Predict-a-Score… Champions League 2013


  1. Competition entry £20 (Payable by cheque to me, Paul Fernandez: email me for mailing address).
  2. The Champions League competition will run alongside Lucky 13 Winter 2013 (Group Stage) & Spring 2014 (Last 16 Knockout Stage) and carry separate prize money (tbc)
  3. There is NO weekly prize in the Champions League
  4. During the Group Stage you will be playing against the people in your group
    • Top 2 from each of the 8 qualifyier groups will go through to the knockout stage in Spring 2012.
    • Each player will have 6 group stage “matches” – 3 “home” & 3 “away” matches
    • In each “match” the aim is to beat your opponents score and win 3 points.
    • If scores (and correct scores) are equal, the match is a “draw” and 1 point is awarded to each player<./li>
    • A “point difference” factor will come into the question if players finish on the same number of points after 6 games in their group. As always, correct scores are king if these points are equal!
  5. During the Last 16 Stage you will be playing against the person you have drawn – the aim is to beat their score and progress to the next round and so on until the Final in May.
  6. As in the proper Cup, home advantage is a big benefit.
  7. If you have got a “HOME” draw you can select one of the 30 games to play your “JOKER”. Indicate your selection by marking a “JJJ” next to one of the team names on the scoresheet (e.g. Arsenal JJJ)
  8. If you score any points on this selection they will be DOUBLED.
  9. The “JOKER” points DO NOT count towards L13 Winter/Spring league scores.
  10. Scoresheets back to the usual e-dresses.
  11. In the event of a draw, the person with the most CORRECT SCORES will be deemed the winner.
  12. 1pt for a correct RESULT – i.e. home win, away win, draw.
  13. 3pts for a correct SCORE – i.e. 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, etc…
  14. Bonus point for every goal on a correct SCORE involving 3 or more goals EXCEPT 2-1 & 2-2. e.g. 5-0 = 9pts. (1pt for correct RESULT, 3pts for correct SCORE and 1pt for each GOAL = 5pts).
  15. If your scoresheet isn’t sent in on time, you will automatically be given the 2-0 for every match unless I HEAR OTHERWISE!! No hard luck stories allowed!
  16. If you’re away/ill and unable to fill in your scoresheet you can…
    • Text me your scores (if you know the number!)
    • Choose one score for all the matches and tell me.
    • Get someone (tip – who likes you!) to do your scores for you.
  17. Your scores will be added up, the results will be compiled after each round and uploaded onto the website.

Cheers and good luck, Pab.

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