L13 Spring 2006 : Week 10 – Roundup

Will Oppong 29 (3) got one of his desired results and wins the weekly £20 with one of the lowest scores recorded… Nice one Willo! That should keep you in Fiery Jack for a few months anyways…
Oh dear, not only are the players a disgrace at Eastlands, it seems the supporters are too – lucky for you Karl Chartres 8 (0), Psycho isn’t in charge here!
Correct Score of the Week:
Null and void as the only Will O, Mark F and Dan B got a decent one, the same one, Palace 3 Watford 1. Three weeks to go and Mark F is still heading up the best score of the season…
Bet of the Week:
Null and void as I didn’t get a late call from Andy B. Three weeks to go and we’re showing a profit, albeit £3…
World Cup 06:
Get those newcomers e-mailing me their details if you want a chance to win a free entry – it’s rookie week next on Week 11, so you’ve got til Friday!

Week 11 scoresheet and Week 10 table will be posted up soon!