Spring 2006 : Cup SF & L13 Week 13 – Final Standings

Champions League :
He got one of the scores he required, so Dan Bushell 38(6) is the final weekly winner… Shame you won’t be putting that £20 towards a Cup Final ticket eh Dan?! Chin up son!
InterToto Cup :
Mourinho reckons Chelski won’t do a “Devon Loch” (or that thing about swimming after boats?!) but poor ols Steve Tindall has! Propping up the rest with the worst score this week – a lost-his-bottle-total of 15 (1)
Correct Score of the Week:
Only a handful got scores of merit but they all go the same ones! Toon and Brentford were had by many so that leaves Mark Fawke out front with his Luton 3 Reading 2 score and £5 in the bank. Although, there’s a stewards as Mark tried to claim Will O’s World Cup qualifying virgin the other week. Should he be denied his prize for being so bold and brazen? You decide…
Bet of the Week :
Did you get on after last weeks £63 winner? I did and Dave N’s selections duly paid out £78! Luvverly! Unfortunately the man himself didn’t back his acca and endured further misery when Shola “Shinner” Ameobi netted in the final minute to scupper Dave’s Solano/2-0 scorecast – oops! Margaret A’s selection fell by the wayside but the good news is if you followed the bets all season you’d be £176 in profit!

PAS Cup Semi Final Results

Simon Lindquist 32 (3) - Stephen Peaston 24 (3)
Jamie Sellers 36 (6) - Dan Bushell 39 (6)

Simon L pulled out a 14 point joker (ooh the irony of it being the Toon to knock out a Geordie!) to reach the final a la his beloved Woking and Dan B came out tops in a titanic struggle not a la his beloved Chelsea!

Jamie & Stephen both receive £12.50, the Final on May 13 will see the winner get £40 and the runner up £22.50. Well done players!

Table News:

You Are A Winner!:
You’ll have to wait til Dave posts the final league table up – ha ha ha! Is it you receiving the inaugral PAS Lucky 13 trophy?
You Are A Loser!:
We all knew Greg Edwards would be rock bottom and will receive a wooden spoon in the post very soon. You are rubbish!
You’ve Won A Spot Prize:
You’ll have to wait til Dave posts the final league table up – ha ha ha! Mr 2-0 is one winner and the money is going to charidy (mate)…

All prize winners will be contacted and money paid in due course – congrats!

Another great season people, I hope you’ll come back for more come September – until then, it’s the Word Cup up next (I shall be in touch shortly). Thanks for bothering to take part and if you see Dave Nicklin about, buy him a drink cos his marking system has made this a whole lot easier and accurate (bar a few ricketts made by the staff here!)


Thought of the Week : PAS favours for anyone who can get me a ticket for the Champions League Final – we’ve booked the ferry!!

Spring 2006 : Cup SF & L13 Week 13 – Latest…

Jamie S will win if Aston Villa win 3-2

Tapiwa M will win if City win 1-3

John W will win if Villa & City draw 3-3

Dan B will win with any other scores…

PAS Cup Semi latest

Simon L 32 (3) - Stephen P 23(3)
Jamie S 36 (6) - Dan B 39 (6)

Full round up tomorrow


PS – we have our very own Devon Loch in our midst…

L13 Spring 2006 : Week 13 – BotW

For the last time this season… Sob!

Bets of the Week from from our joint winners last week – first up Dave Nicklin…

Why does it have to happen to me? North London derby, Chelski at home to Loonypool & old firm game all in one week. Bloody typical.

Ok, excuses for losing another £5 out of the way, so here goes (Ladbrokes.com odds):

PREM: Newcastle vs West Brom
Newcastle @ 8/15
CHAMP: Crystal Palace vs Southampton
Crystal Palace @ 8/11
CHAMP: Wolves vs Brighton
Wolves @ 4/6
CHAMP: Leeds vs Crewe
Leeds @ 8/13
LGE1: Swindon vs Brentford
Brentford @ 6/5

Accumulator Potential Return: £78.44

…and next to Margaret Ashworth…

…well after much thought I have gone for a five fold – put £5 on preston (17/11), birmingham (13/5), bolton (10/11), notts forest (11/10), and man city (12/5) to win. theres a couple of interesting ones in there but if it comes off we will be quids in! (£624!)

