L13 Spring 2008 : Week 13 – Final Result

Top Bananas
Congrats to Nick Hogwood winning his first scudetto and almost £200 for the season – Nick moved up 3 places to edge out non mover Will Oppong in second and Week 13 winner (and the week’s highest climber!) Tony Bowley in third. Matt Davies’s “Best Correct Score of the Season” (unlucky Barrie R!) helped put him in 4th just above long term leader Neil Meredith in fifth by virtue of 5 more correct scores (there’s always the PAS Cup for Neil or will it be time for a verse of “I’m Forever Blowing Doubles”?). Jon Allin, Mark Fawke & Danny Ashworth all fell a few places to take up 6th,7th & 8th respectively and Ben Hogwood and Dave Nicklin stayed put in 9th and 10th. It was nice to have a member of the PAS Board in the prize positions cos I’m not gonna mention who finished in the “ouch” slot….
Gareth Morgan got just reward for his fine BotW in 13th, Janine Ryan made use of several people doing her scores by claiming 17th (unfortunately just outside the Euro 2008 qualification spot though – more later…) Jazz Sian probably had his worst season ever but still managed to win some money in 27th (congrats/envy is due to Jazz as he has now officially passed the £1,000 prize money barrier – amazing!). Howard Thomas plugged away landing on 32 and John Williamson is what PAS is all about (sending in scores all the way from Japan!) persevering to get the last money position on 42nd.
European Adventure
Jon Tofeili dropped nicely into 16th position to take the last slot for PAS Euro 2008…here’s the boring, but essential bit – Top 16 it’s a fiver to play Euro 2008 – let me know if you don’t want to play – I’ll take your entry fee from your prize money if you actually won some. ANYONE ELSE who wants to join us in Switzerland/Austria has to pay a tenner and certain rules apply – let me know if you’re interested asap!
Wooden Spoon
It went to the wire (kind of) but in the end Martin Stafford refused to let go of the spoon he won last season and will now have another to remind him of his shame!
PAS Cup:
Can Neil Meredith salvage something from a promising season? Will Mark McDowell be the PAS Cardiff and upset the form book? All will be revealed on May 22nd… don’t worry you’ll all be kept in the loop, willingly or not!

Thanks for you participation once again, we couldn’t do it without you – it all starts again in September – you WILL be emailed!