L13 Winter 2006 : Week 4 – BotW

Up to the oche is Week 3 winner Jamie Sellers – he has even playing field to gain glory or lose us a fiver…

Ok. Reading to hold Chelsea 1-1

Best odds available are around 15/2

As Arsene would say, bon chance!

Result: Lose! Down a fiver again…

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 3 Roundup

Norn Ireland :
A big week (it went on til Wednesday! hmmmmm) and some big scores. Stephen Peaston! 47(8) – Richard Lee! 44(5) – Mark McDowell! 46(4) (remember him? the poor little virgin from Week 1? My God he’s putting it about now…) And a big winner. Step up Jamie Sellers 50 (7) and collect your £20! My QPR supporting, Brighton dwelling friend will hopefully not part with his money down at Seaweed Albion. May I suggest you choose to get on a train to East Croydon and visit the home of, albiet second rate, football instead?
Divot watch :
Not a good week to score poorly (even Mr 2-0 managed 33(5)!) but score poorly he did. The ever-late-with-his-scrambled-together-guesses Tapiwa Madovi 11(0), limped home with this poor effort. You nang? Uh uh.
Correct Score of the Week :
(drum roll) Will O / Neil M / Mark McD / Rich L all got Czech Rep’s 7-0 – there, you got a mention! Jamie S / Rich L / Danny A got Romania 3 Belarus 1, loads of you got Portugal’s 3-0, France’s 5-0, N Ireland’s 1-0, Ireland’s 1-1 with Czech and Wales’s 3-1 V Cyprus. This week’s props go to me though for Armenia 0 Finland 0. I thankyou. (Neil T – I agree this scoreline prediction needs to be recognised – any others who got this, I apologise, I couldn’t be ars*d checking…)
Bet of the Week :
Well well well. Our friend from the Rep of Mancunia obviously knew something we didn’t eh? Wayne C’s prediction of utter shambles came correct and now we’re evens again! £15 wiped off in one fell swoop. Well done Wayne, and more well done on not submitting any scores and picking up the big default score.

Table News

Hotchip :
Pies! Piers! JJB! Neil Birchall now heads up the table with a lovely little one point lead from Rich L.
Monkey With A Miniature Cymbal :
What’s happened? Has morphed into Everton?? Clare Nevin falls further behind and is now 6 points adrift of Danny A.
Over & Over :
Biggest climber this week is Stephen Peaston (+28) up to the nosebleed heights of 6th. Howay!(man). Others on the up are Jamie S (+25), Mark McD (+25) and Matt W (+19)
Under & Under :
Falling furthest this week is inevitably, Tapiwa Madovi (-33), down to the depths that is 41st. Boo ya! Others on the decline are John G (-21), Ciaran McG (-21), Jon Allin (-24) and Martin S (-28)
Close & A Cigar!:
Pab (+2) Smoking? Yuk!
In The Spotlight :
17th Greg E (+15), 23rd Mark G (+4), 39th Karl C (-1) and 47th Anders H (-1)
Cup 2007 :
By Week 13 you need to be where Dan R (-10) is.


L13 Winter 2006 : Week 3 – BotW

Bet of the Week suddenly looks very realistic don’t it?!

Wayne C has suggested £5 on Croatia tomorrow and you can get odds of around 2/1 on most sites/bookies.

Result: WIN! We’re now evens.

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 2 Roundup

Monies still outstanding! Some I know are “pending” but the Hall of Shame continues… Mrs F, Mark G, Lisa G, Matt W, Dan R, Greg C, Karl C, John G, Julian F, Steve T, Gary B and Ben H – coooooooommmmmme onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Someone has paid in from “Bournemouth” – let me know who you are please!

Back to Week 2 proceedings….

Stray Cat Strut :
Up one place to top the pile, Ben H has a huuuge 1 point gap from the Weeks 1 & 2 winners.
78 Stone Wobble :
Oh dear! The young lady chasing “back to back winter titles” has a mountain to climb now – Clare N slips 10 places to 48th just behind Danny A on CS difference…
Running Up That Hill :
Highest climber is Martin S up a whopping 27 places to 14th – honourable mentions to Wayne C (+18) Pam R (+14) Julian F (+13) Pam D (+26) Jamie S (+18) and Mark McD (+15)
If I Should Fall From Grace :
Falling furthest is the Lisa & Mark G who both drop 19 places to 43rd and 27th respectively (can you tell they were away and did their scores early?!). Dishonourable mentions to Dan B, Mark F & Anders H (all -18), Will O & Greg E (both -16)
Close & A Cigar! :
Up 6 places into the 11th slot goes Rich L
Spotters :
Matt G up 4 to 17th, Neil T down 14 to 23rd, Greg E down 16 to 32nd, Gary B down 11 to 39th and Neil M down 10 to 46th
Robin’s Volley :
A lovely timed last minute goal from Ashley “When You Were” Young gave the £20 weekly prize to Wayne Connolly 33(5) pipping current wooden spoon holder Pam D at the post. Well done Wayne, bet Mr Glazer can’t wait to take your winnings off you mate!
Joey’s Blue Moon :
What do a Swede, a placcy Scouser and Belfaster? (onian? ee?) have in common? Correct. Tick. Yes, they all got 10(0) this week – Anders H, Neil M and Clare N youse are rubbish! Oh, and Clare, what’s happened to that pre-season prediction??!
Correct Score of the Week :
Quite unbelievably lots got Chelsea – Villa correct and Bristol City’s 0-0 draw with Oldham. Howie T, Dave N & Matt W got Derby 3 Southend 0 and Wayne C and yours truly bagged 8 points from Hearts 4 Dundee Utd 0. No one got a unique score of note so Ben A still reigns…
Bet of the Week :
Told ya Evertonians don’t win (much). Hope you stayed away from Mark J B’s double – we are now £10 down and looking to Wayne C for relief (ooo-errr)
Table News :
I’ll send round the table a bit later on.