Have a good weekend – can you afford not to follow the bets?!


L13 Spring 2006 : Week 12 – Review

Accrington Stanley :
Penultimate week throws up a double winner – congrats to Dave Nicklin & Margaret Ashworth 34 (6) who both just edged out Week 11 winner Michelle F (more on her later). So it’s a tenner apiece for the winners, Dave has assured me he’s ploughing the money back into the PAS Research & Development scheme for the funding of 3D marking systems etc and Margaret will be paying for prediction lessons for her son (yes, you Danny A) who was only spared a weekly wooden spoon double courtesy of Mr 2-0…
Brighton (Seaweed!):
…now, I’ve never got my head round why people at the bottom of the table give up in the latter weeks – look what happens! Mr 2-0 and his hapless band of giver-uppers limped in with 12 (1)
Correct Score of the Week:
Could have been my Arsenal 3 WBA 1, but Tapiwa M and Michelle F got that too and it could’ve been Margaret A’s Toon 3 Wigan 1, but Stephen P got that as well. That left, erm, nothing of note (do you disagree? think your 0-1 midtable v top shock warrants a mention? mail in and tell me every week! you could be a contender!) Mark F is still out front with his Luton 3 Reading 2 score with one week to go.
Bet of the Week :
I’ve been told to rearrange these words by Michelle F – humble, eat and pie – cos against all expectation her wild treble of PNE, Pompey and Sp*rs came in to the tune of £68! Did you get on? I really can’t bet on Sp*rs anymore so I missed out – doh! So, with one week to go, if you had followed every tip so far you would be smiling with £63 profit in yer pocket! Next up, Dave N and Margaret A have a fiver each to play with… No pressure!

Table News:

Timing it just right, new leader Steve T opens up a 3 point gap on Jazz S, 5 points on Mark F, 9 points on Clare N and 12 points on Dave N…
He’s probably not even reading this, but he’ll be getting a wooden spoon in the post – Greg E is now 18 points behind Ben H
In an example to all, Neil T is this weeks highest climber up 10 places to 21st – other movers of note are Michelle F on 10 (+7) and Margaret A on 19 (+8)
Matt W & Simon S fall 7 places to 17th and 18th respectively along with fellow 2-0ers who I can’t be bothered to mention…
Spot Prizers:
Will they stay put and win £20? Karl C on 11th (+1), Jamie S on 23rd (+1) and Gary B on 30th (+3)


Thought of the Week : Gary Naysmith – why?

L13 Spring 2006 : Week 12 – BotW

Michelle F steps up to the oche and decides to waste £5 on the following…

Treble on Spurs (7/4), Pompey (4/5) and PNE (7/4)

If, and it’s a big if, it comes in, you’re looking at around £68 I think.

Have a good Easter,

Spring 2006 : Cup Replay & L13 Week 11 – Review

Class A Filly :
It went to the wire, but Michelle Fernandez 36(5) has *that* Kilmarnock goal at home to Celtic to thank for edging her past Dam McG for this weeks £20. So, missus, is it a score towards renewing your season ticket at the Glazerdome or a nice big Easter Egg (filled with crisps) for me? You decide…
Being a little brother probably isn’t the best of deals anyway, but when your sister out-performs you at a “boys” game, it must be even worse. Danny Ashworth 12(0) scorn is coming your way…
Correct Score of the Week:
Could have been Neil M’s Hearts 4-0, but Mark F got it as well. Could have been Michelle F’s Celtic 1-4, but Gary B got that as well. Could have been the Sunderland Fulham A-A, but no one got that. And nothing else was got either this week. Mark Fawke is still out front with two weeks to go.
Bet of the Week :
Will O’s Willy horse was all wrong – we’re now £2 down for the season. Over to you Michelle F to get us back on winning ways!
The replay result was as follows – Simon L 24(2) – Jazz S 22(2) – at least that stops the “machine” from doing the double!

