L13 Winter 2012 : Week 13 Roundup

Full season round up & final table will be with you soon – exciting finish? Like none we’ve seen before…

The PAS Poll is back (attached ) – you don’t have to fill it all in, but please try your best…

*** Deadline is January 6 ***

The crafty cockernee (except he’s from South London) will be ’avin’ a right ol’ knees up rollin’ aht barrels and probably ’eadin’ up West in his shiny new whistle after hearing the news he’s only gawn an’ landed the last £20 weekly prize! Yep, it’s you Chris Birch 32 (6) – congrats me ol’ china, you’ve pulled a blinder!
What a difference a year makes! Paul Vinson 9(0) was celebrating his second weekly win of his debut season last December… woe betide you!
Correct Score of the Week:
Pretty much par for the whole season really…. – most popular score was Everton 2 Wigan 1 – 17 of us got that!
14 got Rangers 3-0 victory over Clyde – whoo!
Sam A/Howard T/Ian P got the 0-0 at the KC Stadium and, erm, that was about it!
Mark J B got Sunderland’s 1-0 win over Man City & Felix H got the 2-2 in Inverness.
Best correct score of the week? Vim Gupta got a beautiful 4 points for Gillingham 0 Barnet 1.
PAS Cup 2012:
If you’ve finished in the Top 32 you HAVE qualified for the PAS Cup 2013 (you can say “no thanks” if you want, but you won’t…) and the privilege is it’ll only cost you £20 to take part including entrance into PAS Lucky 13 Spring 2013!
And Another Thing:
Happy New Year! Thanks to all who took part – another great season, Please play again! Details to follow. Again & again & again…