L13 Spring 2007 : Week 12 Roundup

Julio :
Simon Lindquist stays top but his lead has been cut to 10 points – will he do a Man Yoo to Greg E’s Chelsea and my, um, Liverpool?
Baptista :
Martin Stafford can see a chink of light as he closed to 11 points of the “Mr 2-0” taking Dave McS.
Is :
Week 11 winner Andy C is again the highest climber along with Neil M up 8 places to 19th and 22nd – others of note are Ben H / Pam R / Richard L all up 4 places.
Sh*t! :
Dropping down 7 places is the hapless Will O to 27th – the other of note is Clare N down 6 places.
Close But A Cigar!:

Karl C is down one place to 8th – one point off the money…
Spotters :
Dave N (-1) on 11th, Anders H (-1) on 23rd, Dan R (-1) on 32nd and Ben McK (-3) on 39th.
Messi :
Always the bridesmaid… that’ll be me (again, that’s 3 times now – grrrrr!) together with Andy C & Neil M all flanking Week 12 winner Ben Hogwood 36(7) in burnt orange and peach….well done Ben, your first PAS monies – spend it wisely!
He obviously didn’t even get an invite to the wedding – John Williamson 9 (0) hits an all time low that doesn’t sit well on a past champion… serves him right for being T*tt*nh*m!
Correct Score of the Week:
Few and far between again – only the randomness of Scott A could muster up bonus points – all four of them for his, admittedly very impressive, Colchester 3 Sunderland 1.
Bet Of The Week:
Hurrah! We have a winner! Andy C gets us back to evens thanks to his 5/1 four timer – we go into the last week itching for profit – Ben H come on down!