PAS Cup & CL Final latest scores / World Cup update


Approaching “half-time”, here are the latest Cup final scores…goddamn that Benfica curse!

PAS Cup Final

Dan Pelgrom 14 (1)  –  33 (6) Scott Harrison

PAS CL Final

Ben Hogwood 24 (4)  –  28 (5) Gareth Morgan

PAS World Cup

All 64 places have been snapped up but we still have four “Top 32” players yet to confirm their participation. So, if you missed out on a place there’s still hope you may be able to squeeze in. Failing that, you can still play for tenner but you won’t be assisted on your points tally by any goals being scored by a team you’ve drawn (or against a team you’ve been drawn!)

If you’ve paid up already, thankyou – you’re ace! If you haven’t please make it a priority!

The draw for allocated teams will take place on week commencing June 2 – you’ll be able to view it online as it, ahem, happens…

BOTW Week 13

Which 3 home teams will win?

Watford v QPR – 14%

Middlesbro v Reading – 14%

Charlton v Sheff Wed – 13%

PAS L13W13 pre-weekly round up


One game to go (which is already in progress) so we’ve cranked up the super-matrix so the valves heat up nicely in order to generate the Week 1 results for posting tomorrow…

We had a few minor problems (natch) but from 75 entrants, 66 of you managed to enter scores with the other 9 genuinely “forgetting” or “tactically leaving it to Mr 2-0″….so, well done you! You make me sooooooooo proud!

Still a few payments to come in but we’re nearly there – once everything is in, we can confirm the prize money splits (it’s looking good!)

You should all get this on your chosen email addresses but if there’s any you wish to add (or take off) please let me know.

Week 2 (and 3) scoresheets are live on the site but all you early birds out there please note Germany are playing Rep of Ireland not Norn Iron as it appears at the moment. The superbot responsible for fixtures has been decommissioned  and a big thanx goes out to Charlie H and his eagle eyes…

Full round up coming soon – we did it people, we did it. #throwoutthemagicmarkers



Reminder, Bet of the Week & FAQs

We kick off on saturday morning (12.45) so get yourselves logged in and familiar!

Remember to vote on the “Bet of the Week” panel – it’s easy & it’s important!

Ok, just in case you’re stuck – here’s some useful info…

1) where’s the website? – your one stop shop for all of your predicting needs!


2) how do i get in?

you can view all of the tables, BotWs and roundups by just visiting the site however if you want to submit predictions or cast your vote for “BotW” you will need to log in!

so, just enter your username and password!

forgotten? then just click here to enter your email and request a new one! then log in, change it to something you can remember and away you go!


3) username? what’s that?

for most users it is your first intial followed by your surname (paul fernandez = pfernandez) however this may not be the case if someone has already stolen your name so if this doesn’t work worry not!

just email [email protected] to request a reminder if you need one!


4) password – what is it?

when the website was first launched you should have received an email from [email protected] with a new password.

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5) can i change it?

of course, just click edit profile and enter your new password.

remember! don’t choose anything too simple, it’s a big bad world out there full of e-cutpurses & thieves!


6) how do i do my predicting?

click on ‘my predictions’ and choose the week you wish to predict for. don’t forget you have the choice between a traditional table layout or a new style so predict it your way!


7) can i change my scores?

so long as the game hasn’t kicked off you can change your scores as often or as little as you want. not too sure if you will be back in time from the pub, try submitting on a smartphone! or if you’re from london, on your tablet that’s housed in a gucci cover…


8) how soon to the kick off time can i submit a score?

as close as you are willing to cut it!

however, we would strongly advise you submit no closer than 5 minutes to the kick off time! just to play it safe…


9) can i see my scores after all the kick off times?

access your old scores in the same way you did to predict the scores but note that you are now unable to edit the scores (cos that would be, like, silly)


10) i like paper – how do i print my scores?

just click on the print button.

please be sure to check the print preview to avoid any 20 page shocks! we like trees here at pas towers…


12) how do i play a joker in the cl/cup?

just choose the tick box next to the game you want to be your joker and keep your fingers crossed…


13) where’s the league table?

just click on the name of the relevant competition to view the tables. the main season table will always be the homepage though to keep everything nice and easy to find. cos we’re nice like that!


