L13 Spring 2008 : Week 12 – Update

Luca Toni:
Good news: Gareth Morgan 28 (4) has broken the record for the all-time lowest winning week – congrats my Kentish friend £20 to you!
Bad news:
At the start of the season my foolish Kentish Sp*rs friend bet me £20 that his lot would finish above my lot – I’ll take that £20 then yeah?!
Darren Moore:
Woe is a Citeh fan – Andrew Chesworth 9 (0) probably feels a bit like Sven at the moment…
Correct Score of the Week :
In a very bad week for predicting scores not one person gained any bonus “goal” points this week – surely another first… anyway, Olly O/Anthony Y got Dundee Utd’s lucky draw at Motherwell, Olly O/Gareth M/Ciaran McG got West Ham’s lucky draw with the Toon, Tim B/Jamie S/Dan R got Villa’s lucky draw at Evington and Anthony Y got Gretna’s creditable draw at Killy.
This week’s best correct score though goes to Matt Davies for his prediction of Liverpool’s lucky draw at Brum.
Bet of the Week:
An absolute disaster from start to finish – be gone Will O! Going into the final week we find ourselves £18.75 down – over to the Sp*rs man to sort it out…
Table News:
Neil Meredith has a 4 point lead but any of the top eight could win it – highest climber unsurprisingly was Gareth M (+11) – and down the most was Mark McD (-8) – to qualify for Euro 2008 you need to be where Tim B is for automatic involvement – Anthony Y is off the bottom 2 points clear of Martin S who in turn is 3 correct scores above bottom placed Ben McKeown.