PAS Copa Mondial 2006 – Update…

11 games gone – good innit?!

Before we get down to business, just a few things…

Please make sure you send all scoresheets to both e-dresses please, and when you do, make sure they’re the correct ones!

Most of the money is in but we have a few stragglers (as per) – drum roll please….

  • Michelle F
  • Scott A (ok for the 20th)
  • Will O
  • Tapiwa M
  • Simon S (e-bank pending)
  • Danny A (ok for the 18th)
  • Mark B (ok for the 21st)
  • Matt W (in the post – 2nd class stamp was it? Sent from Frankfurt?)
  • Khalid S
  • Dave McS
Runners &Riders:
Officially 40 entrants (we had two mongs who confirmed but then didn’t send their scores in – if you know Gary Blackburne or Phil Burgoyne, it’s no surprise really is it?) and the top prize is £100!
Should be up the webpage today or early tomorrow – typically, a couple of last minute goals have left me floundering, blah blah blah… 13 points leads the way at the moment.
Group Stage 3 scoresheet:
Will be posted up today/tomorrow and can be submitted at any time, but it’s probably wise to wait until all the other games have been played?
Best Correct Score:
A few got the Argies, a couple got Mexico v Iran, Karl C got the Aussies, but out front and looking pretty unbeatable, is Scott A with his Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0.
Bet of the Round:
Mark F’s treble is looking good so far with England & Czech Rep doing the business with Ukraine to come…

Next update will be on Friday