L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 Roundup

Esplendido :
He’ll be flinging toffees back at the players when he’s next at Goodison – Mark J Brown 40(4) is flush with Week 1’s £20 prize. Well done my Scouse friend – will you be spending the money on elocution lessons or losing it all in 30 seconds at the online casino?
PAS virgin Mark McDowell 12(0) won’t forget losing his cherry for a long long while after this first time flop. Predicting the score for AFC Wimbledon is a long way from playing with the big boys Marky! Stick to the ping pong son…
Correct Score of the Week:
Dreams are quite often hard to decipher. Of course, it all makes sense now! What I thought was a eight in the Land of Nod was actually a three – ho hum… Loads of you back in reality knew the Arse would get three against The Sheffield Tavern. Likewise for the Jambos 1-3 and amazingly, the 0-0 between Leicester and Colchester. Props to John G (Ipswich 3 Sunderland 1), Mark J B (Plymouth 3 Norwich 1) and Howie T / Matt G (Southend 0 Cardiff 3) but this weeks accolade goes to Ben Alder for his Reading 1 Man Utd 1 prediction – which leads us nicely to…
Bet of the Week :
Our very own World Champion (where’s the photo with the Cup??) Simon L was tasked on the opening week and his “safe” treble fell at the final hurdle thanks to Palace legend Stevie Coppell putting out a side to stop “unbeatable” Man Yoo – boo hoo! We go into Week 2 £5 to the bad. Mark J Brown is next up. It should be good kids – he likes a flutter.
Table News :
I’ll send round the first table a bit later on – see below.

All info will be up on the NEW (this!) webpage – but I’m not telling you where it is yet cos it’s not quite finished….Week 2 scoresheet and Week 1 table will mailed round later…