What We Noticed This Week :

How much was Jamie Rednapp salivating over Gary Speed? He loves him – DJ Optimo is just like Celtic in Europe, irresistible on home soil but rubbish anywhere else – Stevie Me & Crouchigol’s hairstyles – the overexcitable Pompey bench – Norwich fan power – the fact it’s really really hard to watch Soccer AM with a hangover – the hot summer (hot hot summer) is now definitely over…

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 2 – BotW

Next up to try and win some money for us is Week 1 winner Mark J Brown. We’re £5 down after Simon L’s treble failed to come in, so it’s down to a bluenose scouser to change our fortunes.

I’m just worried that being an Evertonian, he’s just not used to winning things… can I bring myself to back Sp*rs? can you??!

Bet of the week:-

£5 double to win £14.25 (£19.25 in total)
Spurs to beat Portsmouth @ 5/6
Coventry v Plymouth (over 2.5 goals) @ 11/10

Odds from Sporting Bet

Result: Lost!

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 – Update

A few things to note:

  • Pam R is Top Girl
  • Pam D isn’t bottom
  • Mr 2-0 did really well this week and no one was with him
  • Matt G – nothing to do with the table, but are you aware of the Palace – Coventry score??? He he he! I take it our annual agreement is in full affect…

All prizes are valid at the end of Week 13.

New prize – we’ve added the “Close, But You Actually Get A Cigar” slot on 11th. Fresh back from Cuba, it’s a splendid big bad boy from the range Fidel used to personally hand out to visiting dignitaries. Mark McD will vouch it takes about a day to smoke…

To be invited to PAS Spring 2007 / PAS Cup 2007 you need to finish in at least 32nd postion.

Funds for the Cup competition currently stand at £117.50 – nice!

Week 2 scoresheet to follow…


L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 Roundup

Esplendido :
He’ll be flinging toffees back at the players when he’s next at Goodison – Mark J Brown 40(4) is flush with Week 1’s £20 prize. Well done my Scouse friend – will you be spending the money on elocution lessons or losing it all in 30 seconds at the online casino?
PAS virgin Mark McDowell 12(0) won’t forget losing his cherry for a long long while after this first time flop. Predicting the score for AFC Wimbledon is a long way from playing with the big boys Marky! Stick to the ping pong son…
Correct Score of the Week:
Dreams are quite often hard to decipher. Of course, it all makes sense now! What I thought was a eight in the Land of Nod was actually a three – ho hum… Loads of you back in reality knew the Arse would get three against The Sheffield Tavern. Likewise for the Jambos 1-3 and amazingly, the 0-0 between Leicester and Colchester. Props to John G (Ipswich 3 Sunderland 1), Mark J B (Plymouth 3 Norwich 1) and Howie T / Matt G (Southend 0 Cardiff 3) but this weeks accolade goes to Ben Alder for his Reading 1 Man Utd 1 prediction – which leads us nicely to…
Bet of the Week :
Our very own World Champion (where’s the photo with the Cup??) Simon L was tasked on the opening week and his “safe” treble fell at the final hurdle thanks to Palace legend Stevie Coppell putting out a side to stop “unbeatable” Man Yoo – boo hoo! We go into Week 2 £5 to the bad. Mark J Brown is next up. It should be good kids – he likes a flutter.
Table News :
I’ll send round the first table a bit later on – see below.

All info will be up on the NEW (this!) webpage – but I’m not telling you where it is yet cos it’s not quite finished….Week 2 scoresheet and Week 1 table will mailed round later…


L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 – BotW

PAS punters,
First up for the season with the “this week I am mostly betting £5 on…” selection is our World Champion, Simon Lindquist.

If you followed all the selections last campaign, you would have been considerably in profit – so, dare you dabble?

Bet of the week:-

I’m definitely not a betting man (with the exception of P-A-S), so the fictional fiver will probably be in the red after week one. With that in mind I’ll go for an away treble of wins for Chelski, Man Ure and (picked from the Conference) Oxford Utd. Safety first!!

