Get ready people – PAS Lucky 13 Winter 13 is nearly here!


Are you ready? I think we are…

We need you to do AT LEAST the following AS SOON AS YOU CAN! (yep, it’s that important i’m cyber-SHOUTING!)

1) You’ve had your log-in details – have you logged in? Go to (bookmark it!!!)

Have you changed your password? You really can you know & you need to cos those new ones are quite devilish aren’t they?!

Then log in again & get used to doing it cos it’s gonna happen a lot over the next 13 weeks or so. Oh, and make a note of your new memorable password & keep it somewhere safe!

2) Have a play & explore of the site – we made it all for you!

Stick some scores in just for the hell of it, maybe put a 10-0 in for a laugh, a Man Yoo win or a loads of 2-0’s – yeah crazy stuff! Fear not though as you can change/edit them as many times as you like until 1 minute before the kick off time! (but maybe leave the Man Yoo one hehehe…)

3) Check out the new “Bet of the Week” that EVERYONE contributes to!

Follow the instructions on screen and we’ll do the rest (but cast your votes well before 10am on Saturday please as that’s the point where we get the abacus out to see where the money is going)


If you already have, thanks, you’re a star! If you haven’t, get a wriggle on and get it sorted as soon as please!

5) Any questions, queries, praise, criticism, insights or ideas please send it all to the following email address

[email protected] – we’ll get right back to you!

Any banter or any of the above you want to go public (in 130 characters!), remember to use #pabpas on your tweets!

All good? Muy bien – you’re about to make history, be proud of your bad self…..