L13 Winter 2006 : Week 3 Roundup

Norn Ireland :
A big week (it went on til Wednesday! hmmmmm) and some big scores. Stephen Peaston! 47(8) – Richard Lee! 44(5) – Mark McDowell! 46(4) (remember him? the poor little virgin from Week 1? My God he’s putting it about now…) And a big winner. Step up Jamie Sellers 50 (7) and collect your £20! My QPR supporting, Brighton dwelling friend will hopefully not part with his money down at Seaweed Albion. May I suggest you choose to get on a train to East Croydon and visit the home of, albiet second rate, football instead?
Divot watch :
Not a good week to score poorly (even Mr 2-0 managed 33(5)!) but score poorly he did. The ever-late-with-his-scrambled-together-guesses Tapiwa Madovi 11(0), limped home with this poor effort. You nang? Uh uh.
Correct Score of the Week :
(drum roll) Will O / Neil M / Mark McD / Rich L all got Czech Rep’s 7-0 – there, you got a mention! Jamie S / Rich L / Danny A got Romania 3 Belarus 1, loads of you got Portugal’s 3-0, France’s 5-0, N Ireland’s 1-0, Ireland’s 1-1 with Czech and Wales’s 3-1 V Cyprus. This week’s props go to me though for Armenia 0 Finland 0. I thankyou. (Neil T – I agree this scoreline prediction needs to be recognised – any others who got this, I apologise, I couldn’t be ars*d checking…)
Bet of the Week :
Well well well. Our friend from the Rep of Mancunia obviously knew something we didn’t eh? Wayne C’s prediction of utter shambles came correct and now we’re evens again! £15 wiped off in one fell swoop. Well done Wayne, and more well done on not submitting any scores and picking up the big default score.

Table News

Hotchip :
Pies! Piers! JJB! Neil Birchall now heads up the table with a lovely little one point lead from Rich L.
Monkey With A Miniature Cymbal :
What’s happened? Has morphed into Everton?? Clare Nevin falls further behind and is now 6 points adrift of Danny A.
Over & Over :
Biggest climber this week is Stephen Peaston (+28) up to the nosebleed heights of 6th. Howay!(man). Others on the up are Jamie S (+25), Mark McD (+25) and Matt W (+19)
Under & Under :
Falling furthest this week is inevitably, Tapiwa Madovi (-33), down to the depths that is 41st. Boo ya! Others on the decline are John G (-21), Ciaran McG (-21), Jon Allin (-24) and Martin S (-28)
Close & A Cigar!:
Pab (+2) Smoking? Yuk!
In The Spotlight :
17th Greg E (+15), 23rd Mark G (+4), 39th Karl C (-1) and 47th Anders H (-1)
Cup 2007 :
By Week 13 you need to be where Dan R (-10) is.