L13 Spring 2007 : Week 11 – BotW

£25 down with 3 weeks to go – I had this discussion with Week 10 winner Ciaran O’McGoldrick…

“Hola! Que pasa? Need a BotW before 12.30 today cos I’m going down to watch that shower draw against Bolton tomorrow… Are you going to tip us a gee gee in the National? Later. P”

“Alright Geez, London clubs away from home: West Ham, Spurs, Charlton. All to win. I think you get roughly 10-1 but then again I’m gay. Howyat? Goo x”

“You eeez crazeeee! and yes, v gay… that little trio comes in @ 36/1 so a fiver will bring in around £183! I agree with W Ham and Spurs but can’t see Charlton beating Everton mate.. Cheers. Px. ps – Idle Talk to win the National!”

“Yeh, that’s the swinger, although they haven’t lost in four and the young guy Vaughan is out, he’s been there (sic) big player over the last couple of weeks. So we’ll see xx”

Result: Lost! :-( Down -£30.