Spring Cup 2011 : Round 2 Results


You don’t even begin to know how much that Orient goal has done my swede in! They got a replay, I was robbed of one…! Congrats to all the winners – they will be in the hat for the Quarter Finals draw… Frankie Fernandez again doing the honours.

Best Joker:
6 players using Man City or Leicester got 2 points where those two choosing Arsenal & QPR could only grimace!
Best Score:
Simon Lindsay 34 (4)
Worst Score:
Tony Bowley 15 (1)
Narrowest Winning Margin:
Nick Hogwood v Pab – 1(0) – Nick’s name must be on the Cup, that’s two rounds he’s won by a point now!
Biggest Winning Margin:
Neil Templeton v Will Oppong – 8(3)
Biggest score not to go through:
Jason Morris 32 (4) – the Morris curse strikes again!
Lowest score to go through:
Charlie Harris 18(1)