L13 Winter 2006 : Week 2 Roundup

Monies still outstanding! Some I know are “pending” but the Hall of Shame continues… Mrs F, Mark G, Lisa G, Matt W, Dan R, Greg C, Karl C, John G, Julian F, Steve T, Gary B and Ben H – coooooooommmmmme onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Someone has paid in from “Bournemouth” – let me know who you are please!

Back to Week 2 proceedings….

Stray Cat Strut :
Up one place to top the pile, Ben H has a huuuge 1 point gap from the Weeks 1 & 2 winners.
78 Stone Wobble :
Oh dear! The young lady chasing “back to back winter titles” has a mountain to climb now – Clare N slips 10 places to 48th just behind Danny A on CS difference…
Running Up That Hill :
Highest climber is Martin S up a whopping 27 places to 14th – honourable mentions to Wayne C (+18) Pam R (+14) Julian F (+13) Pam D (+26) Jamie S (+18) and Mark McD (+15)
If I Should Fall From Grace :
Falling furthest is the Lisa & Mark G who both drop 19 places to 43rd and 27th respectively (can you tell they were away and did their scores early?!). Dishonourable mentions to Dan B, Mark F & Anders H (all -18), Will O & Greg E (both -16)
Close & A Cigar! :
Up 6 places into the 11th slot goes Rich L
Spotters :
Matt G up 4 to 17th, Neil T down 14 to 23rd, Greg E down 16 to 32nd, Gary B down 11 to 39th and Neil M down 10 to 46th
Robin’s Volley :
A lovely timed last minute goal from Ashley “When You Were” Young gave the £20 weekly prize to Wayne Connolly 33(5) pipping current wooden spoon holder Pam D at the post. Well done Wayne, bet Mr Glazer can’t wait to take your winnings off you mate!
Joey’s Blue Moon :
What do a Swede, a placcy Scouser and Belfaster? (onian? ee?) have in common? Correct. Tick. Yes, they all got 10(0) this week – Anders H, Neil M and Clare N youse are rubbish! Oh, and Clare, what’s happened to that pre-season prediction??!
Correct Score of the Week :
Quite unbelievably lots got Chelsea – Villa correct and Bristol City’s 0-0 draw with Oldham. Howie T, Dave N & Matt W got Derby 3 Southend 0 and Wayne C and yours truly bagged 8 points from Hearts 4 Dundee Utd 0. No one got a unique score of note so Ben A still reigns…
Bet of the Week :
Told ya Evertonians don’t win (much). Hope you stayed away from Mark J B’s double – we are now £10 down and looking to Wayne C for relief (ooo-errr)
Table News :
I’ll send round the table a bit later on.


What We Noticed This Week :

How much was Jamie Rednapp salivating over Gary Speed? He loves him – DJ Optimo is just like Celtic in Europe, irresistible on home soil but rubbish anywhere else – Stevie Me & Crouchigol’s hairstyles – the overexcitable Pompey bench – Norwich fan power – the fact it’s really really hard to watch Soccer AM with a hangover – the hot summer (hot hot summer) is now definitely over…