L13 Winter 2006 : Week 1 – Update

A few things to note:

  • Pam R is Top Girl
  • Pam D isn’t bottom
  • Mr 2-0 did really well this week and no one was with him
  • Matt G – nothing to do with the table, but are you aware of the Palace – Coventry score??? He he he! I take it our annual agreement is in full affect…

All prizes are valid at the end of Week 13.

New prize – we’ve added the “Close, But You Actually Get A Cigar” slot on 11th. Fresh back from Cuba, it’s a splendid big bad boy from the range Fidel used to personally hand out to visiting dignitaries. Mark McD will vouch it takes about a day to smoke…

To be invited to PAS Spring 2007 / PAS Cup 2007 you need to finish in at least 32nd postion.

Funds for the Cup competition currently stand at £117.50 – nice!

Week 2 scoresheet to follow…