the weeing in the church bit of course
Football Italia
If only to listen to Laura Esposto speak. Bellissimo!

Worst TV I don’t even have to tell you, you told me in spades…

All celebrity sh*te
Unless they bring out a Celebrity Death Row where we get to phone-vote for who we want executed and then phone-vote to select the method, not that I’ve spent too much time working on the format of the show or anything…
Idiots as celebrities. Celebrities as idiots. Rubbish talent shows
Strictly come idiot baiting… all that Saturday night phone fraud nonsense… Ant and Dec should be in jail for fraud and the idiots that continue to watch this crap and vote should be banned from owning phones or TVs because this sh*t has to stop

Also rans:

Anything with Ricky Gervais, Ainsley Harriott, Neil Morrissey or David Dickinson in it.
They are all w*nk*rs
Sky’s football coverage is increasingly awful
I wish Key’s and Redknapp would just f**k off… . Redknapp is reminiscent of a mobile phone store manager in his horrid suits with his sh*t eating grin he has never voiced an opinion ever and I cannot stand every game being utterly over hyped, id love it if just once they said “well that was crap and we are sorry you are paying a subscription for this” ( Ruud Gullit makes me laugh tho) The really annoying thing is that Revista La Liga is so much better and is proper football coverage with controversial views aired by the excellent Guillem Balague bloke
The Tesco advert with the Spice Girls in
Soccer AM now that Tim Lovejoy has left
…no fun any more
Dragons Den
Will watch it, but why have that crossed eyed freak narrating on everything about to happen or that has just happened? Is it a program for pre-schoolers?

Top Player He’s (was) only 17, he’s better than Roy Keane…

Cesc Fabregas
Wish he was at Old Trafford
Even though I’m a Yiddo through and through
For playing football how it should be played
As you (Pab) said, Thierry who?
Fernando Torres
World class.
Like a white John Barnes.
Cristiano Ronaldo
The longest neck in the premiership? Discuss
Hate him, but you gotta admit he’s a class player
The sooner he goes to Real the better!!
How good, but how smug?

Close :

Who else?!
David James
He looks great on the pitch.
It means that my girlfriend is happy for me to watch the Pompey games when they’re on TV…
Dimitar Berbatov
Nemanja Vidic
Ronnie probably won United the title, but life without Vidic would be unthinkable, teams might realise that Van Der Saar is losing it if they weren’t being murdered by our Serbian war lord.

Worst Player It’s all about the "Bumble

Titus Bramble
How the hell is he still in the Prem?
I worry for Wigan (my local team now) dreadful, truly dreadful.

and the rest :

John Terry
Tells you everything you need to know about the state of English football. I wouldn’t p*ss on him if he was on fire
Arrogant, petulant bully boy
Nasty little thug whose ’brave captaincy’ was such a boost for England – playing when not fit is stupid and lets your team down… it’s not brave
Michael Owen
Newcastle pay your wages and you just keep risking injury in the England circus… and have no remorse whatsoever about the way you rob a living
Gary Neville
I just hate him, even if he’s been injured all year
Sol Campbell
Deserves a late mention for his complaints about the nasty things those horrible fans say… I’m sure you are paid enough to deal with it you soft ars*d ponce…
Newcastle Utd Defence
Where do I start?
Stephen Hunt
Sly, dirty little f*ck*r. Can tell that just looking at his face
Paul Robinson
Good God!
Jens Lehman
Whingeing German tank driver
El Haj Diouf
He would be a great footballer if he wasn’t such a c*nt
Joey Barton
Enough said