Draw for the semi’s (guaranteed £12.50 pay out from this stage)

Simon L v Stephen P
Jamie S v Dan B

Ties to played on w/e 22nd April (Week 13) – neutral venue so all players can play a “Joker”.

World Cup: In the end we had quite a bit of interest but only a handful actually submitted a scoresheet…

Mark Brown (Pab) 16 (2)
Brian Simpson (Gary B) 30 (4)
Tom Bateman (Jazz S) 32 (3)
Delroy Ebanks (?) 35 (5)

Well done Delroy, top debut score! Whoever put Delroy forward, claim you free entry to World Cup 06 prize!

Table News:

The table has a horribly familiar look about it with Jazz S on top with a 7 point gap over Steve T
At The back:
Looks like he’s given up – Greg E is floundering 13 points away from Gary B
Unsurprisingly, Michelle F is the highest climber up 10 places to 17th – others are Matt W (+5) to 10th, and Mindy N (+7) to 22nd – both profiting from a Mr 2-0 week
Unsurprisingly, Danny A is the biggest faller down 8 places to 29th – others are Jamie S (-6) to 24th and Stephen P / Will O / Neil T (-5) to 14th / 21st / 31st respectively
Spot Prizers:
Simon S (+2) to 11th, Pam D stays on 23rd and Ben H (+2) to 30th


Thought of the Week : Betting “on the nose” isn’t very clever…

L13 Spring 2006 : Week 11 – Update…

Because I think some people have only sent their scoresheets to my work e-dress I can’t confirm this weeks scores just in case we have a Week 9 scenario again! And I’m not back in the office til Wednesday…

Sooooo, all will be revealed by Wednesday afternoon!

It was a close one and the unofficial winner has an 89th Kilmarnock goal to thank!

On the “guest” front – the standard was very high (putting us regulars to shame!) and hopefully they’ll all get on board for the World Cup and future Lucky 13 campaigns.

Week 12 scoresheet won’t be ready until Wednesday either as the Scottish have that stupid “split” thang – so be patient!

Until Wednesday,

PS – I had Hedgehunter on the nose and Man U 1-0/Rooney 1st scorer both go down in the final stages – booooooo! Neil T’s got a good story though…

L13 Spring 2006 : Week 11 – BotW

Bet of the Week falls to Will Oppong – he’s gone off-piste and I fear we’ll be £2 down come Monday…

Shotgun Willy on the nose to win the Grand National

Result: LOSER!

Have a good weekend,

ps – those who haven't already, make sure you send scoresheets to both e-dresses – thanks!

L13 Spring 2006 : Week 10 – Roundup

Will Oppong 29 (3) got one of his desired results and wins the weekly £20 with one of the lowest scores recorded… Nice one Willo! That should keep you in Fiery Jack for a few months anyways…
Oh dear, not only are the players a disgrace at Eastlands, it seems the supporters are too – lucky for you Karl Chartres 8 (0), Psycho isn’t in charge here!
Correct Score of the Week:
Null and void as the only Will O, Mark F and Dan B got a decent one, the same one, Palace 3 Watford 1. Three weeks to go and Mark F is still heading up the best score of the season…
Bet of the Week:
Null and void as I didn’t get a late call from Andy B. Three weeks to go and we’re showing a profit, albeit £3…
World Cup 06:
Get those newcomers e-mailing me their details if you want a chance to win a free entry – it’s rookie week next on Week 11, so you’ve got til Friday!

Week 11 scoresheet and Week 10 table will be posted up soon!


L13 Spring 2006 : Week 10 – Update…

Weird week eh?!

Will O is out front on 29 (3) and will win if Wigan win by any score or draw the game by any score. Even if Blackburn win he can still squeek it but the following scores mean a different weekly winner…

  • 2-1 and Danny B will win
  • 2-0 and Jazz S will win
  • 3-0 and Mark F will win
  • 3-2 and John W will win

Full results tomorrow….