Spring 2006 : Cup Replay & L13 Week 11 – Review

Class A Filly :
It went to the wire, but Michelle Fernandez 36(5) has *that* Kilmarnock goal at home to Celtic to thank for edging her past Dam McG for this weeks £20. So, missus, is it a score towards renewing your season ticket at the Glazerdome or a nice big Easter Egg (filled with crisps) for me? You decide…
Being a little brother probably isn’t the best of deals anyway, but when your sister out-performs you at a “boys” game, it must be even worse. Danny Ashworth 12(0) scorn is coming your way…
Correct Score of the Week:
Could have been Neil M’s Hearts 4-0, but Mark F got it as well. Could have been Michelle F’s Celtic 1-4, but Gary B got that as well. Could have been the Sunderland Fulham A-A, but no one got that. And nothing else was got either this week. Mark Fawke is still out front with two weeks to go.
Bet of the Week :
Will O’s Willy horse was all wrong – we’re now £2 down for the season. Over to you Michelle F to get us back on winning ways!
The replay result was as follows – Simon L 24(2) – Jazz S 22(2) – at least that stops the “machine” from doing the double!

Draw for the semi’s (guaranteed £12.50 pay out from this stage)

Simon L v Stephen P
Jamie S v Dan B

Ties to played on w/e 22nd April (Week 13) – neutral venue so all players can play a “Joker”.

World Cup: In the end we had quite a bit of interest but only a handful actually submitted a scoresheet…

Mark Brown (Pab) 16 (2)
Brian Simpson (Gary B) 30 (4)
Tom Bateman (Jazz S) 32 (3)
Delroy Ebanks (?) 35 (5)

Well done Delroy, top debut score! Whoever put Delroy forward, claim you free entry to World Cup 06 prize!

Table News:

The table has a horribly familiar look about it with Jazz S on top with a 7 point gap over Steve T
At The back:
Looks like he’s given up – Greg E is floundering 13 points away from Gary B
Unsurprisingly, Michelle F is the highest climber up 10 places to 17th – others are Matt W (+5) to 10th, and Mindy N (+7) to 22nd – both profiting from a Mr 2-0 week
Unsurprisingly, Danny A is the biggest faller down 8 places to 29th – others are Jamie S (-6) to 24th and Stephen P / Will O / Neil T (-5) to 14th / 21st / 31st respectively
Spot Prizers:
Simon S (+2) to 11th, Pam D stays on 23rd and Ben H (+2) to 30th


Thought of the Week : Betting “on the nose” isn’t very clever…