Best Football Moment It was mainly England and um, Martin Jol…

Bye, bye second choice Steve
At least now I can just enjoy the Euro without having to waste my energy believing that England have a chance of winning
England’s failure to qualify for Euro 2008
I can now enjoy watching a summer of football without being irritated by flag waving patriotic idiots, hyping up a team of dysfunctional millionaire f*ckwits who say nothing to me about my life. Added bonus is less Ian Wright on the BBC and the loss of Steve McLaren just a shame he couldn’t take Barwick with him.
Beating Man U 2-0 at Old Trafford and hearing the Sky Blue fans singing from my back garden. Reserve team or not!
Pompey 7 Reading 4
…just for Chris Kamara’s on-the-spot updates on Sky.
Steve Irelands winner in the last minute after we had just missed an even better chance was the one
…and it always leave me feeling rather smug about the countless idiots who start filing out with 15 mins left!
Fans singing Martin Jol’s name for the entire match after he’d got the boot – brought tears to my eyes.
Man Utd fans getting tw*tted by the Rome police.
So far, winning at Charlton. Yeah I know. Well, it’s going to get better. Last minute winner at Goodison!
15th December, Portsmouth v Tottenham. David James slid for the ball causing his shorts to rise up and show is left buttock!>/dt>

John Terry getting knocked the f*ck out in the League Cup Final! Lol!
Everton putting 7 past the Mackems
The Holy Goalie’s penalty save against Spartak Moscow to send the mighty Hoops through in the Champions League.
Mourinho leaving the Premiership.
Being first English club to win a European game @ Estadio Mestalla (another European first for the list).
Beating United in the derby even though they battered us!

Worst Football Moment Quite predictably, it was England again

England getting knocked of Euro championships
Ruined 2008 already
Steve McClaren and his umbrella doing nothing against Croatia
Bilic didn’t care about getting wet or that his pen wouldn’t work in the rain, he coached his team for 90 minutes from his technical area, and his team were already qualified…
Still seeing Gary Blackburne is attempting to play
Liverpool boring there way to another European cup final
Where once again those loveable scousers lived down to stereotype robbing from their own, and turning up without tickets and blaming UEFA for it… whilst the moment was redeemed by their losing and the recent suggestions that their yanks may be as bad as glazer and leave them just as indebted the nauseous media love in of the scousers prior to the final was horrible… .
Losing away to Derby County
Lots of choice here, being a Norwich fan.
But I think the incredibly meek 1-0 defeat at QPR is the worst Norwich performance I’ve had the displeasure to witness. I’d even put it ahead of England 2 Croatia 3!
Anything that showed that Sam Allardyce.
He’s a scum bag I hate his gum chewing and his Bluetooth headset… what a w*nk*r!
Not England.
I’d already given up on those w*nk*rs. Possibly the realisation that Chelsea weren’t going to fall apart after Mourinho.
Went to the worst F.A. Cup Final since Everton in 95, and spent 10 quid on a programme that I still haven’t read and one day hope that will be worth more than a tenner
The THFC board’s treatment of Martin Jol.
It doesn’t matter that he may or may not have been good enough, they handled it with all the grace and charm of David Brent! Incompetence doesn’t even come close!
When José got sacked
Loved him even though I am a Man U fan.
The Beast’s whole season at Arsenal

Best Gig Mixed bag here but it’s nice to see you’re still getting out and about…

Bob Dylan (Gothenburg)
He had a big hat on.
15th March Arcade Fire – Brixton Academy, London
I nearly cried during “No Cars Go” an amazing moment!!!
The National
Aren’t the sort of band to make you feel 15, they are rock n roll for grown ups, but when they did “Daughters Of The Soho Riots” it was spine tingling highlight of an awesome gig
See earlier comments about modern music
However I do enjoy my VHS of Faith No More at the Brixton Academy in ’88
Check it out – full on desert blues rhythm and drone. The Velvets jamming with John Lee Hooker in a tent in the Sahara.
LCD Soundsystem – the Academy
The March Sat night gig not October Sunday night, tho that was still good) – everyone just went f8ckin mentalist – so mentalist in fact that post gig someone chose to walk straight off the end of the decking in Kro (one of the funniest things I have seen in a while) The evening was also notable for my other half trying to be cool with the ’laydees’ at the aftershow party with his flies down whilst I thought it would be hilarious to follow the guitarist from Hot Chip around singing ’over and over’ whilst playing imaginary ’miniature cymbals’ … … … oh how he laughed.
Kanye West at the MEN 1st December
Supported by cameos from Common, and JAY Z… … mere weeks after all the fall out with his mum he was superb

Worst Gig Mayhem!

