L13 Winter 2012 : Week 12 Final Update!


Yes it was a shambles, yes it’s not acceptable and yes, it won’t, ahem, happen again…

3 reasons why Week 12 had to be abandoned

  1. Some people who submitted the original (wrong) scoresheet were unable to submit the amended correct scoresheet = unfair
  2. We couldn’t ignore the wrong fixtures & play with 24 games as that favoured those at the top = unfair
  3. I’m a spaz = fair

So, please rest easy and refrain from telling me “you’ve had your best week EVER in PAS” cos its over, we move on and play Week 12 this week!

Week 13 will now take place on Boxing Day so you can work off that festive feast on Christmas Day by poring over league tables & current form – don’t say I don’t look after you!

Yours humbly,
El Presidente