World Cup 2006 : Halfway stage

Ar-gen-tina! :
He’s back in the PAS way after a few years in the wilderness, but Dave McSherry 46 (7) has set a pace as scorching as the Bavarian temperatures….
Costa Rica:
He’s frozen in the bright lights of his first World Cup outing with a paltry 17(1) to date, but I’ll wager Julian Fernandez cares very little as he’s probably very over excited about being in Berlin on July 9th with his mate Tim C to watch the World Cup Final! (insert expletive here)
Correct Score of the Tournament:
Very high standard being set and some good shouts for the honour, but Scott Aslett (Sweden 0 Trinidad &Tobago 0) is still out front. Honourable mentions to Dave N/Martin S (Spain 3 Tunisia 1), Chris T (Tunisia 2 Saudi Arabia 2), Karl C (Australia 3 Japan 1) and Dave McS/Chris T (Mexico 3 Iran 1). More than (surprisingly) two players got Ukraine’s 4-0, South Korea’s draw with France, Japan’s 0-0 and Italy’s debacle against USA. I, on the otherhand, have been robbed by 4 last minute goals (sniff, sob…)
Bet of the Week :
If it comes in now, you’ve certainly had a run for your money! Mark F’s £5 treble on England, Ukraine &Czech Republic is still alive – just. Next up for the Second Round Phase will be renowned bookie basher Mark G – there’s your notice Mark, get researching!

Table News:

Big Movers:
Mark F, Dave N (+35), Matt W and Neil B
Furthest Fallers:
Jamie S, Anders H, Simon S (-15), Jazz S and Neil T
Spot Prizers:
Matt G (+5), Khalid S (+5) and Richard L (-2)


Thought of the Week : Don’t bet on “sure things” like Italy v USA – your pockets get hurt!