Arctic Monkeys (Saturday) Old Trafford
The band were good but the organisation was shocking, fights and hour long queues at the beer tent, total lack of toilets, horrible scrotes kicking off with each other… . Ruined it, not going to the cricket ground for a gig ever again
Not had to cue that long for a pint ever!
Peter Bjorn & John @ Koko, 15th April
Maybe because it wasn’t on a 16th (my best gigs were The Bees, Mermaid Theatre, London , 16th July & The Earlies, St George’s Church , Brighton , 16th August), but they were terrible and even mimed (very badly) to the whistling bit in Young Folks thereby ruining the illusion and made me think they’re just an indie Busted…
Kings of Leon
Rocked like they always do, however the GMex just is too big for a great gig and what is with the revival in tw*ts throwing pints of lager/p*ss around the place. How much enjoyment does anyone get from that?
Peasty @ Bluu
Die Spice Girls, Die
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Oh the disappointment, I had a cheeky nap and left before the encore.
Gareth Gates
Performing a short showcase of songs at Café De Paris (my excuse is that I was there with work!) – couldn’t finish soon enough…
Junior Boys @ Sonar
Most boring thing I have ever heard.
Seeing Rogue Traders at G.A.Y.
’Nuff said!

Most desired It was all about the Nintendo Wii and these…

My old one is f*ck*d.
For the decorating to be finished…
A decent job!
I really want some of those pogo stilt things that you wear on your feet and bound down the street with.
No idea why, or where I can use them, but they look cool.
Eight million pounds sterling please.
A holiday, goddamn it!
Can I have Daisy Haggard off Man Stroke Woman?
Indira Varma would do. Or Katherine Heigl.
New Aston Martin DBS V12


An old school lie in!

2007 Rocked ’Cos…

Led Zeppelin did!
It’s over.
I got a huge plasma TV, Xbox and new wheels for my car thanks to redundancy money.
I finally did well on p-a-s.
(to the tune of ’la donna e mobile’… ) “Gigi de Canio, Bernie and Flavio… Gigi de Canio, Bernie and Flavio… (etc)”
I managed to avoid being stressed by work and concentrated on the weekends!
I did a Craig David kiss and tell
Can my life get any better after that?
Got a new job and my mate split from his girlfriend from hell…
…sweet as
Once again Fergie proved those of us who doubted him utterly wrong with yet another title.
City got a descent team for the first time in ages and I got a new job, new house, new car and the same ace girlfriend!
Celeste and Oscar are in my life and keep me from going under
Huh huhhuhhuhhuh…
Got Sky+
How has my life functioned up to now?

We are having a baby!!!!
I finally got on the property ladder!
And I saw some amazing gigs!
The year of the band/group come backs.
I survived another year!

And here are ’El Presidentes’ selections!

Top Five Singles

“That’s Not My Name/Great DJ” – The Ting Tings
Just edges out Robyn for me cos the b-side is as good, maybe even better, than the a-side. After a few listens it will draw you in and never leave you alone in a strange hypnotic layered nursery rhyme kinda way. This will be the sound of 2008 after it’s re-release. Believe! Oh, and her name is Katie btw…(see it on You Tube)
“With Every Heartbeat” – Robyn
She sounds like Kate Bush. It’s heartfelt. It builds. It breaks down. It’s got strings. And a killer bassline. It’s electro. It’s pop how pop should be. Perfection.(see it on You Tube)
“Someone Great” – LCD Soundsystem
If “New York I Love..” off the album is the first electro-ballad, then this is the first electro-paean. Sumptuous. (see it on You Tube)
“Rockferry” – Duffy
It’ll be between Adele and this Welsh songstress next year but I reckon the more leftfield JAMC/C&W feel, as demonstrated here, of young Amy will be more appealing than the more mainstream “nu-Winehouse” Adele. So there.(see it on You Tube)
“Nitemoves/Wallflowers” – Grosvenor
It’s all about the b-side. Like Jay Kay doing a Zapp like Prince would if he wasn’t old – electro soul a go-go! (see it on You Tube)