14) can i get updates sent to more than one email address?

of course! just email [email protected] with your name, username and the additional email addresses you want to receive updates to and we will do the rest!


15) how do i get in touch to complain, whinge or praise?

just click on the contact box and let it all pour out…naturally the more constructive your feedback, the easier it is for us to go about improving the site for you! and the more we’ll like you too…


16) where are your scores? don’t want you lot cheating…

our scores will be available here every gameweek at 10am for public scrutiny/humiliation. ahem….


17) what’s that “utc” all about?? have i missed the kick off time??!

think of UTC as an hour ahead of GMT and you can’t go wrong, well, you could, but i’ve just told you how not to…

hopefully we’ll have it all fixed proper like, before the clocks go back (but then it falls in line doesn’t it??!)


18) is the internet, like, magic?

getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant…(“that’s tekkies for you” – el presidente)

Get ready people – PAS Lucky 13 Winter 13 is nearly here!


Are you ready? I think we are…

We need you to do AT LEAST the following AS SOON AS YOU CAN! (yep, it’s that important i’m cyber-SHOUTING!)

1) You’ve had your log-in details – have you logged in? Go to (bookmark it!!!)

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2) Have a play & explore of the site – we made it all for you!

Stick some scores in just for the hell of it, maybe put a 10-0 in for a laugh, a Man Yoo win or a loads of 2-0’s – yeah crazy stuff! Fear not though as you can change/edit them as many times as you like until 1 minute before the kick off time! (but maybe leave the Man Yoo one hehehe…)

3) Check out the new “Bet of the Week” that EVERYONE contributes to!

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All good? Muy bien – you’re about to make history, be proud of your bad self…..



L13 Spring 2013: Week 12 BotW

Bet of the Week comes from Rowan M…

Both teams to score – matches involving

3 Games
Palace, Derby, Sunderland @ 4/1
4 Games
Swansea, West Ham, Spurs, Liverpool @ 5/1
5 Games
Birmingham, WBA, Kilmarnock, Liverpool, Swansea @ 10/1


L13 Spring 2013: Week 11 BotW

…comes from Alex Rossi. He’s gone off road

3 Wins
Arsenal, Everton and Liverpool @ 1.7/1
3 Draws
Newcastle, Leeds and Blackpool @ 36/1

See what happens when I’m away!


L13 Spring 2013: Week 10 BotW

Bet of the Week comes from Wor Jonny T…

Alreet Mate, bit of quick selection cos getting ready to go out for the benfica match :) Sometimes they are the best bets… anyway he goes

Draws @ 35/1
Reading, Norwich, Stoke
4 Aways @ 62/1
Arsenal, Fulham :(, Man City, Sheff Utd
5 Homes @ 9/1
Liverpool, Chelsea, Hull, Gillingham, Motherwell


L13 Spring 2013: Week 9 BotW

Bet of the Week comes from Tony B…

Hi P, 5 both teams to score games are:

3 Teams to score
Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool, Crystal Palace v Birmingham City, Leicester City v Millwall @ 4/1
4 Teams to score
+ West Ham United v West Bromwich Albion @ 7/1
5 Teams to score
+ Nottingham Forest v Brighton & Hove Albion @ 14/1

Happy Easter!

L13 Spring 2013: Week 7 BotW

Bet of the Week comes from Mark “Seelsy” Seels…

Tell Frankie “What a waste of a selection” anyway here goes…

5 Homes
ManUre, Celtic, Doncaster, Coventry, Chelski @ 5/1
3 Draws
Hull, Wolves, Sunderland @ 35/1
4 Aways
Man City, Gillingham, Liverpool, Newcastle 27/1