World Cup 2006 : Latest after 56 games…

Quarter Finals next – remember to send your scores to BOTH e-dresses please!
Deadline is Friday (30th) at 15.59.
I’ll be in Amsterdam(age) wondering whether to wear an England or Portugal top this weekend, so the next update won’t be until Tuesday.
Dave will post up the Semi Final scoresheet on Sunday.

Portuguese Men O’ War :
He invented the scoring system and now he’s top! Hmmmmmm. Dave Nicklin 15 (2) moves 7 points clear at the summit.
Switzerland v Ukraine:
She’s probably too concerned on the welfare of her beloved MU babies to take too much care over her scores! Pam Dyson 4(0) is now 1 point adrift at the bottom of the pile…
Correct Score of the Tournament:
Still out front is Scott Aslett (Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0). Big shouts to Tim C and Julian F (the showoff Final ticket holders) who both got Ivory Coast 3 Serbia 2. Simon L/Dave N/Karl C/Scott A/Stephen P all got Brazil’s cheating 3-0 win over plucky little Ghana – gwan!
Bet of the Week :
We were £5 in the red after Mark F’s treble fell over and in stepped Mark G to make amends. I owe you lot an apology – I forgot to post this up – “Treble on Blue Square of £10 will net you £33.70:Germany to win, Argentina to win, England to win.” Of course the bet is £5, so theoretically we’re £11.85 to the good….next up is heir apparant to the tipster crown, Neil T, who has reliably informed me he’s “caning the bookies of Norn Ireland..”

Table News:

Big Movers:
Karl C/Chris T (+8), Simon L (+7) and Scott A/Neil B (+6). I need to make you aware that Neil T and Olly O both recorded a fine haul of 24 points in the final group stage and were also “big movers” – respeck!
Furthest Fallers:
Me/Matt W (-6). I am officially having an Elms Street!
Spot Prizers:
Anders H (-7), Matt G (-4) and Michelle F(non mover)


PS – I forgot to tell you we had a man in the field during the group stages, here’s what Matt W sent back… “Frankfurt was top drawer the highlight being bumping into Coleen and bouncing a Brazilian Cocktail waitress on my knee… a day out at West Ham spiralled into insignificance after that display…”