Bubbling under:

“Men’s Needs” – The Cribs
Indie anthem of 2007 (see it on You Tube)
“Strawberries” – Asobi Seksu
Four ace mixes for everyone’s taste as long as you like Lush/Chapterhouse/Cocteau Twins/MBV (see it on You Tube)
“D.A.N.C.E” – Justice
I think this will be played in a lot of places just after midnight on NYE (see it on You Tube)
“Tenderoni/Call Me Up” – Chromeo
It’s all about the b-side! (see it on You Tube)
“Bricks” – Tuung
Folking ace! (see it on You Tube)
“Foundations” – Kate Nash
So what if she rhymes “fittah” and “bittah”?! It’s brilliant! (see it on You Tube)
“You! Me! Dancing!” – Los Campesinos!
If my bruv actually bothered to learn his bass he’d probably been in this band and written this song! (see it on You Tube)
“Balloons” – Foals
The nu-angular darlings with ska overtones – whatever that means (see it on You Tube)
“Run Away” – Super Furry Animals
It’s got that beat…(see it on You Tube)
“That Boy That Girl” – Hadouken!
At the time it was eBay gold! And rightly so. (see it on You Tube)
“Golden Skans” – Klaxons
It’s the whooos and ooohs that make it! (see it on You Tube)
“Mansard Roof” – Vampire Weekend
life indie is what the kids want now! (see it on You Tube)

Top Five Albums

LCD Soundsystem – “Sound Of Silver”
It’s amazing and it’s got “All My Friends” on it as well
Sister Vanilla – “Little Pop Rock”
The return of Jesus & Mary Chain with a sister replacing a brother. Frrressshhh.
Groove Armada – “Soundboy Rock”
A timely return to form to match the debut album
Maximo Park – “Our Earthly Pleasures”
Hideously underrated band with another top album
The Coral – “Roots & Echoes”
Brit-pop in a good way!

Bubbling under:

  • Simian Mobile Disco – “Attack Decay Sustain Release”
  • Klaxons – “Myths Of The Near Future”
  • Kings Of Leon – “Because Of The Times”
  • New Young Pony Club – “Fantastic Playground”
  • The Good, The Bad & The Queen – “The Good, The Bad & The Queen”

Best Film

This Is England
Shane Meadows captures the 80’s perfectly and that little kid from Grimsby is quality.
Beautifully shot, different slant on the Joy Division story and the band “live scenes” are amazing. A must see but not something you’d buy the DVD for to watch again. If you get what I mean…

Worst Film

Fantastic Four meet the Silver Surfer
Knocked Up

Best TV

Gavin & Stacey
just brilliant. Whoever did the casting is a genius as well cos Stacey was to die for and Alison Steadman is class
The Wire
if you haven’t already, you should. Series 4 is out on DVD soon too.
The Sopranos
the final episode split opinion and I’m on the side of “how else could they have ended it?” Timeless.
Cadbury’s Gorilla ad
do you remember the first time?
Heston Blumenthal
obviously a mad scientist but you have to admire his pursuit of perfection. I really really want to go to the Fat Duck!
didn’t really care for Mr Brand until I happened upon this. Very very good
I’m up North. What else is there to watch. It’s the sharp writing and the understated deliveries that make it more than a soap.
Mighty Boosh
yes, I’m a “Johnny-come-lately” to this cult viewing but I’m catching up fast. The “crack fox” episode was up there with the darkest moments of “League of Gentlemen”. So, obviously telly gold then…

Worst TV

Soccer AM
lame, tired and predictable. Who’d have thought the nation would pine for the return of Mr Lovejoy?!
utter cack
Reality things

Top Player

if we sell him he’ll be the first £100 million player. But we won’t sell him. He just needs to work on his pal Lionel and get him to leave Barca to join him becoming the most decorated player of his era. Legend.
I thought my mate was joking when he told me City had signed the best player in the last Copa America. Buy of the season.
Dimitar Berbatov
why do Sp*rs ALWAYS sign players I’d love at Arsenal?? Joins a wish list of Gascoigne, Waddle, Ginola, Bale, Defoe, Taarbat and Iversen. The last one is a joke btw.

