Spring Cup 2011 : Round 1 Leg 2 Roundup…


Don’t even begin to tell me about “the greatest comeback in the history of the universe”, I know and have been told over and over and I’m still speechless…

Anyway, a fine Cup week – 2nd leg results and aggregate scores attached – all the winners will be in the hat for the 2nd round draw tomorrow… Frankie Fernandez again doing the honours.

Highest aggregate score:
Michelle Fernandez 63(12) – she’s already complained about the fact there’s no weekly prize on offer – oops!
Lowest aggregate score:
Stephen Street 31 (2) – plenty to cheer about despite a defeat in the Geordie derby!
Best joker:
Will Oppong – Man City 3-0 (10 points) – how apt…
1st leg defeat turnarounds:
Dave Crisp, Michelle Fernandez & Sam Arora
Narrowest winning margin:
Nick Hogwood v Mark Fawke – 1(1)
Biggest winning margin:
Shaun Backhouse v Rich Lee – 20(6)
Biggest aggregate score not to go through:
Tony Morris 53 (7)
Lowest aggregate score to go through:
Will Oppong 40(1)