PAS Lucky 13 Spring ’19 Final table round up!


So, who won?

Well…a stalwart PASer who obviously took upon himself to be more like his team this year – and my, how that decision has paid off!

He even had the humility to let his machine-like weekly performances to the talking for him “on the pitch” and not get involved our What’s App group (erm, the rest of youse are all on that aren’t you?!)

It was a closed, clinical, calculated season – whilst Man City ratcheted up & reeled in the title with certainty & consistency, our champion just did the same!

One player kinda threatened early doors to win it this season.

And one matched the correct scores tally.

But, to put it bluntly, it was settled weeks ago…

Our “Spring” champ started in a mid-Top Ten place and basically stayed resident for the whole season!

That 6th place in Week 1 was the low point of a phenomenal campaign. Week 2 it was up to 3rd, then to 2nd in Week 3 and ditto for Week 4.

Then the horror of a decline in the next two weeks, 3rd & 4th respectively!


Top spot.

And there he stayed. From Week 7 it was basically all over after a massive 55pt haul cemented 1st as he pushed on chasing down the all time top score in a season!

Unfortunately, that goal was missed courtesy of only notching one correct score in the final week.

Oh well, human after all…

So, be upstanding lords, ladies & gents and doff your (flat)caps to Pete Britton 399 (51) – He. Is. A. Winner!

Eddie Large, Colin Bell, Mary Ann Hobbs, Johnny Marr, Michelle Keegan, Marc Riley, Nick Leeson & Princess Beatrice of York, put your umbrellas down & let the brews flow – your kid done dead dead good! Whack that on a teacake!

Mr B won by a whopping 23 points from the gallant, Simon Buxtonin second place.

Simon’s lowest position all season was 8th & in any other season….

Anyway, at least he finished eight points ahead of our very own Dan Hogwood in third place. Imagine if he won it???!

* shudders *

Gareth Morgan was only 4 points behind in 4th continuing his recent improved showings following last season’s 9th…

Six points further back, CL finalist Ryan Graves reflects on a fine season by finishing in fifth spot with Danny Norbury, after a season’s hiatus, just behind in 6th by virtue of 3 points.

In seventh heaven was a member of the resurgent “Syndicate”, Jason Morris (btw fact fans, Nathan N got the same amount of correct scores and he finished in 61st!)

Continuing a rich seam of prize-winning form, Andy Kelly scooped 8th place, only 1 point ahead of Ben McKeownin 9th (feeling light headed in the rarified heights Ben? Now you know how we feel climbing those stairs to the away end at Toon!)

The darling of Darlo just edged out perennial prize money botherer Jack Buxton, by just 1 correct score, in 10th…


A whole 19 points & 78 places separated our new champion from Patricia Fernandez 248 (28) in Week 1!

Actually, that’s not even worth thinking about…

My mum never really recovered from there either. Well, up to 83rd, then to 90th, back down again to 94th before hitting a peak in Week 5 & 6 at 89th!

A slip down to 94th followed – then the slow descent started culminating in hitting bottom in Week 9.

And there she stayed to secure yet another wooden spoon…

Joe S, Chris D & Gary B made gallant efforts over the season to save Trisha’s blushes, but…

Spot Prizers

Ok, YOU have finished on these positions AND you HAVE won those prizes!

Charlie Harris on 11th, Mark Seels on 12th, Dave Crisp on 17th, Martin Stafford on 23rd, Sam Arora on 27th, Richard Hirst on 31st, Prem KC on 33rd, John King on 39th, Alex Taylor on 42nd, Neil Osborne on 45th, Joe Massey & Stuart Fitzsimon on 49th, Neil Templeton on 53rd, Bry Derbyshire on 57th, Tim Payne on 65th, Sam Craig on 66th, John Jennings on 71st, Will Oppong on 78th, Daniel Vinson on 83rd, Neil Critchlowon 89thandGary Blackburne & Chris Dixon on 97th.

clickhereto view the full table & to see how much you won! 

*** all prize money will be winging its way over this week – promise! ***


PAS Cup 2019

The final between Kate Slee & Nick Woodward concluded on June 1st 2019…

Kate Slee 40 (11) – 35 (9)  Nick Woodward

Kate Slee 26 (4) – 13 (1)  Nick Woodward – Part One
Kate Slee 14 (7) – 22 (8)  Nick Woodward – Part Two

Congrats to our new Cup holder – you are the Man City of PAS!

PAS Champions League 2018-19 

The final between Ryan Graves & Dave Crisp concluded with “Part Two” on June 1st 2019…

Ryan Graves 45 (12) – 34 (6)  Dave Crisp

Ryan Graves 27 (5) – 20 (2)  Dave Crisp – Part One
Ryan Graves 18 (7) – 14 (4)  Dave Crisp – Part Two

Congrats to our new Cup holder – you are the Liverpool of PAS!

PAS Champions League 2019/20 Group Stages

Congratulations to Rob Currin for sneaking the last spot (by one point!) for entry to PAS Champions League 2019/20 Group Stages.

The Top 32 have qualified and the big draw will take place when the real one does (Frankie is talking about a live Instagram thingy or something…)

Other little bits 

Pete Britton picked up an additional £15 for getting the Best Weekly Score of the Season in Week 7 –  55 (8)

Norman Lee picked up £10 for getting the Best Correct Score of the Season by guessing – Arsenal 2 Crystal Palace 3.


Thanks again to all for taking time and bothering to enter, we couldn’t do it without you!

And a final big thank you to Dave N Dan H for providing all the behind the scenes techky stuff to enable another great (relatively glitch free!) season…check the new “feel” on the site! Available even on your mobile!

See you in September PASers.

Cheers, and enjoy your summer!