L13 Spring 2007 : Week 9 Roundup

Higher Than The Sun :
We have a new leader – Welsh wunderkid (and obviously a Liverpool fan!) Greg Edwards moves up three places to move one point clear of Simon L. Jazz S, ominously, is only 2 points off top slot in 3rd…
Damaged :
He only scored 16(1) this week and now Martin Stafford finds himself eleven points behind Dave McS – surely he has one hand on the Spoon…
Movin’ On Up :
Unsurprisingly, Simon L is this weeks highest climber – up six places to 2nd – fellow progressors are Clare N / Pam R / Stephen P up four places to 14th / 19th / 22nd respectively and Neil M up five places to 29th.
I’m Comin’ Down :
Falling furthest is Gary B down six places to 25th – other losers are Matt W and Mark J B down four places to 6th and 13th.
Close But A Cigar! :
Me! me! me! Up two places to 8th – two points off the money…
Spotters :
Karl C (+3) on 11th, Steve T (+2) on 23rd, Michelle F (+3) on 32nd and Donna E (-1) on 39th.
Good Goals For A Circus Freak:
He needed a draw and got a correct score to boot – Simon Lindquist 42 (6) was just clear of Karl C and takes this week’s £20 prize. Well done Simon, perhaps you’ll be able to afford to get your film developed and eventually send over that picture of you with the PAS trophy?
Julio Baptista:
Languishing a long way behind this week was Ben McKeown 15 (1) who has now brought another week of shame on the town of Darlo… tut tut.
Correct Score of the Week:
A lot of you got the MonkeyHangers’ 3-0 on Friday night, Donna E / Mark G / Clare N got the BlueNoses’ 3-0 on Sunday and Lisa G / Wayne C got the TractorBoys’ 3-0 on Saturday. This week’s best correct score though is for Scott A’s Man Yoo 4 Blackeye Rovers 1.
Bet Of The Week:
Hooray! Hooray! Hooraaaay! Mark J B’s treble came up trumps and halves our deficit to -£20.00. I forgot to back it though – boooooo! Next up is Simon L, who may use his knowledge of the Conference to give us a Happy Easter….