L13 Winter 2006 : Week 13 Roundup

’Appy ’Ammers! :
The greatest comeback since Luton’s Sol Davis sees Pam Riding 33 (5) go from the brink of embarrassment three weeks ago, to the last weekly £20 winner and a comfortable Cup qualifier to boot. Well done Pammy, slip us a tenner and I won’t tell anybody it’s your dad doing your scores. Mum’s the word!
Chris Morgan’s Face :
You’d think coming from Runcorn was bad enough, but oh no, Neil Meredith 11 (0) thought he’d make it even worse for himself this week. No two pints of lager and a bag of crisps for you me laddo!
Correct Score of the Week :
Sometimes I really don’t like some people. How on earth did Matt Gingell come up with Maccelsfield 3 Accrington 3??!! Suffice to say, this is the “Best Correst Score of the Season”. Send him to Coventry Isay! Others of note this week are Pam R’s Colchester City 3 Stoke 0, Neil B/Ben McK/Neil T’s PNE 3 Plymouth 0 and an inpsired Everton 2 Chelsea 3 from Danny A.
Bet of the Week :
We lost. We finished £1.25 down for the season (note that bad I spose). Shall I unmask the mystery “pro punter”? Was that a “yes” at the back? Ok… Mark B, you are rubbish!