L13 Winter 2006 : Week 13 – Final Standings

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
He’s been there for 9 weeks and fully deserves the title on his debut season – Steve Tagger 361 (43) walks away with the £150 1st prize 12 points clear of the field. Now he has the dilemma of spending his winnings on his brand new daughter or watching Dennis Wise’s team…
King Herod:
He joined us 2 weeks late, walked into an 11th place slot courtesy of Mr 2-0, and then proceeded to record a sequence of some of the worst scores ever seen at PAS Towers! A well deserved wooden spoon goes to Jon Allin 260 (25) who finished 7 points adrift of Will Oppong (who is now officially the worst “weekly winner” ever) in his debut season. We tried to get Ian Holloway to comment, but even he was lost for words…
Nine, ahem, Ladies Dancing:
(drum roll) Jazz Sian secured yet another £100 in 2nd place (check out his career earnings when the new webpage launches in January!) and will surely open betting accounts for his new baby twins, Matt Gingell picked up 3rd place (£75) and the “Best Correct Score of the Season” (£5) thanks to his mega-guess at Macc v Stanley, much to annoyance of myself who missed out on an extra tenner by finishing 4th (£65) (I know, I know, I’m great..) but at the same time pleased as I edged out my old mucker Dan Rayner into 5th (£55) by way of 4 more correct scores (unlucky Daniel son, not a bad debut fella!). Jamie Sellers kept the old skool flag flying by moving up 5 places to take 6th (£50).
Then it all got a bit close – Wayne Connolly beat “Top Girl” Donna Edmead by 1 point to finish 7th (£40) to her 8th (£35) (welcome back Donna, will this reflect the outcome of the Man Yoo – Villa Cup game in Jan?), Mark Fawke took time out from Internet-dating but could only manage 9th (£30) place, just ahead of John Greaves who just succeeded in getting his money back in 10th (£25) despite having a ’mare of a 13th week…
Close & A Cigar!:
A lesson for all you kids out there – Ciaran McGoldrick didn’t get his scores over this week and paid the ultimate price by dropping out of the prize positions. Scant consolation then in the form of a f*ck off Fidel-approved-Havana cigar. I shall present this mate when I meet you in the PAS executive box (sponsored by Oracle) at the Emirates for the Arsenal Wigan game. Hopefully you’ll be sparking up in celebration of a 1st leg win over AC Milan a couple of weeks later…
Christmas Bonus:
Spot prizers are – Matt Worsfold, who is happier than A Curbishly in 17th (£20), Neil Meredith, who submitted the worst score of the week but laughs loudest and longest in 23rd (£20), Julian Fernandez, the untalented Fernandez who ended up dropping to 39th (£15) and Howard Thomas, another back-in-day-before-PC’s-old-skooler who rolled back the years to anchor down in the very unspectacular 47th (£15) spot.
Cup 2007:
Week 13 is here and Mr 2-0 has performed above and beyond so the Cup qualification slot goes down to 33rd… Neil Birchall, you got in by the skin of yer teeth (1 point) – see you in Lucky 13 Spring 2007 & the Big PAS Cup!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part, parted with money and bothered to submit scores week in, week out, thanks to Dave Nicklin for the technical support and brains and thanks to all those weekly winners who got involved provided a weekly punt (and thanx more to those who gave us winners!).

Didn’t qualify? I’ll be in touch after the summer…

Cool kids, I’ll mail you soon!

All monies will be transferred/handed over asap.

Merry Christmas!