World Cup 2010 : Final


Congrats to Jamie T for getting the last two scores correct (a bit too late though mate!) – 4 players got the Germany 2-3 and Mark Sh notched the 0-0 thug-fest alongside Jamie…


The World Champion for 2010 is (live! from Norwich!) Ben Hogwood who just about held off a valiant late effort from Jamie Tofeili in the runner up position. Black Star Will (no team) Oppong capped a fine tournament with the bronze medal just edging out Tony Bowley in 4th and Olly Osmond in 5th.

Josh Hirst wins Young Player of the Tournament finishing 6th (watch out Jazz, he’s racking up the winnings, and he’s only 10!) – well done to Gareth M, Savan

A, Neil T and Richard H for their Top Ten finishes.

Michelle F gets the 13th place spot prize thanks to Italy and Jamie T/Scott A finished on 23rd thanks to Cameroon & New Zealand not outscoring each other.

Julian F and Dave N landed on 32nd thanks to having no team to out-score each other…

In the battle of the basement, Rich L collects £15 for a 42nd spot finish and Martin Stafford avoided the wooden spoon courtesy of Denmark’s 3 goals.

Correct Score of the Tournament goes to Sam Arora for his emphatic Portugal 7 North Korea 0.

All monies will be paid across today or tomorrow and show up in your bank account as “Pab PAS” (and I’ll be asking for some people to send some money back too – doh!)

Thanks to everyone who took part, please come back in September and remember to tell your friends to get involved! (hopefully it will all be online by then and Pab proof!)

Have a good summer!