Worst Player

Theo Walcott
I’m sorry, he’s sh*t. He’s not ready for us, The Premiership or playing with the big boys. A glorified sprinter that has the world’s biggest feet. And he runs like Michael Owen. And, have you ever seen him and Lewis Hamilton in the same room?
Ashley Cole
“one greedy b*st*rd…” But his wife is fit.
Robbie Savage
I want to like him cos I liked his house on “Footballer’s Cribs” and he seems alright when he’s on a panel, but on the pitch he’s just a horrible, antagonistic, niggling pr*ck.
Lucas Neill
what’s with Australia sending over their aggressive, thuggish scum to these shores (Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton, Kevin Muscat…)? Would we do anything like that to them?! What? Oh…

Best Football Moment

Thierry Henry leaving
Yes. Really. Those who know me will testify I’ve wanted rid for a couple of seasons now and how right I’ve proved to be! The kids are blossoming and old Terry has got a bad back – nuff said.
Baptista Leaving
Seriously, I was going to give up my season ticket if Wenger bought him. Truly one of the worst footballers I have EVER seen. And I’ve seen Bruce Dyer…
1-3 @ Liverpool
Oh the arrogance. The scousers had their “campaign for every Cup round” planned for the “Justice for the 96”. All very honourable and the Kop participation with the cards and constant singing was really impressive, but did you really think you’d roll us over that easily??!
Kids In The Final
loved Wenger for sticking to his, ahem, (young) guns and playing the kids all the way through – and they did us proud until it descended into chaos and ultimately cost us the title…
2-1 v Man Yoo
Thierry’s last goal at home and did we celebrate it!! I liked him for that!
Sevilla away
the long overdue foray onto the continent finally happened for me and it was all I expected and then some (bar the result, natch)

Worst Football Moment

England not qualifying
but now you can all support Portugal in the summer eh?!
Not signing Torres
a genuine star in the making who would have revelled in our total football
Martin Jol getting the sack
they would have gone down with him still in charge, God bless him. Just one of the reasons I bit the hands off people offering a straight bet that Sp*rs would finish above Arsenal this season. Dream on suckers…

Best Gig

Monkey Journey To The West @ Palace Theatre, MCR
one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen – more Chinese circus than gig to be fair but Albarn’s score was pure class. Add Jamie Hewlitt visuals to the mix and you’re enthralled for the full 2 hours plus. If it comes round again anywhere near these shores, break the bank to see it. Cheers Chelle for one of the best birthday pressies ever!
Asobi Seksu @ Night & Day, MCR
the shoegazer revival is upon us and the future is this Japanese/NYC quartet. Think pop (sung in Japanese) mixed with My Bloody Valentine and The Cocteau Twins. Yeah! And they do a killer version of “And Then He Kissed Me”
Camera Obscura @ Jabez Clegg, MCR
I got this close to Tracyanne!! She really is a moody cow though and took someone to task after being accused of selling out to Tesco. (They used a song in an ad). Go girl!
The Fall @ The Ritz, MCR
I don’t like the Fall but seeing Mark E Smith marshal his band into a tight, slick, faultless unit while he prodded, fiddled and prowled the stage was worth the entrance fee alone.
Roddy Frame @ Buxton Opera House
my musical hero delivered after having to “go off for a few minutes” after 3 songs “to get his head together” – came back “refreshed” and smashed it!
Candi Payne @ Academy 2, MCR
supported The Bees (who were also fab!) and blew the few who bothered to watch away
LCD Soundsystem @ Academy, MCR
a magnificent “All My Friends” made up for the non playing of “Sound of Silver”

Worst Gig

Art Brut @ Academy 3, MCR
He just talks over the music doesn’t he…

Most desired

  • (Chelle, don’t read this bit) Nigella Lawson indoors, Monica Belucci out
  • Lyle & Scott crew neck jumper
  • Anything Alessi

2007 Rocked ’Cos…

  • Out of the bad came good… and I took full advantage of the bookies ridiculous oversights of Man City & Arsenal this season – ha!