Personally, I’m not sure if he’s playing it safe or having a laugh – I’ll lump on anyways…

Result: Lost! :-(

L13 Winter 2006 : Week 13 – Final Standings

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
He’s been there for 9 weeks and fully deserves the title on his debut season – Steve Tagger 361 (43) walks away with the £150 1st prize 12 points clear of the field. Now he has the dilemma of spending his winnings on his brand new daughter or watching Dennis Wise’s team…
King Herod:
He joined us 2 weeks late, walked into an 11th place slot courtesy of Mr 2-0, and then proceeded to record a sequence of some of the worst scores ever seen at PAS Towers! A well deserved wooden spoon goes to Jon Allin 260 (25) who finished 7 points adrift of Will Oppong (who is now officially the worst “weekly winner” ever) in his debut season. We tried to get Ian Holloway to comment, but even he was lost for words…
Nine, ahem, Ladies Dancing:
(drum roll) Jazz Sian secured yet another £100 in 2nd place (check out his career earnings when the new webpage launches in January!) and will surely open betting accounts for his new baby twins, Matt Gingell picked up 3rd place (£75) and the “Best Correct Score of the Season” (£5) thanks to his mega-guess at Macc v Stanley, much to annoyance of myself who missed out on an extra tenner by finishing 4th (£65) (I know, I know, I’m great..) but at the same time pleased as I edged out my old mucker Dan Rayner into 5th (£55) by way of 4 more correct scores (unlucky Daniel son, not a bad debut fella!). Jamie Sellers kept the old skool flag flying by moving up 5 places to take 6th (£50).
Then it all got a bit close – Wayne Connolly beat “Top Girl” Donna Edmead by 1 point to finish 7th (£40) to her 8th (£35) (welcome back Donna, will this reflect the outcome of the Man Yoo – Villa Cup game in Jan?), Mark Fawke took time out from Internet-dating but could only manage 9th (£30) place, just ahead of John Greaves who just succeeded in getting his money back in 10th (£25) despite having a ’mare of a 13th week…
Close & A Cigar!:
A lesson for all you kids out there – Ciaran McGoldrick didn’t get his scores over this week and paid the ultimate price by dropping out of the prize positions. Scant consolation then in the form of a f*ck off Fidel-approved-Havana cigar. I shall present this mate when I meet you in the PAS executive box (sponsored by Oracle) at the Emirates for the Arsenal Wigan game. Hopefully you’ll be sparking up in celebration of a 1st leg win over AC Milan a couple of weeks later…
Christmas Bonus:
Spot prizers are – Matt Worsfold, who is happier than A Curbishly in 17th (£20), Neil Meredith, who submitted the worst score of the week but laughs loudest and longest in 23rd (£20), Julian Fernandez, the untalented Fernandez who ended up dropping to 39th (£15) and Howard Thomas, another back-in-day-before-PC’s-old-skooler who rolled back the years to anchor down in the very unspectacular 47th (£15) spot.
Cup 2007:
Week 13 is here and Mr 2-0 has performed above and beyond so the Cup qualification slot goes down to 33rd… Neil Birchall, you got in by the skin of yer teeth (1 point) – see you in Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part, parted with money and bothered to submit scores week in, week out, thanks to Dave Nicklin for the technical support and brains and thanks to all those weekly winners who got involved provided a weekly punt (and thanx more to those who gave us winners!).

Didn’t qualify? I’ll be in touch after the summer…

Cool kids, I’ll mail you soon!

All monies will be transferred/handed over asap.

Merry Christmas!


L13 Winter 2006 : Week 13 Roundup

’Appy ’Ammers! :
The greatest comeback since Luton’s Sol Davis sees Pam Riding 33 (5) go from the brink of embarrassment three weeks ago, to the last weekly £20 winner and a comfortable Cup qualifier to boot. Well done Pammy, slip us a tenner and I won’t tell anybody it’s your dad doing your scores. Mum’s the word!
Chris Morgan’s Face :
You’d think coming from Runcorn was bad enough, but oh no, Neil Meredith 11 (0) thought he’d make it even worse for himself this week. No two pints of lager and a bag of crisps for you me laddo!
Correct Score of the Week :
Sometimes I really don’t like some people. How on earth did Matt Gingell come up with Maccelsfield 3 Accrington 3??!! Suffice to say, this is the “Best Correst Score of the Season”. Send him to Coventry Isay! Others of note this week are Pam R’s Colchester City 3 Stoke 0, Neil B/Ben McK/Neil T’s PNE 3 Plymouth 0 and an inpsired Everton 2 Chelsea 3 from Danny A.
Bet of the Week :
We lost. We finished £1.25 down for the season (note that bad I spose). Shall I unmask the mystery “pro punter”? Was that a “yes” at the back? Ok… Mark B, you are rubbish!