World Cup 2010 : Final


Congrats to Jamie T for getting the last two scores correct (a bit too late though mate!) – 4 players got the Germany 2-3 and Mark Sh notched the 0-0 thug-fest alongside Jamie…


The World Champion for 2010 is (live! from Norwich!) Ben Hogwood who just about held off a valiant late effort from Jamie Tofeili in the runner up position. Black Star Will (no team) Oppong capped a fine tournament with the bronze medal just edging out Tony Bowley in 4th and Olly Osmond in 5th.

Josh Hirst wins Young Player of the Tournament finishing 6th (watch out Jazz, he’s racking up the winnings, and he’s only 10!) – well done to Gareth M, Savan

A, Neil T and Richard H for their Top Ten finishes.

Michelle F gets the 13th place spot prize thanks to Italy and Jamie T/Scott A finished on 23rd thanks to Cameroon & New Zealand not outscoring each other.

Julian F and Dave N landed on 32nd thanks to having no team to out-score each other…

In the battle of the basement, Rich L collects £15 for a 42nd spot finish and Martin Stafford avoided the wooden spoon courtesy of Denmark’s 3 goals.

Correct Score of the Tournament goes to Sam Arora for his emphatic Portugal 7 North Korea 0.

All monies will be paid across today or tomorrow and show up in your bank account as “Pab PAS” (and I’ll be asking for some people to send some money back too – doh!)

Thanks to everyone who took part, please come back in September and remember to tell your friends to get involved! (hopefully it will all be online by then and Pab proof!)

Have a good summer!


World Cup 2010 : SF – Update

Ben H still leads the way going into the last two games and Will O will hate Uruguay even more as their last minute goal on Tuesday denied him 5 points and top spot!

Pretty much as you were for everyone else due to the, ahem, random results with only Julian F profiting due to his very intuitive Holland 3 Uruguay 2 (still not good enough to oust the 7-0 from Best Correct Score though!)

Martin S is still just evading the wooden spoon with Mr 2-0 only 2 points behind him…


PS – I forgot Suarez can play in the 3rd/4th play off – c’mon Luis!

World Cup 2010 : QF Stage – Update

Looks like the Top 2 will battle it out between them for the crown of World Champion – both got a very commendable 5pts in a horrific QF round for most… (yeah, nil points for moi!)

Savan A somehow managed to get 9 points though (he got the Holland score right – check out the big brain on Savan…) and is making a late charge for the top…

At the bottom Mr 2-0 is only 3 points behind Martin Stafford, who amazed even himself getting 6 points on the board!

Oh, a quick mention to Mark Shakespeare and the brothers Tofeili – they got the Spain score right…

Not long to go now – penultimate update in a few days time.


World Cup 2010 : Group Stage – Update


8 games to go and still all up for grabs….

Ben Hogwood continues to lead and he still has his (unfancied) team in the competition – Olly O had a great “Last 16” and moves into 2nd with the impressive Will O nicely placed in 3rd.

Tony B moves ominously into 4th – an unprecedented League & Word Cup double on the cards?

Josh H continues his fine league form moving to just off the prizes and Jazz S is hovering about looking to add even more money to his PAS coffers…

At the other end, Martin S is having a battle royale with Mr 2-0 for the wooden spoon!


World Cup 2010 : World Cup Latest…

Apologies for the fragmented communication thus far – I think we’ve cracked it now, so with a break in playing days I can keep you up to speed in a fashion you’re used to!

Attached is the latest table – please note the “goals” tally inclues all goals to date (up to Jun 28) not just for the group stage.

I’ll have a “Last 16” table for you tomorrow plus the QF scoresheet (so be prepared to get your scores in!)

Good stuff so far with all to play for – our very own Black Star, Will O leads the way for players without a ’team’ in 5th, the missus continues to thrive on 30 second score predictions and Savan A could be the one to watch as the Argies charge their way through the competition.

Oli P is having a fine debut (sorry about the scoresheet mix up mate!), our two U10s are in the Top 30, their dad isn’t quite taking advantage of Holland’s goals and Rob H has yet to send a scoresheet in despite having Brazil!

Yours truly had a brief respite climbing to the heady heights of 34th with my only consolation seeing Mr 2-0 rock bottom!

Cheers & forca Portugal!

World Cup 2010 : Last 16 – Update…

The last 16 stage kicks off tomorrow at 3pm but I won’t know all the final fixtures until 10pm tonight, sooooooooooooooo…

If I remember after my party tonight (and if I can actually see!) I’ll send the scoresheet in the early hours OR when I get up with a horrendous hangover, I’ll send it then.

All in all, you basically have to be aware that you’ll have to access your email tomorrow to do your scores! and all by 14.59.


World Cup 2010 : Group Stages – Update…


Table for the Group Stage matches 1 & 2 has been updated – you can see who got THE score right, these people had a good go at it though…

Argentina 4-1 South Korea (Ben Hogwood/Will Oppong)

Germany 4-0 Australia (Michelle Fernandez/Dave Nicklin)


World Cup 2010 : Group Stages – Update…

I’ll have an update for you this weekend – I think you can work out by my scores and “team” I’m rock bottom – boo!


World Cup 2010 : Group Stages – Preview


Below the draw (as it happened) for the Top 32 “teams” – I’m ever hopeful Harry Kewell will score an injury free hat-trick in every game on a glorious Sheilaroo run to the semi-finals….

Tony Bowley
Josh Hirst
Jazz Sian
Jamie Sellers
Neil Templeton
Mark De-Ste-Croix
Martin Stafford
Andrew Darbyshire
Ben Hogwood
Jason Morris
Olly Osmond
South Korea
Jamie Tofeili
Scott Angus
New Zealand
Mark J Brown
Ivory Coast
Shaun Backhouse
Matt Gingell
Savan Arora
Rob Hathorn
Gareth Morgan
Jon Tofeili
Rich Lee
Michelle Fernandez
Neil Osborne
Pete Britton
Simon Lindquist
Dan Pelgrom
North Korea
Richard Hirst
Vim Gupta
South Africa
Nick Hogwood
Paul Jenner
Neil Meredith


Oh, and if you haven’t paid, please do! Soon.