World Cup 2006 : Here We Go!

Dear PASers,

The window of participation is now firmly shut – there’s 42 of us playing for the nice silver cup (currently held by Mark Fawke – where’s the picture Drazic??!) and more importanly, some moolah….

Around half of you have paid up – thanx!

Can the other half get their money in as soon as please – preferably before Friday….

I’ll announce the prize postions and amounts as soon as all 42 entrants are confirmed.

A few things to note (please read this bit!)

On the scoresheet the times are in CET (we like the Euro thang round here) so all scoresheets must be in by 5pm BST and not 18.00 as stated!

I’ll try and get as many as possible updated league tables posted, but there will definitely be at least one a week.

You will receive the Group Stage 3 scoresheet after the final game of Group Stage 1 &2, which means you’ll have around 17 hours to get your scores mailed in – so be on your toes!

The last game on the 1st scoresheet (Group Stage 1 &2) is on Monday June 19 @ 8pm and the 1st game on the 2nd scoresheet (Group Stage 3) will be on Tuesday June 20 @ 3pm. I suggest you do your scores for these in your lunch hour!

Bet of the Round: As the regulars know, we ask the weekly winners to give us a tip to bet a fiver on – as Mark F is the current League champ – he goes first….

“£5 treble on Ukraine, Czech Rep &England… all to top their groups!” (approx £72 back with Bet 365)

I will be asking table toppers for their bets as the competition unfolds.

That’s it, get your scoers over before the deadline (you know where the scoresheets are don’t you? Eh? Jeeez)

Pab. (my moneys on Italia, with a cheeky e/w on the Portugueeezers!)

ps – Ben A – is you in or is you out?

pps – Neil B – when’s Martin back? Will he have time to do his scores??