World Cup 2010 : World Cup Latest…

Apologies for the fragmented communication thus far – I think we’ve cracked it now, so with a break in playing days I can keep you up to speed in a fashion you’re used to!

Attached is the latest table – please note the “goals” tally inclues all goals to date (up to Jun 28) not just for the group stage.

I’ll have a “Last 16” table for you tomorrow plus the QF scoresheet (so be prepared to get your scores in!)

Good stuff so far with all to play for – our very own Black Star, Will O leads the way for players without a ’team’ in 5th, the missus continues to thrive on 30 second score predictions and Savan A could be the one to watch as the Argies charge their way through the competition.

Oli P is having a fine debut (sorry about the scoresheet mix up mate!), our two U10s are in the Top 30, their dad isn’t quite taking advantage of Holland’s goals and Rob H has yet to send a scoresheet in despite having Brazil!

Yours truly had a brief respite climbing to the heady heights of 34th with my only consolation seeing Mr 2-0 rock bottom!

Cheers & forca Portugal!