L13 Spring 2008 : Week 13 – Result

Promotion :
“Going up, going up, go-ing upppppp…” he must have been singing in the Trent End (if he still goes) – Tony Bowley 37 (6) must have felt it was like the 70s heydays all over again what with £20 in his sky (a LOT of money for an ex-miner even today!) and Forest stealing promotion from Donny…
Relegation :
…and then there’s people from Wigan, not really caring about their predictions or indeed the fact their town’s team might scupper United’s title hopes. Martin Stafford 12 (0) couldn’t really get any lower (unless his hometown club DO beat his team to let Chelski in, he he he…)
Correct Score of the Week :
Now, you’d think actually applying a bit of science and landing a three-all 10 pointer (3-3 draws are statistically more likely on the last weekend of the season between teams with nothing to play for..) would have it this week’s and indeed, this seasons best correct score in the bag. What you forgot to factor in was the fact that someone else might guess it. Yep, my Scunthorpe 3 Colchester 3 was matched by John W rendering it null and void leaving Matt Davies to collect all prizes with his Man Utd 4 West Ham 1 scoreline. Nice to see a bitter being realistic for a change eh?! Other scores of note were Matt G’s Nottm For 3 Yeovil 2 and Mark McD/Jon A both getting Cardiff 3 Barnsley 0
Bet of the Week:
Oh ye of little faith! Whilst I’m sure I’m the only one who actually bets on this, it’s always nice to let you all know what you could’ve won! Gareth Morgan came up trumps with his London treble netting £53 leaving the season balance at a healthy +£34.25 – nice! Add to that I had another treble of Charlton/WBA/Ipswich in for £65 it was just reward for missing out on “Correct Score of the Week”. Cheers Gareth, shame you didn’t get on it yourself…
Table News :
To follow….(come on, I’ve got to add some drama…)