Euro 2008 : Group Stage – After 22 Games


2 games to go in the Group stage and it looks like Jon Tofeili has all but tied up the Euro crown – only a spectacular loss of form or some outrageous late form from the rest will stop him.or loads of goals from players with a team left in the tournament (come on Turkey!).

All to play for in the other prize positions though as literally everyone bar the bottom three can still realistically make it – Matt Davies is sitting pretty in third no doubt with a wry smile on his smug little face as his “tactical decision to rely on Italy and Mr 2-0 putting him up there” has indeed, put him up there.

Unreserved apologies to Martin Stafford as he correctly pointed out this won’t be his third spoon in a row but in fact his second – the special golden commemorative outsize piece of cutlery has gone back into storage ready to come out for the end of PAS L13W08 then.

Attached is the Quarter Final scoresheet – back to me by 19.44 TOMORROW please – I’ve left Holland to play either Sweden or Russia – please delete accordingly.